From me to you #apeekatmylife

Christmas is almost here! I’ve been doing Christmas cookies with the daughter and granddaughter.

Christmas cookie tree
Sugar free sugar cookies (except the frosting!)
Gingerbread cookies
Regular sugar cookies

We’re still working on the house also. I finally got my gym set up. The equipment cost us a whole $60. We finished it on Thursday night. I do still have one piece to add, but it’s in the basement of our other house and hidden behind a whole bunch of stuff we need to go through.

I’ve also continued to work in my office. My bulletin board is up and I’m starting to work on it.

I’m still waiting on a bookshelf to arrive. I wanted a white board, but I found this at Home Goods. Works just as well and isn’t an ugly white board hanging on the wall. I think Home Goods might be my new favorite store.

The sloppy handwriting is why I use the computer, lol. The faster my brain works, the messier my hand writing. I might as well not write it down because I can’t read it later. Ugh.

Tomorrow we are having a party for my daughter’s birthday and a Christmas celebration with the family before my parents take off for Arizona. I’m waiting to hear if my brother’s family is coming. I’d guess no, but he might surprise me!

In the meantime I have to make lasagna, cheesecake and a cherry pie! Time for me to start! Have a good day and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the #SundaySales.

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