From me to you #apeekatmylife

The last month has been crazy. My birthday hit, but that was okay. We were on the road driving to California. Better than my husband’s birthday. We were moving our son that day. Heading to my mother in laws funeral.

We drove to pick up all SEVEN boxes of china my husband had. Oh, and crystal. Can’t forget that.

We came home in time to go see Imagine Dragons in concert. So good!

Then we headed back to our old house to finish cleaning it out and repairing the refrigerator line. It just split one day and water sprayed every where. Luckily in the basement rather than the kitchen. That done, we proceeded to clean out the rest of the house.

The house is cleaned out and we have one or two more loads in the garage. Totes, huge empty ones, to take home along with a big wagon.

We close on the 18th. I’m excited to have our old house in the rear view mirror.

We go to see Journey and Toto in concert on the 12th. A gift from our daughter for Christmas.

We leave for Disneyworld on the 19th to spend a couple days there.

Fun stuff! In the meantime, that means no writing. We’ll all be sharing one large family unit. I will not be posting everyday. I’ve got two or three books to promote while I’m gone, but I’m leaving it at that. Radio silence from SSLY for two weeks. I’ve missed a day here or there if I’ve been unable to help it, but that’s it. This will be different.

I’m determined to get my life back in line. That means writing, exercising, and pulling my head out a book once in a while. And not to just watch TV either! I’ve put all my fun stuff on the back burner while we renovated our old house.

And yes, I’ve enjoyed it, but stories are clawing at me wanting out. I get just a bit single minded when I’ve got something going. I need to channel that into writing now that I won’t have a house to do. Though, there are things I want to do in our new house, but not necessary things, lol. So it might wait a bit.

Well, that’s my messy life right now. Today we pick up a china cabinet. Yes, for the seven boxes of China. Tomorrow we finish cleaning out the garage of our old place and put out the trash. We’ll have one more trash day before the closing, thank goodness, because the recycle bin if full also and it only goes out every two weeks.

Have a good week. Enjoy the awesome books I have coming up this week.

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