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From me to you #apeekatmylife

OMG, I finally have the urge to write again! It’s been a dry couple of years. Moving, covid, having one child move home and out again, and another move out and get married, my head has been spinning. Add in my parents health problems and renovating a house, you can see why dragging words from my head have not been my top priority. Plus, my husband retired so I no longer have any type of routine!


Well, the last two months have been quite busy. We went to Arizona, California, then back to California in February. This month, we came home from California and then went to Florida. We just got back Sunday. We spent a week at Disney World.

SO MUCH FUN! But my feet were dying. We’d get back to the hotel and not step on our feet the rest of the night unless we had to. I even soaked them in the tub one night. Thank goodness I had great sandals. Keen. American made. A bit pricey, but I dread to think of how my feet would have felt if I had different sandals. I actually tossed out another pair I brought and wore one day. After half an hour my feet wanted to explode.

I did alternate with gym shoes one day. I’m just not used to walking for ten to twelve hours a day. Not to mention, we drove so the walking was preceded by two days of no walking.

Here are a couple of pictures from our week.

Our hotel
At Animal Kingdom Day 1
Magic Kingdom Day 2

We rested at the hotel on day 3 and one of my cousins and her girls drove over to visit us!

Day four we went to Epcot.

Epcot Day 4
Still at Epcot!
Look! A raccoon! LOL
Flower festival is going on at Epcot
Disney’s Hollywood Studios Day 5

I didn’t get a picture of the entrance. We had so much fun at this park. We built droids, bought light sabers, joined the resistance. And rounded out the day with a ride on the Slinky Dog Dash. Fun from beginning to end!

It was a great week. Since we stayed at a Disney Resort (All Star Music Resort) we had discounted tickets to the parks and we were able to get in the parks 30 minutes earlier than non resort guests. Win win!

I’d go that way again. The hotel wasn’t outrageously costly. The food on the other hand. Holy cow! It wasn’t too bad at the resort but nothing is cheap at Disney. NOTHING. If we do it again, we will bring in cereal and microwave breakfasts to help on cost. We stayed in a family suite. 3 queen beds, 2 bathrooms for the five of us. Two of the beds were murphy beds and made into the table and couch in the main room. The kitchen had a refrigerator, microwave and sink. You can’t bring in hotplates or slow cookers.

I’m just always hungry when I get up. Me and the granddaughter are the early risers. We went to breakfast without the rest of them a couple of times. I did stash fruit cups away in the fridge. I’d eat those while waiting for the rest of them to get ready.

But fun! I’m heading out to a girl scout day, so gotta go!