From me to you #apeekatmylife

Hectic is my life! Five appointments this past week and eight next week. Gah! Okay, three are for visiting my chiropractor which I love, lol.
The rest? Necessary evils.
I have two on Tuesday which make me sick to think of. My annual MRI, which takes 45 minutes. I’m so claustrophobic they have to drug me up and blindfold me, pretty much. If I wasn’t so paranoid that my brain tumor was growing back every year, I’d skip it.
But I am. I guess the magic number is eleven years. If they grow back, and the stupid pituitary tumors like to, it is by then. At least I don’t have to go more than once a year. The first year I had eight MRIs done. Can we say basket case?
Add that in to no bending over so I didn’t leak out brain fluid. Yeah, no fun.
After the MRI I have the follow up with my neurologist to read the MRI. Thank goodness it’s all done in one day.
I honestly don’t know if i could go through with that surgery again. I have reactions to every pain killer I’ve been on except morphine, and that can become a bit addictive.
I’ve done no writing this week, just gone to bunches of appointments, and played in the garden.

Aren’t these the cutest? I’m going to try pickling the cucumbers. Just have to grab some fresh dill from the store because I didn’t plant any!

This watermelon is one of four growing on this plant. So cute! They are sugar babies, so will stay small. I will see.

I need to get back to a normal routine, but it won’t happen for a bit, unfortunately. I just need to learn to mix what I need into the crazy cauldron of appointments.

I’ll see how that all works out! 😆

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