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From me to you #apeekatmylife

I haven’t been writing! I’ve been binge watching Criminal Minds. Such an interesting show. Research? Someone suggested that, lol. Probably not. I’m in season 13 with 2 to go. I’ll be sad to finish it. However, since I don’t usually find TV shows that have me binge watching I should be safe, lol.

Yesterday we finally got our appliances delivered. I’m so happy! Of course, now I’m broke. But happy.

My dishwasher had to be replaced. It no longer washed dishes. But my new one works great.

good old Maytag

The old washer had holes rusting through the sides of it. It worked still, but I wanted to replace them all at one time.

good old Maytag!

The refrigerator here just wasn’t big enough and I didn’t need a new stove. Not at all. But I wanted it, lol. A convection air fryer oven. I can’t wait to try it. I just need the special pan that goes in the oven to try it. I love my countertop air fryer, but this should be awesome. I hope it is. I’ll let you all know how well it works.

LG Life is Good

It came with a grill/griddle for the center burner and I used that tonight. Awesome! Made some steak on the grill part and it worked fantastic. We need to get a gas line plumber to move the gas as the stove won’t push back to where it needs to go. Got a few estimates today, and wow, expensive. But I don’t know how to do it and my husband doesn’t want to. Hope he knows he’s paying for it! Since he has the skills but not the desire, lol.

You can see a peek of my house, the kitchen and dining room. Not to mention the grody old basement, lol. The kitchen is in the process of being updated. The cabinets will be getting a makeover and I’ll be going to a countertop place on Monday to see what kind of counters I can get. Hopefully a backsplash too.

So, my life interferes with my writing once again. I’ll binge watch until I’m done with the series then get back to the keyboard and my shipboard romance.