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Eban- The Heckmasters- Book 2 – Allison Merritt

Eban (The Heckmasters, Book 2)
Samhain Publishing
Published: April 7, 2015
ISBN: 9781619226340
Categories: Romance, Paranormal & Alternate Worlds, Paranormal


If love can’t save them, there will be hell to pay.

Grateful for his mother’s human blood that cools the dark fire of his demon father, Eban Heckmaster has set up a medical practice in New Mexico territory. But there’s no hope of living a normal life until he rids himself of a seductive demon that’s been pursuing him.

Vanquishing it won’t be as simple as sharpening his demon-hunting sword. The clever creature is hiding inside his best friend’s head, and she has no idea of the havoc she’s been wreaking, especially with his body.

Beryl suspects Eban knows why she’s been waking up with no memory of where she’s been or what she’s done, but he’s not talking. But when she inevitably learns what he’s hiding—or rather, what’s hiding inside her—she wonders if her love for him is real, or an illusion created by the demon’s lust.

Eban is losing the battle to hold his rising desire in check. There may be only one way to extricate Beryl from the beast entangling her mind. Call upon his demon blood…and offer it as a sacrifice.

Product Warnings
Contains a half-human, half-demon doctor who can heal anyone except himself, and a woman who’d blush if she could remember the sensuous torture she’s been inflicting on him. Could make you wonder if you should start listening to the voices in your head…

Eban Heckmaster dreamed of becoming tangled in a river of gold. Soft and silky upon entering, it turned deadly within moments. He couldn’t breathe as it filled his nose. It bound his wrists, his ankles, blocked his vision. So much and so warm, sweat broke out across his body.

He’d die cradled in a gilded nest.

And he was fine with that.

Anything was better than living with the knowledge that his brother had taken the woman Eban loved as his bride hours ago.

Eban’s lungs ached for breath and his eyes shot open. Startled by weight settling on his abdomen, he tried to sit up, but two small hands held him down. Thanks to his demon blood, it only took a moment to adjust to the dark. In the nonexistent light, he peered up at Beryl Brookshier’s angelic face. She gave him a wicked smile as long strands of wheat-blonde hair tickled his bare chest. He sucked in a breath when he realized she was naked and a sheet was the only thing separating her from his raging erection.

“What are you doing?”

The second the words were out of his mouth, Eban knew he wasn’t talking to Beryl.

“Ravish me, Ebaneezer.”

The demon used Beryl’s voice and body, but the thing talking to him was far from human. The notion of taking its head off and sparing himself a lot of trouble was tempting. If not for the real Beryl’s trusting green eyes and bashful smile.

“That stopped being funny the first time you got naked in front of me.”

She caressed his cheek. “You were dreaming. I was trying to make your dreams more pleasant.”

He slapped her hands away. “You thought you’d tempt me into bedding you and then letting some other parasite into my brain. That’s not going to happen, Rosemar.”

“You want this body. Why deny it, Heckmaster?” The lust demon glowered at him, her irritation creasing the smooth face she borrowed.

“Get off me.” He pushed her away, then grabbed the sheet as she slid off his chest. “What I want is for you to vacate it, leaving Beryl’s mind intact so I can get out of Berner.”

Her pique faded, replaced by a sultry smile. “We’ve lain awake at night imagining the coupling. This body twined around yours, the friction of skin on skin. Hard muscles meeting soft curves. Lips touching…lips.” Her green eyes brightened mischievously. “Miss Brookshier has quite an imagination.”

He tensed, flushing at her descriptions, but revulsion held his desire at bay. “She’s there with you, right now?”

Rosemar waved a hand. “She’s locked away, but she’s not as innocent as you seem to think. This body is familiar with masculine touch.”

Eban suppressed a groan. “It’s none of my business. Nothing I’m interested in exploring.”

“Your body suggests otherwise. A simple sexual escapade isn’t a lifetime commitment.” She twisted a strand of hair around her finger, pouting while she batted her eyelashes.

“It is where demons are concerned. You can’t stay in there forever, you know.” He sat against the headboard, trying to ignore the way she pressed her breasts forward.

“Can’t I?” The wicked grin returned. “You can’t get rid of me without killing her. You know that.”

“We’ll see.”

Anger sparked in Rosemar’s eyes, sharper and meaner than human emotion. “I don’t know why you care. She doesn’t mean anything to you.”

Pain stabbed Eban’s chest. He turned his face away, trying not to think about Rhia’s hazel eyes, her soft Virginia accent, or the way she laughed when he said something funny. Beryl was an attractive woman now that she was beginning to gain weight after her long illness, but she wasn’t the one he loved.

“You’re wasting time thinking about her.” Rosemar sounded bored.

“I’m not going to let you kill an innocent woman by wearing her body down to nothing.” He glowered, but nothing seemed to frighten Rosemar. Even Wystan, who’d beheaded his share of parasite demons, had no effect on this one.

“I was talking about Rhia.” She put a warm hand on Eban’s shoulder. “Seere orchestrated their meeting so the three of you could defeat Noem. Without Rhia and Wystan, there is no Berner. There’s no Heckmasters. No future.”

Eban shrugged her hand off. He closed his eyes, sifting through memories of the battle with Noem and his legion of lesser demons. Years ago, Eban had tried to make a normal life for himself in another city while getting his doctor’s degree, but his younger brother Tell had called him back to treat a vicious wound Wystan had obtained at Noem’s hand. Tell and a weather deity had run Noem out of town that time. Eban had stayed, putting his dreams away. They’d been guarding a sealed portal to Hell for as long as he could remember, but Astaroth, the reigning prince, constantly sent his minions through gaps in the seals, offering them great rewards for bringing the Heckmasters back. Their father’s redemption had doomed the three of them to remain in this cursed town forever, fighting monsters until they died.

Then when it seemed like Rhia Duke would give Eban the chance to escape, she went and fell in love with his boneheaded brother. Worse than that, she’d unwittingly allowed Noem to drive her right into Berner, where he planned to capture her and give her to Astaroth. In the fight, Wystan had been gored by a minotaur, but he’d used his demon blood to overcome death and save the day—with Seere’s help, because the normally neutral Gray Side couldn’t keep their noses out of Heckmaster business.

Rosemar claimed she was inhabiting Beryl’s body at Seere’s command, and she’d proven herself useful in a fight, but none of the Heckmasters trusted her. It was clear that no matter what her orders, she had her own motives for choosing Beryl as a host.

Angry when he should be grateful—he didn’t really want Wys dead—Eban balled the sheet in his fists. “I doubt Wystan and Rhia would be too happy to know Seere thinks he’s God now.”

Rosemar chuckled. “We all aspire to godliness, don’t we? You by playing doctor, me by manipulating feelings. That’s what makes us so perfect for each other.”

She ran her finger over her lips and rose, swaying her hips in an exaggerated manner as she left. Eban swallowed hard.

He’d always known demons would be the death of him, but he’d never imagined it would be at the hands of one who looked like Beryl.

Buy links:
Samhain – https://www.samhainpublishing.com/book/5394/eban
Amazon – http://amzn.com/B00QZVS0I2
B & N – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/wystan-allison-merritt/1119847207?ean=9781619222892
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Kobo – https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/eban

author photo(2)

About the author:
A love of reading inspired Allison Merritt to pursue her dream of becoming an author who writes historical, paranormal and fantasy romances, often combining the sub-genres. She lives in a small town in the Ozark Mountains with her husband and dogs. When she’s not writing or reading, she hikes in national parks and conservation areas.

Allison graduated from College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri with a B.A. in mass communications that’s gathering dust after it was determined that she’s better at writing fluff than hard news.

Social links:
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/authorallisonmerritt
Twitter – http://twitter.com/#!/Allison_Merritt
Blog – http://havenovelwilledit.blogspot.com
Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/allisonmwrites/
Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/allisonmwrites
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You may or may not be aware that The Heckmasters series got its name from a mall kiosk selling tombstones. I thought a guy bearing the surname Heckmaster had to be pretty badass. I pretty much planned a trilogy right from the start and my jumping off point was Wystan Heckmaster, the eldest brother. He’s what would explode into the world if John Wayne and Dean Winchester had a baby. That left me with what the other two Heckmasters boys would be like. Almost from the beginning, I knew Wystan was the rugged one, and Tell the smartass of the bunch, so where did that leave Eban? He couldn’t be a bad mimic of one of the others, that’s just not fair for him or the readers.

It worked out that Eban would be the one who wanted something more from life than being a demon slayer. Instead of another gung-ho brother ready to kill monsters, he’d rather use his talents for healing, whether it’s one of the reformed demons who live in Berner or a stray human who wanders in. Eban is the only brother who actually fled Berner in search of a better life, but he was called back because of some trouble Wystan got into and he’s been stuck in town ever since.

While on the outside, Eban’s a kind, caring almost-doctor, he still has the kind of steel in his spine that makes evil tremble. And when someone he loves is threatened, he wields a saber with a silver blade to cut down anyone or anything stupid enough to harm his friends and family. Here’s a look at the weapon he both cherishes and loathes.

The weapon hung from a hook inside his wardrobe. He crossed to it, took the sheath off the hook, then wrapped it around his waist. The silver blade was lighter than it looked and twice as deadly. He’d used it in the battle against Noem, and before that to behead a questing beast Astaroth had sent to devour the Heckmasters. In the last four months, it had tasted an ocean of demon blood. Noem had snapped it like dry tinder during the battle for Berner. He owed yet another favor to Seere for having it reforged by a demon craftsman in the bowels of Hell. The shining blade looked and felt stronger than ever.

Try as he might to maintain a normal life, Eban has to carry the saber in order to stand up for good and wipe out evil, even when it means going against his caretaker nature. As tough as Wystan is and as goofy and complex as Tell is, Eban’s journey through his book is a dark tale that makes him

From me to you Friday- Tamara- Busy Bee

It’s Spring! and you know what that means, right? I’m a Busy Bee!

bees04-01Spring means sports! And I have two adorable grandsons, Tristan and Aiden. They are 4 and 6

tristan1aidenThey both play Soccer and Baseball! Their mom and dad both work, so Nana(that’s me) helps out with practices and games. I am Monday Soccer practice for A-bug(Aiden) and Tuesday Soccer practice to Big T (Tristan)

Of course I also have to go to as many games as I can make, because Nana has to cheer her boys!

It’s also conference time in the author world. I don’t do a lot of conference. I wish I could do more, but time and money limit my abilities. However, I will be at the A Day with the Authors Luncheon.

a day with the authors


And Lori Foster’s Reader author Get Together


I hope I’ll get the opportunity to meet some of you at these events! Tickets are still available for the authors luncheon!

And I hope you all know book 2 in the Animal in Me series, Bear Hearts will be coming out the end of May!

Would you like a little peak? Here’s a snippet from the prologue.

Prologue- 1994
Pale and weak, the child lay on the stark white sheets of the big bed that made her look so tiny. The khaki colored U.S. Army ball cap that rested on her head enhanced the sallow tone of her skin, but Lizzy never took that cap off. Daddy gave it to her, and she was Daddy’s girl. He said it would make her strong, like him. She needed to be strong, because she felt so weak.
Her big, brown eyes scanned the room she had been confined to for the last two weeks. Stark white walls, the same boring flower picture, she’d been staring at so long, raindrops slowly sliding down the outside of the always closed window. She was so tired. Tubes in her nose, I.V. in her arm, pain everywhere. Where were Mommy and Daddy? One of them was usually in the chair by her bed when she woke up. It didn’t matter, she couldn’t keep her eyes open much longer anyway. She’d go back to sleep and they’d be there when she woke up. Well, if she woke up. She heard the doctor’s talking, and she knew the truth; she might die soon.
It wasn’t so bad. If she died she would live with the angels and all the pain would stop. But, Daddy kept saying she had to fight, and mommy would cry…
Year after year the cycle continued. Six or eight months of remission, if she was lucky and then back to the hospital. Radiation. Chemotherapy. Pain.
Lizzy lived in constant pain. Nauseous from the medications. Bruised from the IV’s and blood draws. She’d had so many lumbar punctures she’d stopped counting. They had searched and searched for a bone marrow match, but Elizabeth was AB negative, so the chances of finding her a match were about the same as getting run over by a motorcycle in church.
She had overheard her parents discussing having another child to see if it could be a match and she threw an absolute fit. No way would she allow them to bring a child into the world to be subjected to the hell that was her life.
The only good thing that came out of the whole fiasco was that she was tutored at home and in the hospital. By the time she was fourteen she’d already finished high school and was beginning college courses.
Lizzy was going to be a doctor. She would be the one to find a cure for cancer. Because no one should have to suffer like she had.
By some miracle, she went into a remission that lasted for almost two years in 2004. In those two years she finished her bachelor’s degree in college. Unfortunately, the year she graduated, fate dealt their family another crushing blow and she lost her mother. A heart attack. No warning, no chance to save her, one minute she was fine and then she was gone.
Though Elizabeth had always been close to her father, the loss of her mother, instead of bringing them together, thrust a wedge between them that Lizzy could never seem to breach. Paton Montrose became the General distant and cold. He treated her like a soldier instead of a daughter. But Elizabeth had a goal and graduate school was a challenge for a healthy person, for Liz it was double tough.
She focused on her studies and only saw the “General” on holidays. Liz began to hide her relapses from her father, she didn’t want to seem weak in his eyes. If he didn’t know she slipped out of remission, who did it hurt? Somehow, she thought he always knew anyway…

So, I’m a Busy Bee! Writing, reading, and running, though Spring! And I love every minute of it! What are you up to this spring? Hope I’ll be seeing you soon.



What do Pirates, Princes and Propaganda have in common? A guest post by M S Spencer

What do pirates, princes, Puritans, and propaganda have in common? Lacey Delahaye, forager and jelly maker, finds out in this romantic suspense set in the western Caribbean.


Paraiso, the island in Whirlwind Romance, is based on a real island in the western Caribbean that I discovered—how else?—mucking around on the internet. Called Providencia, it forms an archipelago with two other islands, San Andres and Santa Catalina, and five uninhabited atolls. Currently under the Colombian flag, it has been the ruled by an incredible variety of groups, from Henry Morgan the notorious buccaneer, to Spanish Conquistadors, Dutch traders, even English Puritans. Now part of the UN’s Seaflower Biosphere, it sports the third largest coral reef in the world. To reach it isn’t easy, which is why it’s not well known in tourist circles.
Its rich and odd history made it an intriguing backdrop for my story, but please be aware that most of the cultural and geographic description of Paraiso in Whirlwind Romance, not to mention the characters, is purely fictional.

mangrove swamp like one where Lacey finds Armand

Whirlwind Romance
Secret Cravings Publishing, 9/2/2014
89,000 words; M/F; 3 flames; Adventure/Romance

In the aftermath of a hurricane, Lacey Delahaye finds herself marooned on an island off the Florida coast with a mysterious man. Before he can confess his identity, they are kidnapped and taken to a tiny island in the western Caribbean. In a story laced with adventure and romance, Lacey encounters pirates, power-mad ideologues, and palace intrigue, not to mention the advances of three men, only one of whom she loves.

Excerpt (R) : First Mating
She looked at the water and then up at the sky, now pitch black. Heavy rain clouds obscured the stars. I sure as hell don’t want my last pair of shorts to get wet with no way to dry them. She shimmied off her shorts and pulled her tee shirt over her head and tossed them under the kayak. As if on cue, the moon broke through and bounced off the water, illuminating both the yard and Lacey’s body, clad only in panties. She heard a gasp, and hastily sank under the water. Poor guy, I shouldn’t have subjected him to a nearly forty-year-old physique. She held out her arms. “Sorry about exposing myself, but we’ve no electricity and I don’t want my one clean shirt to get soaked. Now come on. I’ll hold you.”
He raised his eyes from her breasts and nodded. With the moonlight full upon him, she saw that he sported a rough, dark beard and shaggy hair. Homeless? Or grooming for a movie role? He was younger than she’d thought at first. His dark eyes glittered in the pale light.
“If you’re ready…” He slid down the ramp into her waiting arms. She bent down and pulled the torn jeans off, then unbuttoned the remnants of his shirt. He clung to her, his body trembling. She tried to ignore the stench rising from him, but as she worked, somewhere down below her bellybutton parts of her kindled and something that wasn’t bay water oozed out of her. It had been five years after all—five, long, desolate years since she’d been with a man. She’d accepted the possibility that she might never have sex again. Haven’t thought about it in weeks. Now the steady throbbing of a hard penis on her thigh unexpectedly liberated buried desire and she butted against him.
He fell over in the water and came up spluttering. “What did you do that for?”
Good question. Hand to mouth, Lacey backed away. Her foot landed on a crab, which did not take kindly to the assault and chomped down hard on her instep. Yowling, she lunged forward, landing in the stranger’s arms again. This time he took advantage and crushed her to him. One hand pulled down her panties. She didn’t argue, but spread her thighs so his cock could slide into her vagina. The water and mud made entering her all the easier, and they clung to each other, swaying back and forth. He must have found a purchase on the ramp for his thrusts grew stronger. Lacey reveled in the power of the man. She loved that he took control, that she could simply acquiesce and enjoy. The orgasm floated up from the depths and roared out of her mouth. “I’m coming! I’m coming!” He redoubled his pistoning and as she began to shudder, he gave one last shove and sighed. She felt warm liquid mix with the cold bay water in her vagina. The man didn’t speak, but, keeping his penis inside her, bent to kiss her lips.
Lacey let the water ripple around her, washing off the mud and the smell. After a minute, the man released her and ducked under the water. He came up shaking his head. A passing cloud veiled the moon and all she could make out were two brilliant eyes, streaks of starlight flashing in them. He whispered, “I’m so sorry.”
The words smacked into her like her father’s belt did that day he caught her smoking in the alley. Oh. My. God. What have I done? How wanton could I be? And how stupid? This guy could be a rapist, an escaped convict—or worse, married! Here she was, acting like some Hollywood harlot screwing in an airplane lavatory. Yeah, it felt wonderful. But…oh, dear. What to say? “Never mind?” How about, “I do this with all shipwrecked sailors?” “Do it to me one more time?” Instead, she slogged up the bank and turned. “You coming?”
Buy Links:
Secret Cravings:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Whirlwind-Romance-M-S-Spencer-ebook/dp/B00N105I4E/
Barnes and Noble:
ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-whirlwindromance-1605591-153.html
Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/whirlwind-romance
Overdrive: https://www.overdrive.com/media/1966211/whirlwind-romance
Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/whirlwind-romance-1
Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/book/237687502/Whirlwind-Romance
Inktera: http://www.inktera.com/store/title/06624dd5-bd56-4cab-b08c-5aa1c158ee4a
Versent: http://www.versentbooks.com/store/title/06624dd5-bd56-4cab-b08c-5aa1c158ee4a

MSE New Year's 2004About the Author
Although she has lived or traveled in every continent except Antarctica and Australia (bucket list), M. S. Spencer has spent the last thirty years mostly in Washington, D.C. as a librarian, Congressional staff assistant, speechwriter, editor, birdwatcher, kayaker, policy wonk, non-profit director and parent. She has two fabulous grown children, and currently divides her time between the Gulf coast of Florida and a tiny village in Maine.
Ms. Spencer has published nine romance novels. The first two, Lost in His Arms and Lost and Found, were published by Red Rose Publishing. The other six—Losers Keepers, Triptych, Artful Dodging: The Torpedo Factory Murders, Mai Tais and Mayhem: Murder at Mote Marine (a Sarasota Romance, Lapses of Memory, and the Mason’s Mark —were published by Secret Cravings. Whirlwind Romance, her ninth, was released September 2014.
Blog: http://msspencertalespinner.blogspot.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/msspencertalespinner
Twitter: www.twitter.com/msspencerauthor

Check out my board at Pinterest for photographs of Providencia and jelly making–
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/msspencerauthor/

Pleasure Hound- Ines Johnson


The Tagline
What starts as a simple ritual soon turns carnal when a monk falls for a young woman under his tutelage.

Short Blurb
A young monk is given the chance to redeem himself from scandal when he is called upon to train a young woman and her two bonded mates in the orgasmic arts. But what starts as a simple ritual soon turns carnal when the monk’s heart begins to yearn for the woman, and hers for his.

Medium Blurb
When Chanyn encounters the dashing Lord Dain, with his kind eyes and pure heart, she believes her dreams of love are finally coming true, until she meets with the roadblock that is her betrothed’s bondmate.

Khial can’t help but resent the young woman who comes into his love story to play the hero, but marriage to her may be the only way to save the man he loves.

A young monk is called upon to train Chanyn, Khial and Dain in the orgasmic arts. But what starts as a simple ritual soon turns carnal when the monk’s heart begins to yearn for Chanyn, and hers for his.

Full Blurb
Five hundred years after mankind ravaged the earth, women grasped the reins of the planet and set the world aright.

Chanyn grew up in isolation in the ruins of the Great Destruction. All her life she’s wanted to find her one true love. When she encounters the dashing Lord Dain, with his kind eyes and pure heart, she believes her dreams of love are finally coming true. Until she meets with the roadblock that is her betrothed’s bondmate.

In a world where men outnumber women ten to one, Khial never thought he’d have to contend with a woman entering his bond. He gave his heart to Dain when they were just boys and has been by his side every day in sickness and health. These days it’s mostly in sickness as Dain’s health deteriorates. Though his attraction to Chanyn increases with every encounter, Khial can’t help but resent the young woman who comes into his love story to play the hero, but marriage to her may be the only way to save the man he loves.

To prepare Chanyn for her union with the two males, Lord Dain hires a Pleasure Hound, an ancient order of monks tasked with instructing new husbands, who have little to no contact with women, in the art of female pleasure. Years ago a scandal left the Temple of the Pleasure Hounds near destitute. The young monk responsible for the scandal is given a chance to redeem himself and the temple when he is called upon to train the bonded triad in the orgasmic arts. What starts as a simple ritual soon turns carnal when the monk’s heart begins to yearn for Chanyn, and hers for his.

The Proposal
“I promise that the choice of mates will be yours,” he continued. “And I hope…” He paused, uncertain, looking down at their joined hands.

Chanyn got the impression of Dain as a child asking for permission to have something he didn’t think he deserved, but was desperate for it anyway.

“I hope,” he began again, “that you will consider Khial and myself for a—”


Dain startled at her response, then he smiled. “Good. I had hoped…” He squeezed their hands together. “This is good.”

Chanyn’s heart thudded in her exposed chest. She was sure Dain could see it. He gazed into her eyes. Was this it? Was her first kiss going to happen now?

Dain rubbed his thumb back and forth over her hand. His eyes dipped to her lips. Chanyn parted them in invitation.

Dain brought his eyes back up to her face, his eyes widening more as he looked at the desire clearly written on Chanyn’s face.

Dain disentangled their fingers and patted her knee. “This is really good news,” he repeated and then rose. “I’ll make the arrangements today.” He walked over to the large desk that took up most of the room.

“Arrangements? For the marriage?”

He glanced up. “Oh no, no. Arrangements for your training.”


“Of course. With a Pleasure Hound.”

Chanyn looked on, dumbfounded. He talked of marriage and then was about to get her some kind of dog to train. “A dog would be lovely, I suppose.”

Dain laughed. “A Pleasure Hound is a man trained in the art of pleasing a woman.” He said it as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

Chanyn shook her head. “I still don’t understand. Why would I need another man to…” To what exactly? Have sex with her?

Dain came back around from the desk and sat next to her once more. He reached for her hand.

“Chanyn,” he began. His face now sheepish. “I’ve never… been with a woman before. I wouldn’t know the first thing to do to please you.”

“But shouldn’t we, you know, figure that out together?”

Dain looked scandalized. He reeled back from her. “I would likely hurt you. A Pleasure Hound is trained to find out what pleases individual women. Then they teach the woman’s bonded mates those particular techniques. It’s an ancient tradition going back hundreds of years.”

Chanyn still looked dubious.

“In our culture women rule. When we are bonded, everything that I have will essentially be yours.”

Chanyn knew that in the twentieth century women fought for and earned a place in the government and the right to own many forms of business. But she hadn’t a clue that the roles of men and women had shifted so completely on its axis in the past thousand years.

The Prayer
The Pleasure Hound: Part One excerpt: The Prayer

“Will you pray with me, Lady Chanyn?”

Jian led her to kneel before the bed. Hands still clasped, he closed his eyes and began to speak in that melodic tone of souls.

“Maternal Goddess, I seek your presence as I align myself with one of your sacred daughters.
I offer my body as a vessel of your will and your grace.

The desire of my heart is pure and known to you.

I wish to please your daughter and garner your favor.

The miracle that pleases a woman and creates life is of your design, Divine Goddess.

With great anticipation, I align all of the energy systems of my body, my soul, and my mind with you.

I give thanks in advance for your blessings of this experience, and know that I walk in the light of your sun, and the fertility of your earth.


The monk remained motionless for a moment, still holding her hands lightly. Chanyn felt energy humming between them.

She ceased to breathe while Jian recited his prayer. When he opened his eyes, she said. “I’ve never heard a prayer like that. Do you believe all of it?”

“Every word.” Jian helped her rise to her feet. “Would you lie back please, Lady Chanyn.”

Chanyn stiffened. Though she found this soft-spoken monk easy on the eyes and a delight to the ears, she wasn’t quite ready to open her body to him. “What are you going to do to me?”

His still-water eyes pooled. “What I just promised the Goddess. I will please you.”

Heat coursed through Chanyn’s body. She glanced down at the bed and then back to Jian. He let go of her hands and took a seat on the bed, waiting patiently for her to follow suit. She sat down slowly, her heart racing. A throb arrowing between her legs.

The Author
Author Byline

Author Bio
Ines writes books for strong women who suck at love. If you rocked out to the twisted triangle of Jem, Jericha, and Rio as a girl; if you were slayed by vampires with souls alongside Buffy; if you need your scandalous fix from Olivia Pope each week, then you’ll love her books!
Aside from being a writer, professional reader, and teacher, Ines is a very bad Buddhist. She sits in sangha each week, and while others are meditating and getting their zen on, she’s contemplating how to use the teachings to strengthen her plots and character motivations.
Ines lives outside Washington, DC with her two little sidekicks who are growing up way too fast.
Author Photo
Guest Posts
The Darcy Arc
This post focuses on crafting a hero in the light of the Fitzwilliam Darcy. In Jane Austen’s timeless classic, Pride and Prejudice, we all detest the dashingly handsome, but stuck up, Mr. Darcy, but after an awkward declaration of love and an act of kindness, we all realize we’ve misjudged Mr. Darcy and fall madly in love with the sensitive, lovestruck gentleman. This is what I affectionately call The Darcy Arc. It has worked in The Twilight Saga with Edward and Bella, The Hunger Games with Peeta and Katnis, and even Sex in the City with Mr. Big and Carrie. I used this technique to create one of the heroes in my new release.

In Jane Austen’s timeless classic, Pride and Prejudice, we all detest the dashingly handsome, but stuck up, Mr. Darcy in the beginning. After a poorly-contrived declaration of love at Rosings Park and a secret act of kindness, we all realize we’ve misjudged Mr. Darcy and fall madly in love with the sensitive, lovestruck gentleman. This is what I affectionately call The Darcy Arc. It has worked in The Twilight Saga with Edward and Bella, The Hunger Games with Peeta and Katniss, and even Sex in the City with Mr. Big and Carrie.

A successful Darcy Arc can be accomplished in seven steps.

1. First, have your Darcy-hero enter the scene with a bad attitude.

When we meet Fitzwilliam Darcy its clear he doesn’t like Austen’s heroine, Lizzie, Lizzie’s family, or the whole town, for that matter.

In Twilight, the whole Cullen clan keeps to themselves, including Edward. Edward literally puts his nose in the air when he meets Bella.

In The Hunger Games, Peeta’s family owns a bakery and is considered well-to-do. Katniss’s memories of Peeta show him tossing burnt bread at her as though she’s a beggar.

After trying to get along to no avail, both our heroines decide that these guys are jerks and they move along. But not so quick!

1. Next, our hero and heroine are thrown together for some reason.

Darcy and Lizzie dance at a ball. Edward and Bella are lab partners in school. Peeta and Katniss are selected as tributes in the games.

While spending time with one another our Darcy-hero begins making statements or moves that suggest he may be interested in our lovely lady. She begins to question her original opinion of him, but not for long. After a moment, his walls go back up and his bad attitude returns.

1. Then some danger befalls her that only he is aware of.

In Pride and Prejudice, Darcy’s old nemesis, Wickham, takes an interest in Lizzie. In Twilight, Edward saves Bella from street thugs. And in The Hunger Games, Peeta tries to help Katniss win allies in the training arena.

1. After this danger, he confesses his love, in an unromantic or suspicious way, but she rejects him.

At Rosings, Darcy delivers that gawd-awful proposal. Edward can’t decide if he wants to kill or kiss our girl Bella. Katniss isn’t sure that Peeta’s overtures or genuine or gameplay.

1. Its not until they all have time to process a bit more that they come to see that they were indeed wrong about these prickly men.

While visiting Pemberley, Lizzie sees a different side of Darcy. Edward keeps his fangs to himself and watches her sleep. After he saves her life in the games, Katniss is now certain of Peeta’s affections.

1. As our heroine’s hearts are softening, the hero comes to her aide again, expecting nothing in return.

Lizzie finds out that Darcy saved his sister in secret. Edwards sucks the poisonous blood out of Bella’s wrist without killing her. Peeta proves his love when he’s ready to swallow those poisonous berries for Katniss.

Each of our heroines realizes she definitely was wrong about her hero. She misunderstood this prince among men.

1. Finally, our Darcy-hero sees a glimmer of a chance in her eyes. When he confesses his love again, she accepts him.

This time when Darcy proposes, Lizzie accepts. Edward pledges his love forever, which is a long time in vampire speak. And Katniss accepts Peeta’s love…eventually.

I followed this seven part plan when I crafted my hero, Khial, in my Pleasure Hound serial. Khial doesn’t hide his distaste for my heroine, Chanyn, when he first meets her. After many ups and downs in the plot, will Khial follow the Darcy Arc and admit his true feelings? And if he does, will Chanyn come to see Khial for the prince he is?
Using AIDA to Sell Your Books
This post will show readers how to use the steps of the advertising formula AIDA to craft a book trailer. AIDA is a four step process that focuses on getting the viewers attention, holding their interest, playing on their desire, and finally telling them to act. I created a book trailer for my new release using this technique.

Book trailers are visual depictions of a book’s storyline, sometimes made by fans, which are a great way to get readers enthused. But have you ever considered making a book commercial?

The purpose of a commercial advertisement is to persuade a potential buyer, or in an author’s case a reader, to purchase their product. Writing a commercial is a simple four step process known as AIDA.

Start by grabbing the audience’s ATTENTION with a startling statement and a provocative image. For my book commercial, I showed this image, while a male narrator said, “Women, are you tired of being responsible for your own orgasm?”

Image credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Did that get your attention? Other ways of gaining the audience’s attention is to use humor, introduce a conflict, or use sound effects.

Next, you have to hold the audience’s INTEREST by giving them more information. Luckily, one of the most effective techniques for holding interest is one all fiction writers are familiar with: establishing conflict.

For my commercial, I went with, “Want a man who knows his way around a woman’s body? Then hire a Pleasure Hound.”

Image Credit: Yocla Designs & Shutterstock

Other techniques of holding interest are to use anecdotes, testimonials, statistics, or examples.

Now comes the tricky part: playing on the audience’s DESIRES. There are three types of desires: intellectual, moral, and emotional. As authors we most prevalently care about our reader’s emotional desires like love, belonging, and success.

For my commercial, I played on the desire of love and pleasure. My narrator makes some promises to women seeking out this product. “Our hounds are highly trained in the art of the elusive female orgasm. Using ancient techniques and rituals, a hound will bring you to heights of pleasure you’ve only dreamed about.”

Image Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Pinpoint a plot point or theme of your story with a great emotional impact. Target the way your readers think, behave, and make decisions. Playing on this will give them a reason to buy your book.

And finally, tell them what to do. Give them an ACTION, which of course would be to go buy your book! My book ad ends with my narrator telling readers to do just this. “To learn more about our services, pick up the book, The Pleasure Hound, out on sale December 9th. Hurry! Your climax is waiting for you.”

Image Credit: Yocla Designs & Shutterstock

Once you’ve got got the four steps of AIDA ready, you can start to storyboard your idea. A storyboard is a graphic depiction of what the audience will see and hear on the screen, using a series of panels much like a cartoon strip.

Most commercials are 30 – 60 seconds long. The rule of thumb in the media world is to use one frame for every five seconds of ad time. so plan to use 6-12 frames of the storyboard.

Now its your turn.
1. Think up a way to get the audience’s Attention.
2. How will you hold their Interest?
3. What would motivate someone to do what you are requesting? Play to their desires.
4. Now tell them what to do next in order to get what you’re “selling.” Make them Act.
5. Storyboard your ad by selecting visuals to go with your AIDA steps.
6. Put it all together using a video or image editor.
7. Upload it to your social media outlets.
Stock Images
Below are a few places you can visit for royalty free stock images. I used Free Digital Photos.
● freedigitalphotos.net
● Favim.com
● Dreamstime.com
● Fotolia.coom
● Photobucket.com
● Clker.com
● MorgueFile.com
● Shutterstock.com

Stock Music and Sound
I found free sound clips at Partners in Rhyme. You can try these other sites too.
● Soundsnap.com
● FindSounds.com
● PartnersinRhyme.com
● Brainy Betty
● OpenMusicArchive.org
● Opsound.org
● ccMixter.org
● NeoSounds.com

“Pleasure Hound” BOOK AD

When Gay Became Okay
Recently Shonda Rhimes tweeted that there were no gay scenes in her shows, only love scenes. In this post I reflect on the first time I encountered a ‘gay scene’ on television and saw past gender to the two people in love. I also mention my obsession with the characters Qhuinn and Blaylock in JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. My book is a menage, polyamory love story set in a world where there are no longer labels of homo or heterosexual.

Shonda Rhimes recently tweeted that there are no gay scenes in her shows, only love scenes. I agree with her. I see character motivation and plotting over sexual preference.


But not before.

I learned homophobia through microaggressions. Kids calling others names on the playground when a little boy went off to play with the girls, or when a girl choose to ignore the offensive advances of a boy. Grownups commenting on a young boy with too much switch in his walk or a young girl who preferred a baseball cap and sports to frilly skirts and dolls. From the name calling and sickly-sweet comments I learned that being gay was not okay.
pic4As a teen growing up in front of media screens, I saw these microaggressions continue. The gay male in movies was always the butt of jokes. The lesbian was the outcast who didn’t fit in with the girls or the guys. But I didn’t laugh when I met Ricky Vasquez on the television show “My So Called Life.” Ricky’s hardships on that show opened my heart. Ricky didn’t have a lot of screen time, but his tears from being bullied, beaten, and cast aside gutted me. When he was welcomed into the home of his English teacher (who looks so familiar), I cheered -on the inside. Moral lessons often cause a local, internal shift, but don’t often shift the the entire world off its axis. Outside, in the real world, gay still was not okay.pic5

Years later, the closet door was pushed further open on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” when Willow and Tara kissed. I had stopped watching the program by then, but I felt the aftershocks of that show of affection. Gay characters became a gimmick in the media, with lesbian kisses pulled out to boost ratings for sweeps. I assumed this was what was happening pic6when Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Erica Hahn hooked up in the fifth season of “Grey’s Anatomy.” I would soon learn that I was wrong and my worldview was coming to a turning point.

At the start of the season, neither of these women identified as lesbians. Callie thought that she and Erica were just fooling around. After their intimacy, Erica saw something that transformed her worldview. Laying in bed with Callie after their first time together, Erica recalled the first time she put on prescription glasses as a child and saw that the big green blobs on trees were actually leaves. “You are glasses,” Erica says to Callie as she realizes for the first time that she’s a pic7lesbian.

That line resonated with me. There were no aggressions. There was no moral statement. There was no sweeping sensationalism. What was there on the screen was gritty, messy, human emotion that naturally evolved from that character’s development and motivation.

Other than the word lesbian being used, that scene had little to do with sexuality. It was a scene about identity and self-discovery that ended in rejection and heartbreak. Erica became an underdog, my favorite type of hero. I cared about her storyline; her sexuality was secondary.

I love the friends to lovers trope. When the vampire warriors Qhuinn and Blaylock of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series began their rocky transition from best friends to lovers, I was captivated at the perfectly-paced, heart-rending, uplifting love story between boy next door, Blay, and bad boy, Qhuinn.

Squeezed in-between the pages of Courtney Milan’s historical romance, “The Suffragette Scandal”, is an ugly-duckling to swan love story between a bookish young woman and a stylish lady of the ton.

I could go on, but I hope you get my point. I’ve spent a lifetime witnessing microaggressions, morality lessons, and sensationalism for and against homosexuality. As a writer I’ve learned that the pen is mightier than the sword, and it’s the storytellers who win in the end. Screenwriters and authors are casting LGBT characters in new roles with storylines that transcend their labels. Kids on the playground, grownups around the kitchen counter are sitting quietly in front of the television or curled up with books in their hands and finding bits of themselves in these characters.
Shonda Rhimes Tweet: http://www.vulture.com/2014/10/shonda-responds-to-anti-gay-twitter-comments.html

Ricky #1: http://thiswastv.com

Ricky #2: thebacklot.com

Willow: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Willow-rosenberg-sexuality.jpg

Callie and Erica: ww.thegreysanatomywiki.com

Erica tells Callie she’s gay.

Random Responses to Interview Questions

Inspiration Short
Over the summer, I had a flash of inspiration while on my knees cleaning the oven. I dreamed a world where men were the domestics and lived only to please women. For some curious reason, the idea stuck with me and three weeks later I’d written a full novel set in that fantasy world.

Inspiration Long
Last year, I was given an ARC of Kele Moon’s paranormal, menage romance, “The Queen’s Consorts.” I’d never read a polyamorous story before, where not only did the men fall for the heroine, but they fell for eachother as well. I craved more of this world, but couldn’t find anything to satisfy my needs. So I wrote my own.

“The Pleasure Hound” is a polyamorous romance set in a dystopian future where a young monk is given the chance to redeem himself from scandal when he is called upon to train a young woman and her two bonded mates in the orgasmic arts. But what starts as a simple ritual soon turns carnal when the monk’s heart begins to yearn for the woman, and hers for his.

Tell us about your book? How did it get started?
The elements of a great romance is when the hero and heroine fit each others need.

There’s a preponderance of books where pain is pleasure. And that’s okay with me -when I believe that there’s actually pleasure being had. I’ve read too many books where women are getting spanked just to get spanked. Its not clear how the act satisfies a need in them, nor is it clear that the man understands and is acting to fulfill that need. That understanding is the sexy part to me: a woman who knows (perhaps subconsciously) what she needs and a man who knows exactly how to give it to her.

My book, The Pleasure Hound: Part One, came into being out of this frustration. I wanted to read about a heroine who was eager to explore pleasure. I wanted to encounter a hero who was skilled in, and solely interested in, that woman’s pleasure. My hero, Jian, studies women’s bodies like textbooks. After thorough perusal of, he emerges ready to ace the examination.

What got you started in writing?
I come from a family of storytellers. My mother would talk your ears off for hours and my father is a songwriter. I began my storytelling career in television, where I still dabble from time to time. A few years ago I’d written a script that I thought would make an excellent book, only I didn’t know how to write a book. So I took a couple of classes and started querying. I never received a single rejection letter. Instead, I got no responses at all in the beginning! But I never gave up and I never stopped writing. Wait, isn’t the the definition of insanity?

How do you get your ideas for writing?
I’m a very bad Buddhist. I sit each week in sangha, which is similar to sitting in a church pew on Sunday. In a sangha the teacher, think preacher, will lecture on spiritual teachings and guide the group in mediation. During meditation when I’m supposed to be getting my zen on, my mind always wanders back to the teaching and turns it into a story.

What do you like to read?
Perfect heroines are boring and unrealistic to me; they must be flawed in some way. I prefer stories where the heroine’s a strong, bright, and successful in their careers but are clueless and inept in their love lives.

What would your advice to be for authors or aspiring in regards to writing?
If you’re serious, you’re only allowed one day off a week. And on your day off you should be plotting in your head.

How long did you write before you were published?
I went to school for producing and screenwriting, and worked in the broadcasting industry for over a decade, before trying my hand at novel writing. I wrote my first novel in 2009. It was based off a script that I wrote but couldn’t find the financing for. I was so proud of my work, but readers and critique partners noted that it was evident that I was a screenwriter and didn’t understand the mechanics of novelization. Screenwriting consists of action and dialogue. That’s it. In scripts, there is no internal monologuing and setting is minimal. I had some learning to do. Five years, and a ton of classes later, I’m finally making my debut with a novel lush in setting and internal angst.

Are you a plotter or pantser?
I love plotting. Its my favorite part of writing. I love to go into Scrivener and use the Outline tool to plan the journey of my characters. I can recite just about any plotting structure you can think of. The Hero’s Journey, Save the Cat, Romance Arc, Relationship Arc…I could go on.

Generally, how long does it take you to write a book?
The first time I tried to write a book it took me one year to write the first three chapters because I agonized over each word choice. Now, I believe in fast drafting. Vomit the story onto the page without a care for comma placement. All told, it takes me about six months from the first drafted word to the final polished manuscript.

I take three to four weeks for the first draft, which I call The Dirty. I let The Dirty breath for as long as I am able to be parted with it -usually a week or two. Then I come back and Sweep up the grammar and plot holes, which usually takes another three to four weeks.

Next I send The Swept draft out to my trusted critique partners. When it comes back I Clean it up for another three weeks focusing on my weaknesses which is setting. Finally, I send The Clean manuscript off to the copyeditor for two to three weeks. When it comes back I Polish up all the commas and rethink my overused words. Then I hit publish, and start all over again!

What genres do you write besides romantic erotica?
I write romantic erotica, paranormal romance, and fairy tale retelling romance novels. Notice the romance in each genre. I began writing YA, but realized my love scenes were too hot for teens!

What is the most you have written in one day?
The most I’ve written in one day is 4551 words. How do I know that? Because I keep a log. I record what plot point I was writing, where I wrote, what time I started writing, how long I wrote, and my word count.

I typically Fast Draft with a friend; a competitive friend. I recommend writing along with competitive people. It forces you to get the words out. I also believe in incentives and I give myself stickers when I meet my word count -a trick I learned stalking Laini Taylor’s blog.

What are you currently reading?
I’m reading a nonfiction book called “Sperm Wars: The Science of Sex” by Robin Baker. The title reveals the subject matter. Its about what goes on inside a fertile woman’s body. Did you know that less than 1% of sperm is designed for fertilization of the egg? There are Terminator sperm that engage in warfare with enemy sperm from the Part-Time Lover. Its fascinating! Its research for my current WIP.

How did you come up with your title?
I was up one night watching HBO’s after dark programing. On show called “Cathouse,” one of the ‘working girls’ captivated me. She looked like a kindergarten teacher, not anything like what I’d imagine a hooker to look like. She said that she was a “pleasure hound,” and she could sniff out pleasure wherever it might be. The phrase stuck in my head for years.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
I’m obsessed with Ernessa T. Carter. Her book “32 Candles,” is an 80’s fairytale retelling for women of color.

What are your current projects?
There are so many stories in my head begging to get out. I’ve drafted the second Pleasure Hound Book, and will shortly begin working on the third. I’m drafting the series bible (that may be a television term) for my fairytale retellings where all the heroines are single mothers getting a second chance at love. And, waiting in the wings is my paranormal debut, which is an ode to the sun.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?
Just in time for Disney’s new Cinderella movie, I’ll be releasing my debut fairytale retelling in March. Its called “Pumpkin: a Cindermama story.” Here’s the blurb:

Single mother Malika “Pumpkin” Tavares lost faith in fairytales after she fell for a toad. Now she believes she’s not cut from the storybook, heroine cloth and searches for Mr. Good Enough amongst the sidekicks and supporting men of the town. Love at first sight isn’t a cliche for town royalty Armand “Manny” Charmayne because for generations the Charmayne’s have spotted their soulmates be seeing a golden aura around them the first time they laid eyes on them. When Manny meets Pumpkin he sees…nothing, but sparks fly off the richter scale. The more he gets to know her the more he considers defying fate, if only he can convince her to take a chance on love again.

Where do you write?
I do my best writing at hightop tables where I can alternately sit or stand while typing on my laptop. A cup is a must. My favorite is soy chai, sweetened with honey.

When do you write?
I write best in the morning from 8am until lunchtime. Nights are reserved for reading.

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romantic erotica, mutlicultural, menage, dystopian, interracial, LGBT, bisexual
If you need the jpg of an image, please contact me at inesjohnsonwrites@gmail.com

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WIcked Wild Wednesday with Dani Wade- giveaway


Any Wicked Wild Wednesday would be the perfect place for my Backstage Pass heroes. After all, they’re Rock Stars! Can’t get any wilder!

The very idea of rock stars conjures up the image of hard living, fast moving, love ‘em and leave ‘em men who can never conform to the hearth and home version of HEA most people have.

They’re right.

The very nature of rock stars’ lives and schedules are outside the norm—but that doesn’t mean they can never be tamed! The heroines in my Backstage Pass series are living the fantasy of being loved (and mastered) by these bad, bad boys.

They are ordinary women living extraordinary dreams! Their heroes play hard and love even harder. They may not work a 9 to 5, but these men understand what their women need—and are more than happy to give it to them. Each heroine has her own unique fear, and her hero is the perfect man to set her free. Though she doesn’t always agree with that—at first.

This fascinating dichotomy between who we think rock stars are, and what they can truly be if we see them as real men with needs, pain, and secrets like everyone else drew me into this series with a vengeance. I had to write these heroes! And find them the perfect woman for their happily ever after. The men of the Solar Uprising rock band will surprise you…I promise.

I’d love to introduce y’all to the wild, wicked men of the Backstage Pass series, so I’ll be giving away 2 e-copies of Book 1—Finding Her Rhythm. Just comment for a chance to win and tell us—who would be your real life rock star hero of choice?

Here’s a glimpse of my newest release in this series, Settling the Score (Book 2):


“You’re far too concerned about things outside of yourself—you can’t turn your brain off and simply focus on the pleasure.” Pleasure he desperately wanted to give her.
Tears welling into her eyes told him he was on track, even if her mouth wouldn’t admit it. He held up the blindfold once more.
“Which is why I need to teach you to shut all that shit out. To concentrate on how good you feel, not what I want from you. Not how you look.”
She started, obviously surprised by his insight. Oh yeah, he’d known about her obsession with her looks for years. He wasn’t going to let that get in his way either. He brushed the length of material along her jawline.
“Let me do this, Becca. For you.” For me.
Those oh too vulnerable eyes closed once more, her chin tilting up in surrender. This close he could see her hard swallow as she awaited his next move, the pulse at the base of her neck picking up speed. The beauty of her in that position took his breath away. If he could get his hands on Rockin’ Reno, he’d break every bone in his sleazy little body.
Way past time for Becca to find out what it was like to be with a man who put her needs before his own.

Daniel Korvello isn’t your average Joe with a case of unrequited lust. He’s a hard rock front man who wonders if his publicist will ever see him as anything other than a job. Then they team up to hunt down a threat to Daniel’s family…and he seizes the chance to show her he’s up for more than just a one night stand.
Becca Buchanan already lived through one rock-star scandal with her reputation barely intact. She’s determined never to put herself, or her family, through that again. Only she can’t deny the desire she feels for Daniel. When he exposes the molten heat beneath her Ice Maiden exterior, she may never be able to freeze him out again.
Then their amateur investigation takes a dangerous turn that threatens the lives of those they both love. Can their newfound trust extend past the bedroom? Can Daniel let go of his guilt enough to embrace a future with Becca?

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Contacts for me:

Dani Wade Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/Iznh5


Guest blog- Adriana Kraft

My husband and I co-author sizzling romantic suspense and erotic romance for two, three, or more under our pen name, Adriana Kraft. Most of our stories feature ménage, in keeping with the “three or more” notion. We decided we were neglecting the “erotic romance for two” part of our tag line, so we’ve turned to romantic suspense. Cassie’s Hope is Book One in our new Romantic Suspense Series, Riders Up. Our goal in this series is to keep the heat level just as steamy, but to focus on the love story of a single hero and heroine, with a dash of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat.
Set in the horse racing industry, the entire series is a labor of love, reaching back to before my husband and I ever met. We both grew up crazy about horses. His parents were Midwest dairy farmers, and when he was very tiny, they still used a team of matched Belgians to cross-check their cornfields at planting time, as well as to pull the stone boat when they picked frost-heave rocks out of the fields each spring. In his dad’s eyes, horses were for working, and once they switched completely over to tractors, his dad saw no need for a horse that might be used only for pleasure. But the seeds of the dream had been sown…
For myself, I grew up on seven acres, a remnant of a much larger spread, in what would have been the tenant farm house. I dreamed horses. I devoured King of the Wind, Misty of Chincoteague, Black Beauty, The Black Stallion, and anything else I could get my hands on. My parents even bought me books about identifying horse breeds, how to ride, and how to care for a horse. Much to my dismay and mystification, they never let me own one. Only as an adult did I come to understand neither of them had any experience with large animals, and probably none of us would have been prepared for what owning and caring for a horse would have involved.
It wasn’t long after my husband and I got together that we discovered this mutual passion. Living in Chicago, it was easy to get to area racetracks and follow the horses. We were at the Arlington Million the year the grandstands burned down, and we’ve watched races at Hawthorne, Sportsman’s (now closed), and Balmoral. We’ve been to the Kentucky Derby twice and the Belmont Stakes once, and we’ve thrilled to the historic grandstands and the oak-tree paddock at Saratoga, America’s oldest racetrack. We made it to Hollywood Park last fall to help celebrate its final season before it, like so many, yields to the developer’s bulldozer.
We’ve also, for a brief time, owned horses, including thoroughbred and quarterhorse race horses. You can read more about them at this LINK.
Writing Riders Up has plunged us back into that world. We’ve set four romantic suspense stories in the heart of the thoroughbred racing scene, with possibly more to come. We hope our readers love the stories (and the horses) as much as we do.

Cassie 600
Cassie’s Hope
Riders Up, Book One
B&B Publishing: November, 2013
Romantic Suspense
Novel: 90,000 words
ISBN-13: 978-0-9894693-4-0

High stakes, a fiery Irish redhead, her stunning racehorse, and a fiercely loyal rancher

Five stars at Goodreads and Amazon:

“Extremely well written and very entertaining to read. Real life hopes and dreams becoming a reality. This story really moved me.” Donna H.

“I loved Cassie and Clint. These two stubborn, prideful people remind me of Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett…Cassie’s Hope is the first book of a series. I cannot wait to read the rest of the books” Sheila G.

“I took their journey with them. I felt their pain, their sadness, their struggles, and most of all their love. And that is the mark of a truly good book.” Faith H.


What happens when a fiercely loyal widowed half-Ute cowboy meets a fiery redhead with an Irish temper to match? Cassidy O’Hanlon – Cassie, to her friends – has set aside her Chicago career for six months to train racehorses for her dad after his stroke.

Furious the interloper has shipped in a ringer from the Chicago circuit to his Wyoming turf, Rancher/trainer Clint Travers sets out to put her in her place. Sparks fly immediately, but after their rocky start, the two quickly forge a passionate relationship, and he follows her to Chicago.

When it becomes clear someone is drugging Cassie’s horse, Clint sets out to solve the mystery, but storms off in a cloud of wounded pride when suspicions turn to him.

Can love trump pride?


Shaking her head, Cassie grabbed a hoof pick from her back pocket, lifted one of Hope’s front hooves, and began extracting dirt and pebbles.
“Nice lookin’ filly.”
Cassie groaned at the strange deep voice and the too-familiar line. Couldn’t men anywhere be a little more original?
Dropping the hoof, Cassie glanced across Hope’s back and gasped. The deeply tanned hunk behind the voice had shoulders that stretched taut a pale yellow polo shirt covered, in part, with a thin buckskin vest. The wide cowboy buckle appeared unnecessary to hold up well contoured Levi’s. A sweat-stained brown Stetson, tipped low, cast a light shadow across his facial features. His worn boots were those of a working man. This was no drugstore cowboy.
He stepped closer. She could make out a scowl. Dark eyes snapped a foreboding anger. Raven black hair framed chiseled features, searing them into Cassie’s brain. Her toes curled involuntarily. She rubbed Hope’s coat vigorously. Who the hell was he? And to top it off, he didn’t even seem to notice her. His eyes appraised only the horse.
“Thanks,” she mumbled, ducking down by Hope’s flank.
The handsome stranger walked around the horse. “Very nice,” he drawled at last.

Adriana Dana Point 170 SQ


Adriana Kraft is the pen name for a husband/wife team writing sizzling romantic suspense and erotic romance. The award-winning pair has published over thirty romance novels and novellas to outstanding reviews. Romantic pairings include straight m/f, lesbian, bisexual, ménage and polyamory, in both contemporary and paranormal settings.


Website: http://adrianakraft.com
Blog: http://adrianakraft.com/blog
Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Adriana-Kraft/182846025133440
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Guest Post ~ Lacey Wolf ~ Wanted: Wife


Wanted: Wife by Lacey Wolfe
Guest Post

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today!
The way people find dates has changed quite a bit. A few years ago, you had to actually meet a person in order to date them. But since the internet has come about, the way people meet have changed as well. Now a days, you can contact an old flame on Facebook or join a dating website. A week into an online relationship, you might be feeling those lusty feelings for the other one. Now with keeping that in mind, how much precaution would you take before meeting a stranger?
In Wanted: Wife, while Darcy is looking for a job, she comes across an ad:

Wanted: Wife
$1000 weekly, all expenses paid.

And Darcy responds to it. When she answers the ad, she thinks it’s a complete stranger and through a few emails, agrees to meet Steven. But before the date, the only precaution that she took was telling her best friend she had a date and in the event she wasn’t home by a certain time, to get help.
Personally, I would’ve taken a whole lot more precaution. But this is meant to be a fun, light story. And before Darcy decided to go, I revealed just who Steven was.
Her crush from high school. Thank goodness they aren’t complete strangers. Instead, they are two people who had the hots for one another in school, but because of their status in school they never dated. And this makes for a fun, roller coaster type of romance as they attempt to keep things platonic when they are dying to live out their high school fantasies.
So tell me, if you were going to meet a stranger, what precaution would you take? Me, I’d call someone the way Darcy did, but I’d also bring along a thing of mace and a pocket knife!

WantedWife_MediumWanted: Wife
By Lacey Wolfe

Help Wanted: A Wife
Darcy White can’t believe she’s answering a help wanted ad from someone looking to hire a wife, but she’s hit rock bottom and is on the verge of being evicted from her apartment. When she learns that the guy she had a crush on in high school is the one looking to hire, she’d be crazy not to live out her fantasy.
Steven McDonald needs a wife, or at least a fiancée, before his grandfather retires or else he won’t inherit the family business. He knows not just any woman will do, and in a desperate attempt to find a solution, he places a help wanted ad in the local paper. The day Darcy White answers it, his dreams begin to come true.
As Darcy and Steven pretend they’re engaged, they make a promise to keep things platonic. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to keep their hands off one another. With his grandfather’s retirement approaching, and the possible end to their fake engagement, can Steven and Darcy admit their feelings to not only themselves but each other?
Content Warning: contains adult language and sensual love scenes

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“I’m making coffee, want any?” Darcy called from the kitchen.
As Steven entered the kitchen he said, “I’d love a cup.”
Steven leaned against the counter. Darcy poured water into the coffee maker and then scooped the coffee in. After she pressed the brew button, she turned and stared back at him.
“That wasn’t so bad,” he said.
She nodded. “Yeah, it was okay.”
Steven laughed. “Your parents were kind.” He reached his hand out toward her.
Darcy walked to him, taking his hand.
“Your dad gave us his blessing.”
“I had no doubt he would. Your family is well known.”
Steven wasn’t sure what had come over him, maybe it was the scotch he’d shared with her dad, but he couldn’t resist the beautiful woman in front of him. He tugged her to him, and her body molded against his perfectly. With his free hand, he pushed her hair behind her ear and then pressed his lips to hers. He expected resistance from her, but she opened up right away, wanting the kiss as much as he did.
Sliding his hand around her neck, he tilted her head so he could deepen the kiss. Her fingers danced around his waist and the little sensation went straight to his groin. Releasing her hand, he gripped her waist and pulled her into him. He was hard and it pressed into her and she didn’t seem to mind. Damn this woman! She should be pushing away from him, reminding him they were to stay friends, but instead he kept hoping her hand would find its way lower.
Could they do this once and then pretend it never happened? His erection was telling him yes, but his brain was telling him no. He started to pull away from the kiss, but Darcy wouldn’t let him.
God, he was turned on and wanted to touch her, taste her, explore her. He needed her!
“Stop, Darcy.” He pushed her off him.
She stepped back, a shocked look on her face.
“I can’t control myself. I want to take you to bed so bad.”
“I want that too.” She moved closer to him again and wrapped her arm around his neck and let her other hand dangle at his waistband. “Can’t we have a little fun?”
Do it or not? Yes or no? His core ached and taunted him. Taking a deep breath, he decided to listen to the head below.
He lifted Darcy up and sat her on the counter. His lips were everywhere. Her neck, collarbone. His hands were greedy as they worked the buttons on her blouse. “Stop me now, Darcy.”
She gazed into his eyes and then cupped his erection through his pants. “No.”
“No turning back?”
“No turning back.”

About Lacey Wolfe
Lacey Wolfe has always had a passion for words, whether it’s getting lost in a book or writing her own. From the time she was a child she would slip away to write short stories about people she knew and fantasies she wished would happen. It has always been her dream to be a published author and with her two children now of school age, she finally has the time to work on making her dream come true.

Lacey lives in Georgia with her husband, son and daughter, their six cats and one black lab who rules the house.

You can find Lacey at the following places:
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