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On the Road with SCP – Species Interaction- Cheyenne Meadows




Shyanne McDaniel, a young widow
and mother of two small boys, loses her heart to Meat, an exotic dancer
and alpha liger shifter, but dating another species proves a challenge.


While trying to figure out how to deal
with an alpha shifter that likes the word “obey” way too much for her
liking, Shy juggles raising her twin sons, taking local college classes,
dealing with an adoptive family that leans heavily toward odd, and her
job. She finds herself working for a man called Cannibal and battling
for Meat’s attention from a cover model shifter, all the while trying
not to think too much about her gift prize threesome fantasy weekend,
Meat’s nun fetish, and her penchant for finding trouble.
Finding love again is never easy, and
doing so with an alpha shifter only makes for more challenges. Can they
work out their differences and love one another for who they are?
*** Author highly suggests reading Human Interaction before this book, otherwise the reader will be lost and confused ***

wiggled on Meat’s lap as he licked at the ticklish spot just behind my
ear. The movements earned a groan from him and gave me a strong hint
what his near future intentions were, if the large bump under my rear
had anything to do with it.
A second later, Meat spun me halfway
around, wrapping one arm behind my shoulders, while the other slipped
under my knees. He stood swiftly and easily, cradling me as he strode
away from the table.
“Don’t forget her spanking.” Ducian’s voice carried across the room. “She’s been anticipating it all afternoon.”
I gasped and looked up into my boyfriend’s face and immediately forgot the sassy comeback to the vampire’s reminder.
He looked intense. Deep blue eyes
flashed, a growl resounded from his throat. His lips pulled back in an
almost grimace, reminding me of the Wild Kingdom episode about lion
matings. Meat carried the same facial expression as a male lion scenting
a female right before he climbed on board for some serious species
My belly somersaulted.

had a strong suspicion Meat’s inner kitty prowled just under the human
skin, snarling in demand for things his way. The biting used as
punishment for not seeking his protection, the strong control, and the
predatory attitude all shouted one thing. Feline displeasure.
Which meant I was about to get a quick
lesson in female submission to an alpha male liger intent on staking
his claim while proving his dominance once and for all.
I bit back a whimper of strong desire.
He carried me into the bedroom and
shut the door firmly behind him. His lips sealed over mine in a sizzling
hot preview of his intentions. Opening wide, his tongue sought the very
recesses of my mouth, flicking and tasting. I nibbled his bottom lip
and returned the favor, not pulling away until a lack of oxygen forced
Only then did he deposit me on the waiting king-sized bed. Gaining my balance, I scooted toward the center and waited.
“Turn over.”
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Author Bio:  Growing up in the
Midwest, I began reading romance novels in high school, immediately
falling in love with the genre, to the point where I decided to write
professionally for a career. However, that dream splattered against a
brick wall and resulting quick death in my first writing class in
college when my professor told me bluntly that I wasn’t any good at it. I
shifted gears quickly, and left my writing dreams behind, eventually
settling on being a nurse.
few years back, I stumbled across a fan-fiction writing site on a
favorite author’s webpage. I began to read stories others wrote, not
only making some wonderful close friends from the experience, but also,
really learning to write for the very first time. Here I was able to
share short stories, practice my writing skills, and truly develop into a
writer. More than that, the experience allowed me to revitalize my
dream, as I rediscovered joy in writing.
When I’m not working or writing, I
enjoy working in the garden, canning, and seeing my backyard as a living
canvas for my whimsical landscaping, and, of course, reading romance
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On the Road with SCP – Regret- Danielle Doolittle

Author Bio:
Danielle Doolittle has
always had a knack for storytelling. When she completed her first work of
fiction at age six about a bunny and particularly juicy carrot she was hooked.
Years later, she’s spinning tales of first loves, awkward moments, and the
occasional creature that goes bump in the night.
She lives in the wilds of
a Northwest Ohio college town with her husband and three small children where
she consumes above average amounts of coffee and dark chocolate and spends way
too much time on Twitter.
She loves to hear from readers so don’t be shy!
Twitter: @elledoo
Eighteen-year-old Penelope
Green doesn’t have any reason to believe her senior year will be anything but
ordinary.Boy was she wrong…There’s a new family in her small Martha’s Vineyard community and they’re about
to flip her world upside down; none more so that the brooding, wide-shouldered
Kane Whitmore.

Connected in ways she never dreamed possible, Penelope must trust Kane and her
growing feelings for him as his family to guides her through her missing past
and a world she never knew existed—a world she’d suddenly become the center of.

Learning she’s a Guardian with the ability to heal she can handle. It’s the
dreams—both frightening and heart-wrenching—that nearly brings her to her
knees. But when madman’s vengeful plot puts her loved ones at risk, Penelope is
willing to sacrifice anything to keep them safe…even her own life.

I was alone,
surrounded by cold black walls. They stretched on forever in both directions,
like a never-ending hallway. I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself.
That’s when I noticed my bare arms. I looked down at the flowing, white,
nightgown I wore and didn’t remember putting on. My feet were bare on the cold
stone floor.
“Hello? Is anyone
There was no answer. I
peered into the blackness in front of me. Where was I?
Something moved just
“Hello? Who are you?”
Suddenly light flooded
the hall about ten feet in front of me. A triangle of light from an open door
was like a beacon in this strange place. I felt my feet move toward it of their
own volition, like they knew what was behind that door. My breath hitched as I
moved closer to the light. What would I find in there?
Half afraid to open it
the rest of the way for what I would find, I placed a hand on the cold wood. I
had to look. Had to see. What if it was my only way out? I took a deep breath
and pushed.
An elaborate bedroom
greeted me. A fire burned in the grate and an enormous bed stood along the far
wall. It was covered in a velvet comforter and dozens of pillows. The floor was
covered in plush-looking, blood red carpet. The room was warm. So warm and
inviting compared to the cold emptiness of the hallway outside. I stepped in
before I could think of an excuse not to.
The door slammed shut
behind me. I whirled around and tried to reopen it, but it was no use. The door
was gone. I watched what was left of the knob melt into the wall, leaving behind
unbroken dark wooden paneling.
“Hello, Penelope, my
dear,” a deep voice oozed behind me. “I have been waiting for you a long time.”
I turned slowly to
face the man who hadn’t been there moments before. He was seated in one of the
chairs before the fire, swirling a dark red liquid in a crystal glass. He was
beautiful in a cold way. Blonde hair picked up the reds of the blazing fire and
his eyes flashed an arctic blue. His black button-down shirt showed off his
broad shoulders. He looked to be around Julius’ age, in his mid-thirties.
Despite his angelic looks there was something about him that frightened me.
Maybe it was the vast emptiness in his icy eyes or the calculating smile
playing on his lips. I wasn’t sure, but I knew I needed to get out of there and
“How do you know my
I mustered up as much
bravado as I could, squared my shoulders and held his gaze as I demanded he
answer me. He let loose a chillingly mocking laugh.
“Oh this truly is
going to be fun. I haven’t had fun in
so long, Penelope. You want me to have fun don’t you?”
What was this guy
talking about? Not only was he a creep, but I got the feeling he was a little
on the crazy side. Not a good combination.
“No answer, Penny
dear? Oh poo, I so wanted to play with you a little while first.” He shrugged
and sat his drink down on the side table. “I guess it’s down to business then,
is it?”
Suddenly he lunged at
me, moving faster than should have been possible. His mouth spread in a wide
grin. That’s when I noticed his teeth, particularly his elongated canines. He
was an Other.
I screamed then saw nothing but light.
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Conquered (A Lekrista Scott, Vampire Hunter Novel) ~ Tyffani Clark Kemp

Conquered Tour Banner (1)

Book Info-

Title- Conquered

Series- LeKrista Scott, Vampire Hunted Series # 3

By- Tyffani Clark Kemp

Expected Publication Date- August 15th, 2014


Conquered ebookBlurb-

LeKrista never thought Roman would kidnap her, but it seems there’s no depth to which he won’t stoop. She’s stuck in a fortress in the middle of only God knows where with no way to contact her family or her new fiance and let them know she’s alright.

To add insult to injury, Roman has brought her arch nemesis to keep her company. Forced to make friends with Eddy, the man who has made her life miserable for years, she bides her time until a rescue can be arranged.

But unrealized feelings for her vampire captor make things complicated. Or perhaps it’s Stockholm Syndrome. She can’t really be sure.

Just to make matters worse, the vampires are ready to go through with their plan to rule the world with an iron fang, and once again, she’s caught in the middle of the war for power. The truth of her involvement is becoming clear, but she may lose more than her freedom in her quest to stop the the powerful undead on her own.



Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/review/new/22038134-conquered

Kindle- http://www.amazon.com/Conquered-Vampire-Hunted-LeKrista-Scott-ebook/dp/B00MQDW4EE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408120860&sr=8-1&keywords=Conquered+by+Tyffani+Clark+Kemp

Nook- http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/conquered-tyffani-clark-kemp/1120145956?ean=2940150480278



db111-tyffaniclarkkempAbout the Author-

Tyffani Clark Kemp has been writing since she discovered in the sixth grade that it wasn’t enough just to read about fantastic places, but she could create her own. She weaves small bits of herself into everything she writes whether it be a science fiction piece about aliens or a dramatic romance fraught with conflict and love. In September 2012 Tyffani and a friend started SideStreet Publishing LLC. She lives in South Carolina with her family and her fluffy shii tzu-mix dog who thinks he’s a Saint Bernard.



FB: www.facebook.com/authorclarkkemp


Website: www.tyffanickemp.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TyffaniCKemp

Series Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/vampirehunted


Conquered Release Event on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/events/649856701753401/

Immortal Tempest ~ J.N. Sheats

Title: Immortal Tempest
Author: J.N. Sheats
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Publication Date: August 4, 2014


“I would no longer be a mortal servant, a pet kept for sick entertainment. I had been chosen for initiation, to become one of the immortals…A vampire.

My transition continued on far longer than any other, filling my body with a pain that was beyond the natural senses. After four days of writhing in the burning change I blacked out, and what woke in my place was not a vampire. It was in a word…Chaos.”

No longer an average mortal and far from a vampire, Serenity is an unnatural force that rivals anything found in the planes of the Underworld. An advantage that her master uses in his quest to conquer the mortal world, while luring her into his bed with seductive promises. A flawless venture until they reach the city of Tentusa.

Now three centuries of loyalty between master and servant are shaken by a deep connection to land they wish to conquer. Serenity’s disobedience grows stronger with each passing hour, fueling her master’s impatient need to tame the wild creature that lives within her.

Lightening steals the coming darkness, thunder echoes against the rolling hills as the war inside Serenity starts to stir. Which is stronger… the person, the desire, or the creature?

A creative mind trapped in a world of reality Jackie Sheats expresses herself in anyway that she can. From illustrating and writing to dancing like a mental patient while preparing dinner. Living in Maryland with her logic driven husband, their six cats, the dog, and a tank full of fish, Jackie spends her free time doing the backlog of housework and studying for her Masters in Illustration. A movie junkie, video game addict, and secret ninja in training she lives life under the idea that “if you don’t know how to do something, go learn it!”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jsheatsart?ref=hl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jnsheats

Author Website: www.jnsheats.com

Author GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8409934.J_N_Sheats

Everlasting Hunger (Hunger Mate Book #1) ~ Birthday Bash

Everlasting Hunger
Everlasting Hunger coverBook Info-

Title- Everlasting Hunger

Series- Hunger Mate Book # 1

By- Brandy Dorsch

Genre- Adult Paranormal Romance



Temptation, thy name is Ian Lochlan.


That was the thought running through Ellie Dawson’s head when her boss offered to escort her to a local vampire bar. Who would suspect that it was owned by him and that he would be the one to introduce her to all the pleasures of a vampire’s kiss?


Passion is a different beast when vampires are involved and Ellie faces love from two very sensual creatures. Tragedy strikes and Ian relinquishes her into the arms of his best friend – Jasper. Ellie struggles with the feelings aroused in her by both men but she knows nothing can stop the Hunger.


Can she survive loving two men and the past that continues to haunt her?



Goodreads-  http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18102910-everlasting-hunger

Kindle- http://www.amazon.com/Everlasting-Hunger-Mate-Brandy-Dorsch-ebook/dp/B00EGDWHYE/ref=la_B00EHIM716_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1406140337&sr=1-1


Everlasting Hunger IMG_4286There is a Short Story that follows Everlasting Hunger in this Anthology-



Everlasting Hunger Brandy DorschAbout the Author-

Brandy lives in Pittsburgh, PA and dreams of running away and being an extra on The Vampire Diaries.  She is a diehard reader that can’t breathe without adding something to her TBR list. She loves anything romance but has a special place in her heart for all things vampire related.  She works and goes to school but her favorite activity is spending time with her husband and two sons.  She is easily bribed with chocolate and coffee.



Author Page:  www.brandydorsch.com

Email:  authorbrandydorsch@gmail.com

Author Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorbrandydorsch

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/romancebookworm

Goodreads-  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7141824.Brandy_Dorsch

Amazon Author Page- http://www.amazon.com/Brandy-Dorsch/e/B00EHIM716/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

Blog:  www.romancebookworm.com

Blog Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/RomancebookwormsReviews

Blog email:  romancebookworm@gmail.com

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On the Road with SCP- The Scarlet Bond- Tamsin Flowers



The Scarlet
Vampire Bond Trilogy Book 2)


On the run after killing clan leader Etienne Corbeau, beautiful young vampire Willow Jackson
finds sanctuary in Miami with her lover, Corbeau’s wife Elouise. But their
hard-won freedom can’t last—when Elouise is snatched by a rival vampire clan,
Willow is forced to confront a terrifying truth. The only chance to retrieve
Elouise lies in raising Etienne from the dead. As his killer, she alone can
perform the ritual—but how will her former lover, indeed the very man who made
her a vampire, react when he’s resurrected?
Forced to seek help from a lover she can’t trust, attacked by a vampire she created and
endangering the life of her mentor, Willow is in a race against time to rescue
her soul-mate from the evil Rakim Argent and his clan. Friends become enemies,
enemies become lovers and as the situation spirals out of control, Willow
doesn’t know who to trust…
The Scarlet Bond is the continuing story which started with the first book of The
Vampire Bond Trilogy, The Crimson Bond.
The Crimson Bond tells how Willow is
first seduced and then transformed into a vampire by the irresistible Etienne
Corbeau—and how she goes on to form a bond with his beautiful wife, Elouise.
Excerpts from The Scarlet Bond
Excerpt 1
If the sign on the door said closed, the message didn’t appear to have been taken on board
inside Nosferatu’s Bar. In flickering candlelight, amid dancing shadows, four
bodies entwined, writhing in time to a throbbing beat that threatened to blast
the speakers off the wall. Two women and two men caught up in the drunken
moment when dancing turns into something else—something purposeful, elemental,
which no longer depends on the music for its rhythm.
But Willow Jackson hadn’t drank any alcohol. She had a thirst of a different nature. She
sank her teeth into the tan skin at the base of the blond man’s neck, laughing
as the first taste of blood bubbled into her greedy mouth. The man bucked and
moaned but she distracted him from the pain of her bite by rubbing a hand
across the front of his groin. He was well endowed, growing bigger as she
touched. A pair of arms encircled her waist from behind. Small, familiar hands
undid the top of her leather shorts. Elouise Day, her vampire lover, had
already drunk blood from the blond man’s friend—now she turned her attention to
Willow’s pleasure.
Weak from blood loss, the blond staggered back onto a banquette, as his friend slumped down
onto the beer-spattered floor. Without losing suction on his neck, Willow
released his cock from his pants while Elouise helped her out of her shorts.
She straddled the man, wet enough to impale herself on his impressive erection
with ease—only at the moment of full penetration did she gasp and lose her grip
on his throat. Immediately Elouise’s mouth attached to the wound in the man’s
neck as she swooped onto the banquette beside them. Bereft of her blood source,
Willow scrambled to pull up Elouise’s T-shirt so she could latch onto her lover’s
breasts instead. Beneath them, the man grunted, thrusting his hips as Willow
pumped up and down on his cock.
She sucked hard on Elouise’s nipples, pulling at them with her teeth in the full knowledge the
pain would make her lover bite down harder on the man’s neck. She watched a
trail of blood trickle down his chest from where Elouise tore at his flesh as
she silenced his scream by placing one of her hands across his mouth. If he’d
understood his predicament, he would have had the sense to bite her wrist to
suck out as much blood as he could take—a way to grab immortality for himself.
But Willow and Elouise were careful who they invited to their after-hours
sessions, spiking their victims’ drinks before the bar closed to ensure
co-operation. Instead, Willow felt the blond’s back stiffening. He pushed his
hips up hard against hers as his most memorable-ever orgasm ripped through him.
When Elouise’s fingers started working on her clit, Willow could feel the burgeoning pleasure
of her own orgasm on the horizon. A divine throb that would spread through
every nerve and muscle of her body, building and intensifying until she
surrendered completely… But on the verge of surrender, a loud splintering crack
pulled her back from the brink.
“What the fuck?”
She grabbed Elouise by her short peroxide hair to yank her off the man’s neck. Elouise
shrieked, turning to her with a look of fury.
“There’s someone here,” said Willow as Elouise’s anger turned to shock—followed
closely by fear.
Together they tumbled off the banquette, leaving the semi-comatose man to slump over to one
side, his blood soaking invisibly into the red velvet upholstery.
“It can’t be Etienne, can it?” said Willow, dragging on her shorts.
Elouise shook her head.
“No one can wake Etienne from the dead but you or I.”
But the splintering noise continued, followed by shouts as the outer door gave way and
crashed back against the wall. Willow ran to the bar and grabbed a bottle to
defend herself with. As she turned back, the inner door burst open. Dark
figures poured into the room, but in the flickering candlelight Willow could
see the glint of metal. The men were armed with guns and blades. One of them
carried a silver stake, making her blood run cold. She backed up until she
stood next to Elouise, pressed against the bar.
“There’s no money here,” said Elouise. Her mouth and chin were still red with blood.
Her voice held steady but only because she thought they were being robbed. If she’d seen the
stake, Willow knew there would have been a tremor of fear. She grasped
Elouise’s wrist. Elouise glanced at her.
“They’re not here for cash.” She nodded toward the man with the stake.
Elouise gasped.
“Very perceptive.” The speaker towered over them, his close-cropped silver hair
and shorn black beard making his age hard to determine. “Elouise?”
Elouise’s head jerked up like a puppet on a string.
“Take her,” he barked.
Four men had piled through the door behind him. From their eyes and their demeanor Willow
felt sure they were all vampires. With the leader in the center, they stepped
forward in unison, guns and machetes raised as they closed in.
Excerpt 2
As she spoke, Willow became aware of Etienne’s eyes upon her. He moved closer to the bed, his
breath rasping in his throat.
“I’m yours.”
Those two little words gave Willow the power she needed. A second later, Etienne’s weight
crushed her back against the mattress. His hands tore away her dirty T-shirt
before he scraped her jeans down her thighs, still done up. Overwhelmed by
desire once more, she could hardly breathe. The feeling transported her back to
when Etienne had first come to her in her room in Santa Fe. She plunged her
hands into his dark hair, hardly daring to believe it was genuinely him, rather
than another dream. But his hands on her body were as real as anything, raking
her skin, clutching her breasts and forcing entry between her legs. She kicked
her jeans off her ankles so she could open her thighs for him, not caring that
he still wore the mud-stained clothes she’d found his body the night before.
She pulled up his shirt and the buttons ripped away easily from the rotten
fabric. Her mouth found his neck to kiss and bite. A familiar taste flooded her
mouth. She felt the same hard body under her hands. She gasped.
As Etienne plunged into her. he took hold of her throat with one hand. She felt his breath
on her neck, his teeth on her earlobe.
“You don’t need Elouise,” he whispered. His voice sounded inside her head again.
“We could be together without her.”
He grunted as he rammed into her again and again.
“She’s always wanted Rakim Argent.”
Etienne’s grip tightened on her throat. Willow put her hand on his shoulders, pushing back
against him as hard as she could.
“No…I don’t believe you.”
“It’s true,” said Etienne.
His thrusts came faster and Willow felt her own climax closing in. When he let go of her neck
and pushed his hand down between them to find her clit, she soared. Only
Etienne could take her this far outside herself. She tumbled into an oblivion
of twisted nerve endings and for the first time in a year, she felt she’d come
home. Finally, things were as they were meant to be.
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About Tamsin Flowers
Tamsin Flowers
loves to write light-hearted erotica, often with a twist in the tail/tale and a
sense of fun.  In the words of one reviewer, ‘Ms Flowers has a way of
describing sexual tension that forces itself upon your own body.’ Her stories
have appeared in a wide variety of anthologies. She has now graduated to
novellas and novels – The Vampire Bond trilogy is her first series but she has
several more planned in her head!  In the meantime, like most erotica
writers, she finds herself working on at least ten stories at once: while she
figures out whose leg belongs in which story, you can find out more about her
at Tamsin’s Superotica or Tamsin Flowers.
Tamsin Flowers Links
Superotica – www.tamsinflowers.com

Spotlight and review- Prophecy’s Power- Brenda Dyer


He kidnapped her heart

For Natalie Tortelli, everything comes down to a hard-won fight. She’s survived an insane mother and a cold, indifferent foster care system. To stand apart from everyone and everything is to trust only in herself—and that suits her fine. But all that changes one night when she happens upon a handsome stranger, murdering another. To make matters worse, the killer takes her captive and claims he’s part of a vampire race that protects humans from demons. Caught in a dangerous world she doesn’t understand, Natalie has no choice but to trust in him. But her pride won’t allow her to fall for the sexy kidnapper.

She stole his soul

Soren from the Fourth Clan of vampires loves his life. With an endless supply of demons to fight, and willing women to share his bed, why wouldn’t he? Love is an emotion he cares nothing about. But the foundations of his philosophies are shaken to the core after he has to detain Natalie. She’s unlike any woman—vampire or human—he’s ever come across. When it comes time to let her go, he finds he doesn’t have the heart to release his wild and sexy captive.

The power of love binds them

Together, Soren and Natalie attempt to unravel the secrets that haunt her past—which might tie both of them to the vampire prophecy. Though their passionate relationship is more than either had expected, both hesitate to fully entrust themselves to one another. But if they don’t, death may be the only thing that unites them.



Diana’s Review

This author has created a world where it is imperative that Vampires and Humans coexist. The survival of the world as we know it depends on it. Following the prophecy will insure it.

Soren is a 100% sexy vampire. . . unfortunately . . . he is 98% arrogant ass as well. Natalie is one tough woman who owns her own drywall company, proud of her accomplishments. She is on her own, since her mom is locked up in the crazy bin. Then she witnesses Soren doing what he does best . . and sure it looks to Natalie like he just killed someone. On top of that, Soren can’t erase her memory of what she saw or of him.

So let’s recap. . . Soren, arrogant although sexy killer. Natalie, strong willed, proud, has a crazy mom, witnesses a murder.

Soren can’t erase Natalie’s memory, that should not have been a problem. Now he is stuck with her until he can figure out what to do.

The sexual tension between Soren and Natalie picks up as Soren tries to figure out what the hell is going on. Each time Natalie tries to get away from Soren . . . well the humor is not lost on this reader. Buy this book and see what happens. I have loved both the preceding books in this series and this one by far outshines the rest. The prophecy is going to pull you in and when you get to the other side of this awesome Vampire/Human/Demon series you will be wanting more. I know I do.

PS as an aside, Brenda Dyer, I will gladly volunteer to stake Ace for you. Just say the word. . .

hearts 51Flames 4flames



SSLY recommended read