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Interview- AJ Williams


Beverly and Tamara: Welcome to SSLY. Thanks so much for joining us today. So first why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

AJHey Ladies, thanks for having me here. Well first my name is AJ and I have super powers. Well at least that is what my two children believe. I am a chocolate whore. I love Starbucks, and I hate scary movies. Well really it’s a love/hate relationship I have with scary movies. I hate commercials so any TV show I watch has to be recorded so I can fast forward through. My favorite shows are on SyFy.
I have four books in the Bounty Series currently out. Bounty for Hunter, Bounty’s End, Bounty for Love and His Final Bounty. All books are spicy with a hint of suspense.

Tamara: What do you HAVE to have when you are writing?

Hmm it depends on my mood. Hot tea or cold tea for sure. Sometimes I have a whole bag of M&M’s sometimes three small bags of fruit snacks. It really varies on my mood that day.

Beverly: When did you start to write, who influenced you?

I started writing after the age of 8. I felt alone when my mother and I moved from Arizona to Missouri. People in Missouri thought I talked funny, so it was hard to feel comfortable in my own skin. My grandmother presented me with my own journal hoping that if I wrote down how I felt things might get better. Eventually they did but I kept the writing up with encouragement from my grandfather who would catch me in the corner writing.

Tamara: What do you think are the qualities that make up a “hero”?

Every girl knows what she wants in a “hero”. If it is a male hero he has to be strong, stubborn, and determined. If a female she needs to be vulnerable and strong at the same time. Willing to go the distance for friend, family or herself

Beverly: Can you describe your favorite character? And which of your books is he/she in? How do you come up with your characters?

I can’t really say which one is my favorite character. I love them all. If I had to pick I would say Keylee. She is a mystery that one day I might go further into details with. She was kidnapped and held captive. What the guy did to her should have broken her and in a way did break her. However, she still held onto who she was. Keylee didn’t want to be a victim so she did what she needed to not only heal herself but heal who she wanted to be in the future. I admire her for that. She took the steps needed even though they frightened her, and in the end she was better for it.

Tamara: What are the hardest scenes for you to write? Suspense? Sex? Dialogue? And why?

Dialogue…. I hate dialogue. I hear the characters and the attitude they present each time they opened their mouth and I want the reader to hear, feel and understand that as well. It takes me a couple of times to get it right before I am satisfied, and feel as though the reader will be satisfied as well.

Beverly: What is your favorite scene in your favorite book?

In Bounty for Hunter, Keylee references Star Trek a lot, and when she is informed that the guy she is after is an architect she calls him a nerd.

Tamara: Who would you choose as your “book boyfriend/girlfriend”? From what book? Author?

Oh that is a good one. Jericho Barrons… from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series. He is dark, dangerous and oh so mysterious.

Beverly: What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? Or would like to? What? We are all about the love!

Umm….well in my younger years I was more adventurous….. I will leave it at that...

Tamara: What are your favorite types of heroines? Do you like the damsel in distress who needs saving or the kick-ass variety? Why?

I like both. I love a damsel in distress who finds her inner strength in the end and a kick ass chick who won’t take anyone’s crap. If she falls into the middle even better. Each need to be written about so that young women and even older woman who feel as though they are one or the other know that there are happy endings for everyone

Beverly: What was your worst date ever?

Freshman year in college. Went on a date with a star basketball player. Great date till we got back to his dorm where we walked in on his roommate having very loud and umm interesting sex. Images that are forever burned into my brain

Tamara: If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want to have with you? (You have food, water, shelter, all the necessities, so nothing mundane).

Can I take my kids? My husband?? lol If not…. then a vibrator, a hot steamy book, and music to rock out too.

Beverly: What is your “guilty pleasure”?

Eating a whole bag of peanut M&M’s… I know I shouldn’t and I always talk to my kids the importance of moderation, but I can’t help myself. Put a big bag in front of me and they are gone.

Tamara: What dream or goals have you yet to realize?

To travel the world. I want to take a yearlong adventure and travel the world, alone, with my family. I just want to be able to take that time and discover what else is out there.

Beverly: What was your most embarrassing moment or the craziest thing you’ve done? C’mon dish!

My husband and I were dating and leaving together in an apartment and I just happened to finish my shower and walked out into the hall. As I walked out I came face to face with my husband’s best friend. Needless to say I stayed in our room till his friend left and gave my husband an ass chewing of a lifetime for not telling me company came over before I stepped out of the shower.

Tamara: If you were a color what would you be and why?

Pink. It’s a fun color. It’s bright. If you work it right you can match it with anything.

Beverly: How do you know you’re in love?

I think about the person nonstop and when thinking about them I can’t help but get a smile on face and a flutter in my belly.

Tamara and Beverly: Okay. We are SSLY so we have to ask. Who loves you?

My family of course. They put up with my craziness and even find it funny at times. What more can a girl ask for?

Now for some quick fun questions:

Boxers or briefs? Briefs
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Tall, dark and handsome or Blond and buff? Tall, dark and handsome
Hairy chest or smooth? smooth, however a little hair doesn’t scare me
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
Kinky or Sweet? Kinky
Fast or slow? Fast
Public or private? Private
Top or bottom? Top

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