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#Release Day ~ Knight Errant ~ Rue Allyn

Thank you Beverly for inviting me to visit your blog and readers. On August 17, 2015 Crimson Romance will release my medieval romance Knight Errant. I wrote this book because I love the Middle Ages and to answer for myself the question, what drives a man to become a Knight Errant?

In the case of Sir Robert Clarwyn the driving force is the need for redemption. The Clarwyn name is so darkly stained that the lands reverted to the crown. Robert is driven to pursue criminals and others in an attempt to wipe out the stain and regain his home.

In 2015 USA carrying personal guilt for another person’s actions is an alien concept. In Europe circa 1294 guilt, land, name, and fortune, were inherited and taken very seriously. Much of life was so very hopeless in that age that people sought relief and hope in any place they could find it. For the majority that place was the church and the Christian faith. The literature that remains from that time is filled with religious instructional texts and stories with faith and morality as the narrative core.  To make a medieval romance believable those elements must be present. I was delighted when my research revealed historical events in 1294 that provided the foundation not only for Robert’s guilt and despair but also for his redemption and happy ever after.

If you’d like to know more, I’ve included a blurb and links below. Please leave a comment and let me know what helps you connect with stories set in the Middle Ages (or any other period).





Lady Juliana Verault gladly left England—and its men—far behind in her quest to live as a Beguine. But the Christian community ceases to provide a safe haven when she’s called to travel to Palermo, Italy, where she’s entrusted with a letter from the pope that could radically change the church’s stance on women. Juliana holds the key to upending the power structure throughout Europe, but only if she can dodge her cousin, King Edward I of England, and his betrothal plans for her.

Edward sets Sir Robert Clarwyn, a knight errant and loyal hunter of criminals and traitors, on Juliana’s trail to retrieve her. Robert has never failed to bring home his target before … but then, he has never encountered a quarry like Lady Juliana, who can befuddle and bemuse him with just a smile.

If he can’t find a way to compel her to return to England, he’ll lose any chance of regaining his family lands and redeeming his heritage. Yet Juliana must complete her mission or risk endangering her gender’s future in the faith.

With danger and intrigue mounting, Robert and Juliana must rely on each other and be willing to risk everything … including their hearts.
















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