From Me to You Friday- Grin and Bear It- It’s Release Day!


A trip to the library can change your life, but Guiles Fredricks never expected to find his mate standing behind the checkout desk. One whiff of her blackberry and lavender scent has him hooked, but the fear haunting her emerald green eyes makes his bear roar to claim and protect her.
Gina Salducci came to Honey Corners to hide. On the run from her abusive ex- boyfriend she fears she will never be safe. Nick Mancuso runs Atlantic City, he has ties to the mob and won’t hesitate to kill her if he finds her. Obviously her taste in men sucks.
When her fears are realized and danger finds her, will she run again, or find it in her heart to trust the bear that vows he is her mate?


Guiles guided her out to her car with a gentle hand on the small of her back, Gina loved the gentlemanly gestures that seemed second nature to the bear. They made her feel protected and cherished. When they reached her battered Toyota Gina flushed in embarrassment. “Sorry, I know she’s not what you’re used to driving, but she got me here.” She patted the roof of the small car.
Pulling her into his arms he kissed her forehead, her nose and then pecked her lips. “Sweet Gina, I would not care if we traveled in a horse and carriage. I only care that I am with you.”
God, he was so sweet. How did I get so lucky? Gina handed him the keys. “Do you want to drive?”
“Thank you,” he replied, taking the keys from her hand and opening the passenger door to seat her in the vehicle. “Buckle up.” Gina watched the flex of muscles in his magnificent ass as he crossed to the driver’ side and folded his huge body into the small confines of her compact.
He fired up the car and turned up the heat before turning to her. “Would you mind spending the day at my house? My bear feels the need to have you in our den.”
“Your den? This really is a different world, isn’t it? I would love to see your house. I’d really like the chance to talk. I want to learn more about this mating thing and what it entails.”
Gina started when Guiles’ eyes flashed amber for a brief moment before returning to their normal hazel color. “What the hell was that?” Gina exclaimed.
Guiles chuckled. “My bear. He was rather excited by the idea of mating with you sweet Gina. In fact, it is all that is on his mind.”
“Horny little bugger, is he?”
“Horny, yes. Little, no.” Guiles laughed. “You’ve never seen a transformed shifter have you?” Guiles asked.
“Mmm, well, no.”
“My bear is about ten feet tall, Gina.”
“Holy fuck! I’m not sure I want to see that. He won’t hurt me, will he?”
“Of course not. I am still me when I shift. My bear loves you as much as I do. He would die to protect you.”
“Whoa, now just hold on a New York minute. Did you just say you love me?”
Guiles reached across and took her hand, drawing it to his mouth for a kiss. “Of course, I love you, sweet Gina. I have been waiting for you for over a hundred and fifty years. I have dreamed of the day we would meet. You are everything I ever dreamed of and more.”
“Guiles, you don’t even know me…I-I’m…broken. I wish we had met a few years ago, before—”
He squeezed her hand. “Baby, there is no before. There is only now and the future. Whatever it takes, however long it takes, I will make you forget all the bad things in your past. I promise you from this day forward you will be nothing but cherished and loved.”…/B01…/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_7vVhwb1NS76PZ…/1122739533

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