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Yikes! I was tired! A quick summary & giveaway

My post last Saturday left A LOT to be desired, lol. I posted 2 pictures, no explanation!

Here’s how vacation went. DH & I decided on a road trip. We love those and it’s been years since we did one. We went 2000 miles, all the way to California. We stopped, puttered around, and had a good time. We stopped in Phoenix AZ for 2 nights. Slept at my parents vacation house and visited with my brother, SIL and one of my nephews. The other? Who knows! He was in the wind.

We picked up our daughter and granddaughter who flew in to AZ and finished the drive to CA with us.

In Cali we stayed with our son and his fiancee. He looked so grown up in his Marine uniform as he went to work. *sniffle*

We attended our niece’s wedding in La Jolla. It was a beautiful setting overlooking the ocean. Look how colorful we all were! (Don’t ask what happened to my hair! We tried straightening it-Not a good look on me!)

(Nicholas, Edmond, Beverly, Susannah, Brileigh)

The pics from last week were from his fiancee’s, Celia’s, work. A Pirates Adventure in Anaheim. We had a ball and the food was excellent, even with my granddaughters fingers all through it, lol.

We did the tourist thing down there in San Diego, Sea World (I about gagged at the prices! If you go buy the tickets online. They are much cheaper that way!) and the San Diego Zoo. I bought lots of poop paper bookmarks, lol. Prizes for Cards Against Humanity at MBLU. I never want to walk again though! My feet were protesting. Heading back up to LA, we went to Huntington Beach, got burnt and spent time with the family.

THEN – road trip home.

I felt like ground meat by the time we got back.

I arrived home in time to leave for a book signing in Madison WI.

I need a vacation from vacation!

Tell me about your last vacation in comments to win a bag & swag from the book signing. (I have to limit it to US only – sorry. I’m still trying to get my last international prize out, we can’t find the country!)