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The moment Gage Rutherford enters Professor Emma Burke’s office she knows she’s in for a wild ride. Because Gage Rutherford, highly successful businessman, is the super-sexy Dom whose eye she’d caught, and from whom she’d fled, four nights ago, at Club Illusion. The very same super-sexy Dom she’s been dreaming and fantasizing about ever since.


He wants her. Desperately. And he’s willing to go to any lengths to have her any way he can get her. In the office. In the dungeon. In the elevator…the club…the woods…


Fortunately for Gage, Emma wants him just as badly. But he is way out of her league. Will submitting to this hard-edged Dom bring happiness? Or heartache?


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Having fallen under the spell of super-rich, super-sexy Dominant and avowed sadist, Gage Rutherford, Professor Emma Burke agrees to have dinner with him the night after he commandeered both her office and her body and took her bent over her own desk. After all, she keeps telling herself. It’s just dinner, right? In a crowded restaurant full of people. What could possibly go wrong?


But when she steps into the car he sends for her, she is immediately immersed in his world of highly erotic BDSM. A world that demands her total surrender. A world that promises both never-ending torments and mind-blowing pleasure for the submissive Emma.


When she discovers that dinner is not in a restaurant, but at his house, and she is the dessert, well… Is it too late to turn around and go back home?


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After a particularly sensual interlude with Emma Burke, following an evening of the hottest sex he’d ever participated in, Gage Rutherford is terrified. As a Dom, he’s always prided himself on being able to remain aloof from his submissives. Guiding them, mentoring them, and scening with them while maintaining strict control of both himself and the women. Never allowing any personal feelings to intrude.


But with Emma, everything is different. He’s feeling things he swore he’d never feel. Wanting things he never imagined wanting. This woman is just way too appealing and that makes her dangerous. He needs to put as much distance between them as possible. Now.


Except he can’t seem to break away. He’s never found a more perfect submissive than Emma. Masochist to his sadist, adventurous, and so damned responsive. Unfortunately, as idyllic as she seems on the surface, keeping her could easily turn out to be the worst mistake of his life.


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Emma Burke is at her wits’ end. Gage is out of town for three days. Three days of being constantly plugged, edged and tormented through an endless series of kinky tasks designed to keep her at the peak of arousal without allowing her to come. By the end of the first day Emma is so frustrated, she’s not sure she’s going to survive. As she performs the tasks, each more diabolical and arousing than the last, controlling her orgasm becomes more and more impossible. But she’s determined to succeed.


Because more than anything she wants to please him. He is rapidly becoming the most important thing in her life, a thought that frightens the hell out of her. Because even though he’s in it only for the sex, she’s beginning to want more. Much more.


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When Emma answers the urgent pounding on her front door, she is shocked to see Gage Rutherford standing there in the pouring rain. Without a word, he is upon her like a starving man. He’s not supposed to be back from his business trip until tomorrow! But after three days of constant edging, she needs him just as badly as he apparently needs her. A night of frenzied love-making, which barely takes the edge off their hunger, is followed by yet another sexual odyssey. This time in public, surrounded by people!


Thrilled at the possibility of being caught, Emma finds herself eagerly surrendering to his kinky demands. She is utterly hooked. The more she’s with him, the more she wants. But, she knows he’s in it just for the sex. Eventually he will decide he’s had enough of her and then what? How will she ever be able to reassemble the pieces of her shattered heart?


DON’T FORGET to be on the lookout for Taken in the Dungeon, Book Six of Mastering the Professor.  Coming Soon!!!!!


About Master of Blackmoor

Anybody remember Gothic novels? They were wildly popular back in the 60’s and early 70’s, usually set in a castle or a plantation in a darkly atmospheric place, like a city in the deep South or the moors of England. The hero was handsome, brooding, sardonic, and haunted by his past. The heroine was usually the new governess or the new bride. There was (gasp!) no sex. Lots of thwarted passion, angst, and skirting around it, but no actual, physical sex.

Well, I was a huge fan of the Gothic novels, so I decided to write one. Complete with brooding hero, haunted past, spunky new governess, and a castle on the moors, the whole nine yards. I named it Master of Blackmoor. Unfortunately, my timing sucked. I had just finished transcribing all but the final two or three chapters of my hand-written manuscript into neatly typed pages on my trusty Smith-Corona portable typewriter, when the Gothic craze completely died out. No one was publishing them anymore.


So, I put the handwritten pages in a box and the typed copy (which I had typed onto lined 3-ring notebook paper) into a notebook, and, for the next thirty-plus years, everywhere I moved, (a grand total of nine times), it moved with me. When I got my first computer, in 2003, the first thing I did was transcribe Master of Blackmoor from paper into the old Works word processor.


So, here I am, fourteen years later, putting the finishing touches on Master of Blackmoor, my new, erotic Regency romance.



He filled the doorway. His sheer animal sensuality dominated the room. The top buttons of his flowing white shirt had been undone, revealing the tan column of his neck and a hard chest covered with crisp curling black hairs.

Danielle’s fingers curled into fists at her sides. She wanted to run away from him. She wanted even more to run to him.

“Forgive me, Miss Dulac.” His low voice flowed over her and her blood turned to syrup in her veins, thick and heavy and sweet. “I didn’t realize you were still here. If I had, I would never have presumed—”

“I-I was just leaving,” she stammered. “Thank you—for the use of the bathroom, I mean, and f-for everything.” She broke off, feeling awkward and gauche.

“No, Miss Dulac,” he said, reaching out and taking her left hand in his.

The sudden, unexpected contact sent a shock wave of desire spearing through her, squeezing the breath from her lungs. Her eyes met his for an agonizing moment then jerked away.

But he didn’t release her. “Thank you.”

“For what?” she whispered. “I have done nothing.”

He lifted his eyes to stare hard at something over her head. A fleeting smile hovered over his lips then was gone. “Oh, but you have,” he said cryptically. “More than you know.” His voice sounded slightly puzzled. He continued to stare at nothing for several more seconds then suddenly seemed to remember where he was.

“Miss Dulac.” He gave a slight bow, turned sideways and gestured for her to leave the room.

To do so would mean brushing up against his hard, male body within the narrow confines of the doorway. Danielle stood for a moment trying to gather her composure. It was incredible to her that anyone could affect her so strongly. And that it should be this man. Well… Conscious of a slight feeling of resentment, she stepped forward, determined to move through quickly and avoid actual contact as gracefully as possible.

She never made it. Lord Anthony’s arm came out suddenly, barring her way. She drew in a harsh breath.

“Miss Dulac. Danielle….”

She could barely hear his voice above the clamor of her pulses. The closeness of him was disturbing…frightening. It flowed over her, silencing the feeble protest that rose to her lips. Her heart thundered in her breast, nearly deafening her. She couldn’t breathe.

He stood sideways in the doorway, her right shoulder just barely grazing his chest, looking down at the side of her face. God, she smelled wonderful. Like wild flowers. He couldn’t stop himself from lifting a long, lean forefinger to stroke her cheek. Soft as rose petals. His finger hooked around a lock of her tumbling hair and he bent his head to brush it against his own cheek. Like silk….

They were so close, their bodies nearly touching and Danielle felt a dryness in her mouth that made her lick her lips twice in a slight, nervous gesture before gathering up enough courage to turn her head to look at him. Her heart lurched and she was drowning…drowning…in the fathomless depths of his eyes.

“Danielle…” His voice was a low, a caressing thread of sound, wrapping around her heart. His eyes, black and haunting, bore into hers. “Dani…” He shook his head slowly. “I don’t understand.”

“Your Grace?”

“I don’t understand why I broke all of my own rules and allowed you to shelter here. I don’t understand why I sent the carriage after you and brought you back. But most of all….” His hands went to her shoulders and turned her unresisting body around to face him. “Most of all….” He threaded his long fingers through the thick mass of her hair, curving them around the back of her head. His fingers tightened, tugged, pulling her inexorably toward him.

His body was a furnace, spreading warmth to every part of Danielle’s body. The flame in his eyes threatened to consume her. She could feel the heat of it licking at her skin, burning her resistance to ash.

“Most of all….” It was the barest whisper as he spread his fingers and tilted her face up toward his. “I don’t understand this….”

His eyes roamed over her features with devouring intensity, and she felt herself being drawn into the whirlpool of his desire for her. She sucked in an audible breath. He’s going to kiss me, she thought exultantly. He’s going to kiss me!

Anthony bent his head. She could feel the warmth of his wine-scented breath as he hesitated, his mouth a scant inch above her own. Then his lips were brushing hers, a gentle, fragile, butterfly touch that shattered Danielle even as she desperately tried to summon up the dregs of her resistance. She tried to turn her head away, a pathetically futile gesture, for his hand tightened its hold on her head.

“Be still,” he commanded against her mouth. “Let me do this. I must do this.”

The breath left her body in a long, shaky sigh. She didn’t stop to consider whether what she was doing was right or wrong. It just was. And it was something she could no longer fight. She moaned softly and his mouth closed over hers in a dark, golden storm, with a hunger that robbed her of her breath. A hot tide of desire rose in her, exploding in a shower of tingling sparks as his tongue swept into her mouth, parting her lips, seeking the honey within. He kissed her until she was clinging to him weakly, nearly sobbing with the need surging through her.

Lifting his head, he moved his hands to her shoulders. Gently, they slid down her arms to the sash of her soft flannel dressing gown. Without hesitating, they loosened the ties and slowly, deliberately, parted the sides of the oversized garment.






If you are a fan of The Doms of Passion Lake books, you might not know that many of the heroes in that series were introduced in my first three books for Siren, Loving Sarah, Owning Sarah, and Keeping Sarah.




“If you are looking for twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat, along with scorching hot, sexy BDSM lovin’…these three thrilling books by Amazon best-selling author Julie Shelton are just what you’re looking for!”



“I am in awe. The collaring ceremony in Owning Sarah is the best I have ever read. I have so much to say on these books that words escape me. I read 100’s of books and your writing is right up there with the best, Kallypso Masters, Cherise Sinclair, Sophie Oak and more. I can’t wait for more of your books, they are the best!”




Eight years ago, Jesse Colter fled his small town, leaving behind eighteen-year-old Sarah Marshall. Now a retired Navy SEAL, he’s back and he wants only one thing—Sarah Marshall—preferably bound, naked and kneeling before him.

Sarah has never forgotten Jesse. He’s been the object of all her sexual fantasies since she was fifteen, as well as the star of nightly dreams that have become increasingly erotic over the years. So, when he suddenly reappears in her life, she warily agrees to let him introduce her to his world—the world of BDSM. When he also introduces her to his best friend, Adam Sinclair, Sarah faces the challenge of submitting to two powerful, Dominant men.

But Sarah has an even bigger problem. A stalker. Someone from her past who is determined to destroy any chance she has at happiness. Can Adam and Jesse love and protect her? Or will her world explode in betrayal and violence that will destroy them all?



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It’s been a month since Sarah Marshall was kidnapped and held at knife-point by her ex-fiancé. But Jesse Colter and Adam Sinclair, her two loving Doms, know that there is an even deadlier threat still out there—Ryder Malone.

He blames both Sarah and Jesse for sending him to prison eight years ago, for attempted rape, and he’s determined to make them pay. So, he begins a systematic campaign of terror and intimidation against them. But the danger he poses doesn’t end there.

Set against the deepening love and commitment between Sarah, Jesse, and Adam, Owning Sarah is more than just a sexy, sensual, BDSM love story. It is a harrowing race against time for Jesse, Adam, and a team of former SEALs to stop one of the biggest arms-for-drugs deals in U.S. history. And to rescue Sarah before Malone sells her to a human trafficker and she’s lost to her men forever.



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Read the entire first chapter of Owning Sarah at




Honeymooning in England, Jesse Colter, Adam Sinclair and their beloved wife, Sarah, are heading for their friend Thorne Cahill’s BDSM club for dinner when another car deliberately tries to run them off the road.  Thanks to their own driver’s skills, the other car is destroyed, the two unknown occupants killed.

Through Thorne, they discover that they’re the targets of a “blood feud”, instigated by Konstandin Sokolov, son of Viktor Sokolov, the Albanian mobster who had unwisely kidnapped Sarah a few months back, and paid for it with his life.  They also discover that Thorne’s guests, ruthless human traffickers, have gathered for tomorrow night’s slave auction.  Konstandin Sokolov is one of the buyers.

Fraught with treachery, betrayal, and deadly danger, Keeping Sarah keeps the reader on a knife’s edge of tension, while also exploring the deepening emotional commitment between Jesse and Adam.  They already trust each other with their lives.  Now they must learn how to trust each other with their love.



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Read the entire first chapter of Keeping Sarah at:




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