From Me to You ~ On vacation

I’m on vacation! I finished my desk in time to get it into the house, out of the path of the incoming storms. Then we left! I’ve been to Hershey PA. Awesome. Chocolate. What more is there to say?

I wanted to dive right in looking at that, but they had a glass wall between it and me. Probably a good idea!

We made it to our hotel late Wednesday night in Philadelphia and got up for breakfast. Googling where to go, we found a diner that had been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives! Of course we had to start there!

The Metro Diner was awesome! I had my all time favorite, Eggs Benedict. With spinach, avocado and tomato, I ate until I was ready to burst. Yes, I’m one of those people that post what I eat on Facebook!

Our original purpose was to go to Sesame Place. Sesame Street come alive! My granddaughter had a ball! We had fun too. She had her pictures with all her favorite characters and we had dinner with Elmo, Cookie, Grover and the favorite, Abby. She knocked out at 7:00 pm and I don’t expect her up for the rest of the night.


Of course, Mommy is sleeping next to her and Grandpa fell asleep in the chair, lol. Here I am typing away and contemplating another cup of coffee. Even if I have to walk to the office for it.

Of course her sleeping through the night was too much to hope for!

Tomorrow it’s off to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the battleship New Jersey. It’s now a museum. I remember seeing it steam out of the harbor on Westpac. Sigh… I’m really not old!

If it is not too late, we’ll head back to Sesame Place and let the little one run around on the waterpark side. But, it appears the rain has followed us and is predicted tomorrow. Ugh!

I’m busy, too, continuing Finding Faith. I think I’m going to have to read over it. I feel I’m getting a bit repetitive and need to make sure I’m moving the story along!

On another note, I’ve decided to start a street team, Bev’s Babes. It is in a secret group on Facebook, so if you are interested, please let me know!

Have you read my latest hero? A sexy dragon shifter – Kai!

A Dragon’s Treasure

Kai has been hunting for his mate for a very long time. Drawn to a singular place on earth, filled with treasures, he still seeks the greatest treasure of them all. His mate.

Fleeing danger, Connie runs into the arms of destiny, but she has plans already, and a Dragon mate is not on the agenda.

Kai has waited centuries for Connie, and he will claim his mate. Patience may not be a Dragon’s virtue, but he always gets his treasure.

Sparks fly in this humorous erotic tale of mating and mayhem.


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