Archive | November 17, 2017


Well, I had a post scheduled for Friday, but the tour company no longer sends out packets. You have to go to them. I’ve yet to be approved to join their group. At least as of 10:30 tonight. So, I may or may not be able to post about an awesome looking book tomorrow.

Since I have to work and don’t get off until 6pm, it won’t go up until after then. Bummer. It will be the only time I do promo from that company.

Of course, a lot of them only put the information for the tours out the day before. I’ve had a lot of late posts lately as I don’t go online everyday. Days I start by getting my granddaughter ready for daycare, dropping her off, heading into work and like this past Monday, working until 10 pm at night. So, day before the post is due? Doesn’t always happen.

I find joy in books and love sharing them. Tour companies? Not so much, lol. I’ve stopped using quite a few that were late sending posts. Late as in a day or two after they had requested! If an author asks me to join their tour, I usually do regardless of what company they use.

I’m a woman. I can change my mind! LOL.

So, if I get approved I’ll have something later for you tomorrow. Otherwise, this stands as my post for the day, and I’ll be back Saturday with a sneak peek at the story that is in my beta readers hands!