Archive | September 30, 2018

Sunday Sales ~ Slim pickings and on sale for today only!


Rebel Song is on sale for just .99 today! If you love a suspenseful saga with lots of action, forbidden romance, political intrigue and some detestable bad guys, check it out. (psst, one reader said they finished the entire series in three days, just sayin’.)


Could you love the daughter of your enemy?

He’s a notorious rebel. She’s the heir to the throne. The odds weren’t in their favor.

Rogan only wanted a simple life on the vineyard. But that’s not so easy when the Crown labels you a threat.

The rebellion is calling. He doesn’t have a choice. He must fight.

After all, they killed his father.

Princess Elyra knows the game. In politics, every move counts. Will she be strong enough to make the changes her country needs once she become queen? Will an ambitious suitor ruin her plans?

In this world, it’s hard to tell friend from foe.

The day she met Rogan everything changed. But it all came crashing down when the truth about their true identities was revealed. They are at war…and must go their separate ways.

Fans of Holly Black, Kiera Cass and Veronica Roth will love this suspenseful, star-crossed love story full of political intrigue, betrayal and scandal.