Just a little lazy!

Two days with no posts! I couldn’t let another day go by. I’ve been carrying long days at work and a killer of a migraine. I’ve avoided computer screens all together! Phone, kindle, etc. The light beat through my brain! Drugs and a ton of sleep yesterday have me back to fighting form.

Today we’re winterizing our RV. We were going to have it done professionally but decided we needed to learn to do it our self. We are not storing it in our driveway, though. We are taking it somewhere that stores them over the winter. A good price but still a price. Yeah, I’m cheap, lol.

So once my sugar evens out. We’ll be heading out to empty the water tank and add seafoam for the generator and antifreeze through the waterlines.

Yeah, I’m diabetic. No breakfast and a milky way coffee had my numbers way too high. I made omelets dizzy as hell. Popped a metformin, sat down to eat and I’m beginning to feel better. After a bit of a rest, and watching the new episode of Hell’s Kitchen on Hulu I’ll pull up a Youtube video on winterizing. I know there has to be one on there.

I have to run the generator for an hour to get the seafoam in it to winterize. It’s the water that I need to check how to do it.

While it runs, I’ll be testing the heater and inside writing. Despite the smell of Bounce! That’s to keep the mice out. They look for someplace to stay warm in the winter too!

So, I’ll once again be trying to finish Finding Faith. I may have to make it my NaNo project this year. Again. Yes, again. I’ve written this book three times! This is the only version I like, lol.

I’m heading to youtube so I’m off!

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