Archive | December 28, 2019

From me to you

Good morning! I’ve been up a couple of hours already. Getting tomorrow’s sales posts ready, working on my other blog. It’s all about volcanoes today!

I’ve been doing an intense bit of babysitting so unfortunately I’ve not been able to write for a couple of days. I’ve jotted a few words down, but not as much as I’d like. This weekend it doesn’t appear I’ll have a lot of chances.

It’s hard to write with a four year old constantly wanting attention. Like right now. Or the TV on. I have to admit I can sing the theme song for Mia & Me, Miraculous, and My Little Pony. Not that I want to. Not to mention the lullaby in Frozen II!

I don’t know what the little one and I will do today. Probably a trip to McDonald’s play land. She can play and I can read, lol. Hopefully I can get some time to write. I’m also working on a couple of dresses and more pajamas for her. I missed sewing.

Here are the nightgowns I made for her this week. I have three more planned.

Now I’ve got to go. Accidentally hit her with my elbow. No blood, no bruise but she’s offended!