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From me to you

Good morning! I’ve been up a couple of hours already. Getting tomorrow’s sales posts ready, working on my other blog. It’s all about volcanoes today!

I’ve been doing an intense bit of babysitting so unfortunately I’ve not been able to write for a couple of days. I’ve jotted a few words down, but not as much as I’d like. This weekend it doesn’t appear I’ll have a lot of chances.

It’s hard to write with a four year old constantly wanting attention. Like right now. Or the TV on. I have to admit I can sing the theme song for Mia & Me, Miraculous, and My Little Pony. Not that I want to. Not to mention the lullaby in Frozen II!

I don’t know what the little one and I will do today. Probably a trip to McDonald’s play land. She can play and I can read, lol. Hopefully I can get some time to write. I’m also working on a couple of dresses and more pajamas for her. I missed sewing.

Here are the nightgowns I made for her this week. I have three more planned.

Now I’ve got to go. Accidentally hit her with my elbow. No blood, no bruise but she’s offended!

From Me to You ~ Sneak peek of Willow’s Cry

I’m checking out covers for my upcoming book Willow’s Cry. I’ve found a few base photos for the cover, but I can’t post one of them as I haven’t purchased it yet! Here are a couple I’m looking at. No decision yet, I’m trying to figure out photo shop! The program I use for teasers doesn’t put out good enough graphics to create a cover. So I learn photo shop or I pay someone to do the cover. I have time. Willow’s Cry is out with some of my beta readers, still needs edits and I have to do a blurb. Ack.

So, let me see if I can find a semi decent excerpt…

Willow’s Cry

Alex could see the effects of the storm as he got closer to the river running down the mountain. The older, weaker trees sported downed limbs, cracked where the wind ripped them away. The breeze made its way through the branches above seemed to whisper an apology at their cries.

Alex slowed, looking around. The damage horrific. Trees ripped up and torn out. Many others damaged, missing limbs, leaves and scorched in places. Mother Nature released a hell of a tantrum. The river muddy, rushing away debris swirling in it from higher up the mountain. It looked like a tornado hit. His breath rushed out. He’d never seen this much damage from a storm before. Alex could feel his heart ache as it beat, matching the rhythm of weeping wrapping around him.

Alex stopped, appalled at the sight, saddened at the cruel hand of Gaia. Head bowed, aching along with the trees, Alex swore he heard his name cried. Looking up, a grand old oak cantered over on its side, half of its roots ripped from the ground. Held up by a cracked and damaged willow tree.

Again, he heard his name and the eerie weeping seemed to lodge inside of him. Alex took a step forward, not knowing why, but needing to answer the call. He moved toward the tree and a man stepped toward him materializing from the trunk. Injured and dazed he reached toward Alex. Alex looked him at him and gasped. Stepping forward, he gently pulled him in his arms, careful not to injure him further.


“Alexander.” His name came out on a sigh from his father’s lips. “I need your help.”

“Here. Rest here and let me set up my tent.” Alex helped his father sit, letting him rest against the oak. He could see him change as he touched the tree, his skin changing to match the trunk. Alex pulled off his backpack and quickly set up his tent and sleeping bag.

“Alexander, you have to help Willow.” His father’s voice weak, thready.

“Father, let me help you first, then I will help the willow.” His father bowed his head, pain in his features and nodded. Alex could still hear the weeping echo through the trees, a sound of unutterable sadness. “Come, please. Lay down.”

“Alexander, I need to stay with my tree. If I have any hope of surviving, I have to stay with my tree.” A whisper from the man whose voice always boomed out whenever he spoke.

“I don’t understand.” Dazed, Alex sat next to him. How could this be real? “What are you? Why…how did you do that?”


Okay, so I forgot it was Saturday and was so tired from coming home from my vacation, I forgot to post.

Totally irresponsible! To prove it, we went to the county fair today and here’s a photo.

‘When grandma babysits’ LOL. Hope you enjoy! My granddaughter did!


Ack! The year is half over!

July 1, 2017

Dear Diary,

Where has the time gone? The important things-family, life have continued. My granddaughter, my little dragon is turning two tomorrow!

She went from this

to this

A wonderfully happy strong minded (I didn’t say stubborn, lol) joy.

I bought her a T-shirt that fits perfectly

Family Favorite


So with the terrible twos upon us, I see some interesting days to come! Regardless, they will be filled with joy just because of her presence.

The four generations still continue, thankfully. Here we are today. By the way, I hate my picture, lol. The only saving grace is I’m holding the family tyrant, er favorite!

Have a happy and wonderful Independence Day to my fellow Americans! Be assured I’ll be celebrating and reading and writing! In that order! And hopefully finishing my desk!

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A dragon’s most desired treasure is his mate, but what if she didn’t want to be?

A Dragon’s Treasure

Kai has been hunting for his mate for a very long time. Drawn to a singular place on earth, filled with treasures, he still seeks the greatest treasure of them all. His mate.

Fleeing danger, Connie runs into the arms of destiny, but she has plans already, and a Dragon mate is not on the agenda.

Kai has waited centuries for Connie, and he will claim his mate. Patience may not be a Dragon’s virtue, but he always gets his treasure.

Sparks fly in this humorous erotic tale of mating and mayhem.

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Sunday Sales!

Bibi’s Romances are on Sale!

It’s SNOWING! And that means that the holiday season is well underway. And THAT means you need sexy cozy books to read by the fire or snuggled up in bed. So I have good news!


I’m a Kindle exclusive so you can only get them from Amazon. Here are the links:

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Conquests – an anthology of hot Viking stories
Rogues – an anthology of Boys Behaving Badly

You can also check out BIKER CHICKS 1 & 2. At $2.99 they’re still great value and proceeds go to a fantastic cause – Bikers Against Child Abuse.


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When you fall in-love it’s forever. But sometimes forever comes with a price.

I never meant to meet Nathaniel Teller. It was by accident, on a Tuesday, that I walked into his bar. He was solemn, intense and hiding a secret behind those stoic green eyes.

I never intended to fall in-love with him. We were supposed to be just friends. But I fell for him hard, deep. There’s no turning back.

I never thought his past would be so dark. And if I thought I had any chance of being in his future, I was wrong. Because his past is his future.

And I need to walk away.


Family by Addison Jane

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Family came first—that’s what the Brothers by Blood MC believed in.

They fell in love, they battled the odds, and they fought through the danger that threatened to tear them apart, but it wasn’t over yet. Their stories were just the beginning, and now they were determined to continue to build their families and the next generation of the MC.

They’ll face struggles that will test them—both internal and external—but they’ll face them together.

For some of them, the fight ahead would be long. For others, maybe even dangerous.

And just when it seemed like it was over for one…

…a new story may have only just begun.

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Dirty Player by Stacey Lynn

Release Date: September 12, 2016
Cover Design: Pear Perfect Creative
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports


Shannon Hale knows what she wants in life. Or so she thought.

But one cheating fiancé and shredded wedding dress later, she skips town desperately needing a do-over. So she moves in with her brother, the new quarterback for the Raleigh Rough Riders, starts her own business, and vows to live by her own rules and no one else’s.

Oliver Powell is a man who always gets what he wants. As the sexy as sin MVP Tight End, he’s arrogant. He’s loaded. He’s also got a sizeable package below the belt that drives the women crazy.

And he’s focused. The prize—a Super Bowl ring on his finger.

His concentration on getting that ring is unwavering—until Shannon Hale shows up. Now the only game he wants to win involves her ending up in his bed.

The problem? Shannon wants nothing to do with NFL’s resident playboy.

The solution? Play dirty.



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Normally I don’t post freebies but I didn’t have a lot of sales come in! So here are a couple of freebies. Remember to check the price as prices do tend to change without notice!

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FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! Revue by K.M. Golland is free for 5 days only!!!!

He was on a collision course.
… I had paved my way
He answered to no one.
… I respected authority
He wanted me.
… I despised him
He didn’t take no for an answer.
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Simple Man ~ Lydia Michaels

LM SM coverTitle:  




Lydia Michaels



New Adult

Contemporary Romance


Heat Level: Romance

Book Length: 263 pages


Date of Publication:

September 7, 2015 (2nd edition)


Formats Available:

eBook, Print, & Audio


Please Note: A review copy can be provided in exchange for an honest reviews. 



LM SM full coverAwards:



Best New Adult

InD’tale Magazine

RONE Award Finalist

 LM Rone



Secret Cravings Bestseller List

LM SM best sellerBlurb:

Behind every simple man is an unsung hero waiting for love…

Months after Shane Martin’s sister vanishes, life crashes down and he finds himself the guardian of a nephew he never knew existed. Blissfully ignorant, Shane trades in his musician status, full of late nights and fast women, for midnight feedings and lullabies. But when Kate McAlister, his prissy, stuck up caseworker, arrives unexpectedly, he realizes he could lose everything.

Kate isn’t impressed by Shane’s messy bachelor pad, rocker image, or sexy tattoos. As a matter of fact she finds it all very sophomoric. The sooner she’s off the case the better. Everything from his long hair to his sarcastic attitude threatens her professionalism. But when he lowers his guard and asks for help, she discovers a side to this tattooed musician she can’t resist.

Buy Links:











LM SM teaser 2Excerpt



When Duce left, Shane sifted through the bag. There were tiny diapers, wipes, some sort of yoga mat thing, a bunch of creams. He laughed when he saw something called Butt Paste. That was self-explanatory.

There was something resembling a miniature turkey baster. He found clothes, itty-bitty socks, a knit cap, a few rattles, two containers of formula, some bottles, and a small booklet with doctor’s visits listed in it. He recognized the writing as his sister’s and a strange, sad nostalgia settled over him.

Was she here watching him now? “He’s beautiful, Noel,” he whispered. “I’m gonna do this. Don’t worry. I’ll figure it out and I’ll take good care of him for you. You’ll see.”

By the time Duce returned Shane was reading the bottle of formula. “What’s that?” his friend asked as he plopped down the paper takeout bag of food.

“Formula. I didn’t find any food. Do you think I should wake him to eat?”

“Uh, isn’t there some rule about never waking a sleeping baby?”

Shane shrugged. “Maybe I should make up a bottle so it’s ready when he does wake. He’s been sleeping for two hours. He’s gotta be hungry.”

Shane wished he had Internet. He wasn’t really computer savvy, but people were always talking about finding shit online. Duce was staring at him with a peculiar look. “What?”

“I think you should give him back.”

“Give him back? There is no back. I’m it.”

“He’s just all perfect and small. What if you fuck him up?”

“Hey, don’t curse in front of him. And I’m not going to mess him up. I just need some practice. I’ll figure it out.”

“Maybe you should ask someone who has kids what to do.”

Shane reached for an egg roll. “I don’t know anyone with kids. I have to take a class and I have a crap load of reading material.”

“When do you take the class? Maybe that was something you should have done beforehand.”

“It starts tomorrow night. I’ll be fine.”

They ate and zoned out to some reality TV. Baby Shane was so quiet they’d almost forgotten about him. Then Duce’s face began to twitch. “Dude, what’s that smell?”

Shane sniffed and choked. Whatever it was, it was powerful enough to make his eyes water. “Aw man, did you fart?”

“Wasn’t me.”

In unison, they slowly turned to the baby who still slept soundly. He leaned over and sniffed, almost gagging as he jerked back. “Holy crap! How could something so pintsize smell that bad?”

Duce covered his mouth and went to the window, quickly opening it to let some air in. The little guy made a tiny nook-nook sound and his miniature fist curled up by his chin in a dainty stretch. He looked like the fighting Irish.

“It’s moving,” Duce whispered as though the baby were a bomb about to detonate. And suddenly an explosion happened.

Baby Shane’s face screwed up tight, turning an unnatural shade of red. His mouth opened wide, showing nothing but pink gums, and an unholy squawk roared out of him.

They jumped and stared as the baby screamed, his little chest working in quick breaths as he drew in only enough air to force out another shrill, squawking cry.

“Do something!” Duce demanded.

Shane panicked. He reached for the book and began to thumb through, not sure what he was looking for.

“Don’t fucking read! Pick it up!” Duce snapped.

Shane tossed the book on the couch and quickly kneeled in front of the angry baby. He wailed and Shane began to freak. Was he in pain? Ugh, the smell coming off of him was burning the back of his throat. “Sweet Jesus, he stinks!”

He quickly removed the soft blanket. Shane was strapped down with some sort of five-point harness a person needed a degree in engineering to figure out. He pressed buttons and undid latches, shaking with the urgent need to make him stop screaming.

Sweat seeped through the baby’s tiny cotton jumper. The closer he got the worse the stench became.

“I thought babies were supposed to smell good?” Duce said, fanning the front door to let some air in.

“So did I. I can’t figure out how to unbuckle him!”

“Hit the red buttons on the side. You gotta get the handle out of the way.”

Sweat trickled into his eyes as he tried to dismantle the carrier. Finally he had the harness undone. “Now what?”

“Pick it up!”

“He stinks!”

Duce scowled. “So, my ear drums are about to burst. You gotta get in there. Tough it out. Take one for the team!”

Shane carefully picked up the screaming baby. He held him in front of his chest like a potted plant. He was so incredibly light. “What now?”

“I don’t know. You’re the one who’s supposed to be Mr. Mom. Comfort it. Pat its back. Sing or something!”

Shane stood and awkwardly turned, swaying slightly. He didn’t want to shake him and break him. He sang the first song that came to his mind, wincing at the lyrics about loaded guns.

Duce’s mouth fell open. “Teen Spirit? Really? How about Rock-a-bye Baby?”

“I don’t know Rock-a-bye Baby. Nirvana’s the first thing that popped into my head.”

“It’s not really appropriate, Shane,” Duce said coolly as if he were suddenly more qualified than him with babies.

“You wanna try?”

“No, I’m set.”

He continued to sing Teen Spirit and eventually Baby Shane quieted. Blue eyes stared back at him and slowly the world began to settle.

Shane was sweating and Duce looked petrified.

“Hi,” Shane said. The baby blinked. “I’m your Uncle Shane.”

“I don’t think he can talk.”

“No shit, Sherlock.”


LM Spotlight

Author Bio:

LM author photo

Award winning and bestselling author, Lydia Michaels, writes all forms of hot romance. She presses the bounds of love and surprises readers just when they assume they have her stories figured out. From Amish vampyres, to wild Irishmen, to broken heroes, and heroines no man can match, Lydia takes readers on an emotional journey of the heart, mind, and soul with every story she pens. Her books are intellectual, erotic, haunting, always centered on love.




Social Links

Lydia Michaels loves to hear from readers!






Twitter Handle: @Lydia_Michaels


LM twitter



LM collage

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What did I do?

flagA holiday! A day to relax and spend alone! Or so I’d hoped!

Hubby was at work. My daughter had to work, I was planning on not doing a damned thing. Writing, reading and lounging in bed, the only thing missing was bon bons! Of course I had coffee.

The day started leisurely. 700 AM is late for me so I felt like I had slept in. strawberriesI got up, tossed in a load of laundry, tossed out the ubiquitous junk mail, grabbed a cup of coffee and a bowl of cheerios with fresh cut strawberries. Mmmm. (My daughter’s fiancée works at his dad’s strawberry farm and they are in season!)

While my cheerios are softening up, I feed my dragons and play with them a while. From their reactions, they had planned on sleeping in longer-bad mommy! I leave them be and get back to feeding myself.

Done eating and having slowly had my cup of coffee, I surf the web. I excitedly find three new reviews-good ones!-posted on amazon. I happily share them on my facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/BeverlyOvalleAuthor. My mood is set!

Even the fact that I haven’t heard back from my editor in the 8 week time frame for submissions can’t bother me. Yes I’m still waiting, but had decided that I would spend the day going over my submission and prepping to submit to another publishing house. But first, I decided a shower was in order.

Then the phone rang. It could only be family. Yup! Mom and Dad. ‘What ya doing?’ ‘I was relaxing.’ They laugh. They know I had planned to relax. They called to say hi and have me talk them the hour drive to where they were going. ‘Nope, not gonna do that!’ We laugh, wish each other a Happy 4th of July and hang up after we tell our plans-again-for the day.

I finally headed to the shower. It was 10:00 AM. (Yes, the internet had sucked me in for about 2 hours!)

I had the shampoo in the hair and was just starting my routine when I hear footsteps up the stairs. Then the bathroom door opens up. My daughter didn’t have to work! And no she doesn’t really care about privacy! Not a hi or hello, just a “Mommy I’m bored.”

NO she is NOT three or even six or even those god awful early teen years. She is nineteen, has her own apartment, own job and own life. But Mommy evidently has to chase away her boredom still.

So we go to Black Waters and get coffee. We start to head to Subway for lunch, but pass a brat fry. And we don’t pass a brat fry! Turning around we pulled in for brats for lunch. Ketchup, mustard and sauerkraut are not good ideas when you’re wearing white and we both were!

Then we spent, oh two hours at Slumberland looking at furniture, testing recliners, laying on beds. My daughter decided on a couch set, but had to clear it with the fiancée. He loves his couch even though the kittens have used it as a scratching post and crawl inside it to sleep. He finally agreed as long as his mom would put it back in her basement. We found out they have layaway, so the set is waiting for them.slumberland

We headed to check out their new apartment. They are moving in two weeks. Her future mother in law is their new landlord (I don’t think either of us wanted them back home! I thanked her profusely!) They currently live in one of his grandpa’s apartments but this one is a first floor apartment which they both wanted. The other reason-they can walk to our house! *shaking my head*

Then, off to Fleet Farm to get our fishing licenses. We’ve decided to spend the afternoon fishing. But first a stop off at Joanne Fabrics to see if we can get material to match the recliner she’s getting. We can’t find it so head back to Slumberland to see if we can get material there from the company.

Finally we get our fishing licenses, new poles and tackle. We get home and take my hubby back to Slumberland so he can see her new couch set! (Yes this is the third time today! They offered us jobs! LOL)

We stop off to get food to bar b que. More brats! We head over to my folks lake house in town and have the bar b que there while we fish. We caught nothing, only fed the catfish well!

Her fiancée came over to eat and headed home to shower. They were going to go watch fireworks in the adjoining town. Still she stayed with us. My husband asked her why she didn’t spend the day with any of her friends instead of me.

Her response, ‘But Mommy is my friend.’

I got nothing done that I had planned, but I found out that my daughter does really like me. Huh, who knew!
Me & Suzy 1


Author Dragons’ Mate

Today Annie’s dragons will shift and fulfill her every desire, which means a fiery threesome—and true love.

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