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From me to you #apeekatmylife

Well, I haven’t been posting much about my life recently. A few weeks ago, we flew to Arizona. While we were we had to cancel our plans to visit California because the whole group out there had covid. Once their results came back negative, we headed out there at the end of our vacation instead of the beginning as we planned. We drove from Arizona to California thanks to unlimited mileage on our rent a car. (shout out to Fox rent a car!)

My MIL ended up in the hospital due to covid and a couple of other issues. Since she was the reason for us going out there, it was another reason we waited until the end. We ended up seeing her all three days we were there. We drove back to Arizona to catch our flight home.

The next morning we received the news she had passed.

So, we are back in California. Not a fun reason to be here.

Luckily for us, our niece just had tenants leave so we are mooching the apartment from her for our stay. It’s been nice visiting with her and her tribe as we just cross the lawn for conversation and the awesome bbq her husband makes.

I’ve not been writing as there has been so much upheaval lately. Life has definitely thrown curve balls at us this past 6 months. My mom had a heart attack the last day of July. My dad had a stroke at our daughter’s wedding. As if weddings weren’t stressful enough! Both of them are okay. Dad is still going through therapy and improving.

Our son bought a house and moved out.

Now my MIL passed and the day of the wake, I get a message that one of my best friend passed away.

I’m going to have to take time to get back on track. It seems this whole year has been in upheaval. Luckily for me, I’m seeing a councilor for my anxiety. This week definitely will need hashing over to put things into perspective.

Ugh. The good thing out of all of this, is that we have been able to see family we haven’t seen for years. But, isn’t that the way of it? Weddings and Funerals.

That could be an awesome book title, lol. And now my mind is churning. Better than grief.

Yesterday, we took a break and checked out some of our old stomping grounds. We attended a haunted tour New Year’s Eve party here one year.

This is one of the oldest McDonald’s around in Downey CA.

I bullied the family to do a re-creation of a photo their parents used to do. Here’s the original and a photo of them after Mama Coco’s burial a couple of days ago.

Minus mom and dad of course. They are up the hill.

Well, time to go. Peace to all of you.