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99c SALE!!! The Hating Him Series: An Enemies to Lovers Box Set by Natalie Wrye is only 99c for a limited time + now available FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!! (reg. $8.99)

“One of my favorite series of all time! Run, don’t walk, and get these books” – Amazon reviewer

“Natalie’s writing is so fast paced and exciting. She knows how to write erotic mystery like no one else” – Reviews by Red

“Suspense, intrigue, drama, feelings, emotions, steam, fire – you name it, it’s in Natalie’s storylines.” – Amazon reviewer


Three full-length romances with humor, heart, suspense and steam. Cocky, heart-of-gold alpha males inside.

Hating The Boss

I made a mistake the day I laid eyes on Ethan Riske.

What was supposed to be a summer romance became so much more.

I fell for the small town prince…and I have the scars to prove it.

Nine years later, the prince is back.

Only this time he wants much more than a summer romance.

He wants my publishing company. My obedience. And me.


Hating The Best Man

She hates me. And we’ve never met…

To be fair, I hate her too.

I’m not a party planner. Or anyone’s best man.

But that’s what I’ve become the day my closest friend draws me and his soon-to-be sister-in-law into an engagement bash that is going to be one for the books.

She’s bossy. I’m bossier.

She’s stubborn. I’m hard as nails.

Until we meet. At last. And everything f**king changes…


Hating The Player

Hot publishing agents usually follow the rules:

Men. Manuscripts. And Manolos.

And I was failing at two of the three.

At least…until my golden ticket to publishing fame lands in my lap.

A tell-all with Colton Evans. Mr. Playboy Pro. An arrogant bastard who hides being a fan-favorite smile and a set of abs.

And I don’t know which I hate more:

The man or the myth. The sordid story…or the shocking truth.

Guess there’s only one way to find out…

The Hating Him Series will leave you hot and bothered, laughing and full of WTF twists and turns. Have fun!


99c SALE!!! HOT Valor by Lynn Raye Harris is only 99c for a limited time!!!

What a fantastic book!!! …Full of angst, drama, passion, action and suspense, Hot Valor will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.” – Amazon reviewer

“Intense, heady, and downright HOT! …held me captive from the first page to the last” – Amazon reviewer

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They told him she was dead. They lied…

Colonel John “Viper” Mendez is having the second-worst day of his life. Accused of using the Hostile Operations Team to assassinate a foreign official, he’s gone from being a respected military black-ops commander to a fugitive in the space of an hour. On the run, hunted, and stripped of his honor, Mendez has nowhere to go—and few people he can trust.

Russian spy Ekaterina “Kat” Kasharin is a carbon copy of the woman Mendez once loved. Twenty-one years ago, Valentina vanished from his life. Kat claims to be her twin—but Kat’s lying. Ordered by her superiors in Russian Intelligence to abandon the man she loved—or watch him die—Kat had no choice but to obey.

But twenty-one years is a long time to love a man from afar, and Kat won’t stand by as a traitor plans his death—even if it means risking her heart and her life to save him. She can never reveal her true identity—or the secrets she keeps locked away. Secrets he would hate her for. Working with him is strictly business, and she won’t let emotions get in the way. But the attraction between them is smoking hot—and it’s not long before they’re burning up the sheets.

When the truth comes out, the mission implodes. Everything Mendez thought he knew was a lie. He’ll have to pull it together though before a deadly foe succeeds in taking away all he loves. By the time he realizes Kat might be most important of all? It could be too late to save her…

The Hostile Operations Team is a covert military Black Ops unit. Their motto is Where None Dare. H.O.T. operators come from all branches of the military. The only criteria for membership: they must be the best of the best!

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