From me to you #apeekatmylife

OMG. I’m making this short today! We are closing on a new house and I’m so excited. I never thought we’d ever move again. But I’m so happy we are. We close in four hours but we have the final walk thru to do and an hour drive to get there.

I can’t follow my son as he is in the Marines and you never know where he will end up. My daughter is a nurse and works at a hospital so she is settled, bought a house and the little kiddo is enrolled in kindergarten.

So I followed. She and her guy are all for it, lol. She was letting me know what houses were for sale around her. She kept closer track than I did.

We went to see a couple of houses and the real estate agent, Chris from Shorewest (She is awesome) told us a house was coming back on the market. It had fallen out of escrow. The day before it was supposed to close! I felt bad for the potential buyer but thought it was worth looking at.

Needless to say, I loved it! Hubby didn’t care. If I liked it he was willing to move. Good hubby, lol. We put an offer in and it was accepted.

Four bedroom, two bath house. Just a bit larger than the house we raised our kids in. It comes in at 1900+ square feet. Forget downsizing, lol. I’ve too much junk! Though as I’m packing, I’m getting rid of a ton of stuff.

But, now I have to get going! I’ll post pics later. Once I have internet, lol. If you are nosy like I am, here are a few of the pics of the house from the listing.

130 W Main St Wales, WI 53183 by Shorewest Realtors $259,000
130 W Main St Wales, WI 53183 by Shorewest Realtors $259,000
130 W Main St Wales, WI 53183 by Shorewest Realtors $259,000
130 W Main St Wales, WI 53183 by Shorewest Realtors $259,000
130 W Main St Wales, WI 53183 by Shorewest Realtors $259,000

Gorgeous! But my furniture doesn’t look like this, lol. I’m going to redo the floors because they don’t look this good in person.

The kitchen cabinets are cute, but I want to change them up. I’m a sucker for bright colors. I want the uppers to be white and change out the doors since they don’t close that well. Then I want to do the bottoms a bright cherry red! White quartz counter top and I’ll hunt for an old chrome kitchen set. Diner ready, lol. Think Betty Boop. I love to cook and what better place to cook than a bright cheery kitchen?

Plus, I’ll have a private office to write in. It just needs paint. Woo hoo!

Well, I have to run! Got to sign those papers and get the keys!

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