I’ve been crazy busy #NewHouse #Sowedidathing

So, I forgot to take pictures! We closed yesterday and it ended up a party, lol. The parents came up to check it out. My daughter, her guy and daughter were there. Me and hubby too.

We showed everyone around the place, hung out and ate. We moved a few boxes in also. Finally we all left.

Today, I did a bit of Christmas shopping, lol. Bought some meat. I know, I got a cow earlier this year, but my daughter wanted to go, so we went. Got steaks, seafood and chicken. Boxes so we split it. She really needs a freezer!

I dumped my part all at the new house. I realized I really didn’t like the refrigerator that came with the house, lol. We were planning on a getting a new one and we really need it.

Then I cleaned out my daughter’s garage. I had been moving stuff there, waiting for the closing on the house. So now we have to finish packing.

I’ve been contacting local movers and will finalize our move date on Monday. Same with one of the remediation companies to clean up one of the problems identified by the home inspection. I hope to get that done before our move date. Maybe I should get the remediation set up first, lol.

I’m starting to refinish the floors tomorrow. Getting a sander and sanding down three rooms on the first floor. The upstairs is carpeted. Staining on Monday or Tuesday and applying polyurethane on Wednesday. If I get there early enough I can finish all the coats in one day before babysitting. I’m babysitting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So I’ll be sleeping on a blow up mattress this week. Woohoo, lol.

Maybe I’ll just stay at my daughter’s, especially with the stink from the stain. We’ll see.

I picked out paint for my office today. Ginger and a pale yellow. I don’t remember the actual color name for the yellow. The media/game/lego room is an antique whiteish color. The accent wall is a deep plum, purpley magenta color. LOL. I obviously don’t remember the name for it either.

I’m aiming to paint on Monday afternoon between my dentist appointment and babysitting.

My granddaughter was happy with the color since I refused to paint it pink. Her room at home is pink and purple. When they lived with us it was pink and purple. I didn’t want another pink room here. Even though she has claimed this room! Even asked if she can live with us, lol. Her mom rolled her eyes and laughed. I said no.

Sleepovers have been a nightmare. She starts crying for her mommy so asking to live with us was a joke. It wouldn’t last even a full night, lol. I just headed it off.

Instead she said she’d be over everyday after school. God help us, lol. That won’t last long. Ballet and playing with friends will trump grandma and grandpa in a week or less, lol. But she’ll totally show up. Hopefully her mom will know. After all, she’s only in kindergarten so shouldn’t be running wild.

We will see.

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