From Me to You #Apeekatmylife

Log on to Facebook to join our party! All different vendors and authors will be joining us. Every half hour a new one comes on!

We’ve already started today! Going until 900 pm tonight, Sunday night and Monday night!

I’m selling my signed paperbacks at a discount for the holidays! No shipping charges. I will also be selling my ebooks at a discount also. Come join us!

$15 for the pair
$25 for the pair

Even if you’re not going to the party, you can purchase from my sale through Monday November 30.

Just pay thru give your name, address and what books you are purchasing in the note section. If you would like them personalized please put that there also.

I hate when I take a picture and it comes out sideways! Whyyyyyy?

I also have 3 copies up for sale of the anthologies I’m in. One is off sale and the other is only for sale for 2 weeks! Contact me for prices!

That’s what I’m doing today. Going to the online Holiday Sale Blitz. I’ll be on at 6:00 pm CST tonight, 1:00 pm CST on Sunday and 5:00 pm CST on Monday.

In real life, I’ll be attending a local holiday sale if my daughter wants to go. It’s creeping up to the time and it is cold, 28 degrees, brrr. Not sure I want to attend, lol. She may not either.

My husband and I plan to put up the new TV we bought, a huge 65 inch. Hopefully it won’t overwhelm the living room. Plus put up my bulletin board in my office. Here’s a peek. We put the desk in yesterday.

Obviously I still need to unpack my office! I had it almost done, but I brought the rest of my stuff over and voila! Not done. I want to have it done by the end of the coming week.

Nanowrimo was a bust for me. I wrote for about a week. Started a new book that I want to finish. So that makes three I have in the works. One is three quarters of the way done, one is almost half way done and the last is just started.

I’m hoping to have all three finished by March. So I’ll be busy over the winter months while we’re snowed in. Besides babysitting.

Well, it’s time for breakfast, my granddaughter is calling, lol, so I have to go!

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