#Sale thru Saturday December 5!

I don’t often put my books on sale, but until Saturday I’ll be doing so. Prices are lower than you’ll find them anywhere! Just click https://paypal.me/BeverlyAOvalle and put down the names of the books you are paying for.

THEN, how can you get them on your kindle? Follow these directions:

Once you pay I’ll email the books the next day to your kindle. If you read on a tablet, nook or ipad, I’ll email the epub copy to you.

I’m also having a sale on my signed paperbacks! Domestic US only.

Get the series so far! 2 for $15

Get Book 1 & 2! The prequel is only in ebook for .99. Book 3 will be in print shortly.

These sales are only available through me, and only available through Saturday 5!

Books make great gifts for your relatives and friends who love to read.

Seen something you like?

If requesting a paperback book it can be personalized. Just put who to and the address to mail it to in the notes. For ebooks put the email to send the ebooks to.


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