From Me to You #apeekatmylife

The holiday sale is over. I’m making my last batch of pet treats Sunday from it and mailing them out on Monday. Something I’m doing as a side hustle, as my nephew calls it. I have a few more than I need, but I’ll take them to friends and the humane society when I’m done.

Peanut butter and banana doggie treats
Tuna and catnip cat treats

It was a good experiment to start. I found out I woefully undercharged for shipping. The only good thing was I came close to breaking even on the supplies. Thank goodness! No profit on this beginning experiment, but I sure had fun making them with my granddaughter.

I’ve my desk in my office. Painting is done, carpet is cleaned. New drapes hung. Now I just have to sit down and get my you know what together and write!

I’m still waiting on a bookshelf to arrive and I have to get my bulletin board up for my swag. 4′ x 6′!

As you can see, I have books, boxes and bags everywhere!

So if you’re looking for a signed book for Christmas, you can message me for a price deal to mail it!

The mattresses for our granddaughters bed arrived yesterday, so she is pleased. She spent the night last night to try them out.

It looks like she lives here, lol. Instead her house is around the corner and down the block. I added a bed rail after this as she loves to sleep right against it. Slept all night. Win! And the mattresses were almost the cheapest ones around. A hybrid mattress I found on sale for $89 on black Friday from Walmart. The bottom is coils and the top is gel. I slept surprisingly well on the trundle, lol.

The hubby (Ed, his name is Ed, lol) and I are getting ready to go to our old house. We finally had our new freezer arrive and we can clean out the old one and bring the frozen food to our new house. The freezer in our old house was 27 years old and we were afraid if we moved it, it would stop working. Our luck is like that! My first choice of freezer wouldn’t fit. The body freezer, lol. So I had to order a different one. All of the chest freezers in the size I wanted were out of stock, so this time I went with an upright. We’ll see which I like better.

It’s 15 or 16 cubic feet. My old one was smaller. The dimensions were only 3’h x 4’L x 3’W. It fit a half a cow-just. My daughter and I are planning on splitting 1/2 a cow and a pig this year. Should be plenty of room.

Well, we’re leaving. Have a great Saturday and I’ll be back with sales tomorrow!

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