From me to you #apeekatmylife

Well, I had an unexpected visitor this past week. My son showed up out of the blue! Totally unexpected. He flew home yesterday. But he’ll be back. After eleven years in the Marines, he is getting out. He’ll be moving home.

You know I’m a happy mama.

Yes, we know our masks were on wrong. We did it for the picture.

Me, my son and my husband. Outside the airport terminal before we said goodbye.

This past week saw my backsplash finished and the cabinet guys out. Though they could not finish because the wrong color trim was sent and the laminate to cover the peninsula was damaged. So they cleaned up the rough edges on the cabinets, added the missing handle and came up with a way of covering the gaps left by installing the new countertop.

Now it is waiting for material again. Ugh. Mad City didn’t order the correct materials twice now. Nor have I been contacted about the soffit and fascia. No problem. I’ll keep calling until I get answers and the job is complete.

I really love how the tile looks against the counter. He finished the edge of the tile with this trim that matches the hardware. You can see it in both pictures above.

Ronnie did an awesome job. He made sure he and his crew even cleaned up any stray grout.

We’re doing the electrical today. The outlets here are not to code. Since they are so close to the sink they need to be GFCI outlets. Plus we are replacing the light on the ceiling.

One of these days I’ll get back to my writing!

Now, I have a question. Do you think I should paint the window trim white? Let me know. I’m debating.

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