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Love Me… #Spotlight

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Love Me Forever

Staff Sergeant Liam McGregor doesn’t know what hit him. Sent home to recuperate from an IED blast, Liam is stuck in a wheelchair and is sentenced to surgery and physical therapy before he can walk again.

A physical therapist, Abby Worth has loved Liam McGregor since she first noticed boys. It’s too bad he’s her brother’s best friend. She has always been firmly put in the baby sister zone no matter how hard she tried to catch his eye.

Liam sees Abby and when she goes home with him doesn’t know how he can keep his hands off of her. She’s now old enough to touch and the fire in his blood and the combination of pain killers make him lose control. Abby can’t help but take what she’s always wanted.

Together they have to overcome their fear of being left behind to grab what they have always wanted-each other.

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Love Me Still

Dan joined the Army following in his father’s footsteps. He said goodbye to his girl Susie and hadn’t heard a peep from her in six years, despite writing to her for the first year.

Susie waited for a letter from Dan that never came. A few months after Dan left, Susie realized she was expecting. Thrown out of her grandmother’s, she returned to an unhappy mother who tried everything she could to get rid of her baby.

Both are back in town, older and wiser. The discovery of letters they wrote to each other six years ago, hidden by their families to keep them apart, changes their lives, opening their hearts to a second chance at love.

Love Me Still was published in the anthology Take Two: A Collection of Second Chance Stories.