From me to you #apeekatmylife

Another week of work in my retirement, lol. We were working on the electrical. I changed two outlets. Well, three, but due to wiring issues the third is not live yet.


You can see why I changed them out.

The old outlet was dingy and almond colored.

It didn’t match the black, white and grey look I’m going for.

Then we changed the kitchen light. Have you gotten a new light lately? I was surprised. They are LED, which is great, but they are integrated. Which means you have no bulbs to change. You have to change the whole light. I sure hope they last years!

As you can see, the new light matches the stainless steel of the appliances. I was thrilled except for the whole bulb thing.

We went bowling. There is a whole Kids Bowl Free thing going on near us. A bunch of bowling alleys are in on it. I don’t know what ages are included but my daughter found it. $37 for the rest of the family with a family pass. When we went to the nearest bowling alley participating, we found out we could get a shoe pass also! That was $52, the priciest of everything. So for for $89 we are able to go daily and play two games per person for the five of us from April 15 to September 15. What a deal! Even if we go once a week, it is worth it.

Me and the girls already started taking advantage of the passes.

Then the beaches near us, we only have to get a car pass for something like $55 and we can use them all year round. And not just swimming. It includes any of the state parks entry fees. How awesome is that?

I also have been working on a few little things. We have a weird alcove in our bedroom that we are going to use as a closet for my husbands work clothes. I got a rod up in there. Caught wood thank goodness!

I also trimmed out the vent piping for our kitchen hood vent to hide the holes we had to make in the walls to vent out side. Cute little items made for fireplace venting worked great. Even if I had to order the size I needed from Amazon because no one around here carried the seven inch I needed.

That looks so much better. If I’d have taken a before picture you could see the difference, lol. But I did not. I also drilled the holes to mount a TV in one of the bedrooms I’m planning on using as a media room. I just need help to get it mounted. I tried, but it is a two person job that we will finish later today.

My week has been busy! Did a bunch of yardwork also, cleaning up things the previous owner left behind. Luckily our neighbors are finishing up remodeling their house and their final dumpster wasn’t full so they let up put in anything we wanted. Our back yard looks a lot better. Our granddaughter enjoys the swing we installed and the Little Tykes Castle, which is 27 years old! Not that you can tell.

Have a great weekend! I’ll have sales posted tomorrow and more great books coming your way all week.

SSLY (Smile, Somebody Loves You) !

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