I’m going to the #moon! #wherearemypeople

Check this out! My story The Road to Eden (published in the anthology We Know the truth, Do you?) is heading to the moon. You can check out more about the lunar time capsule at writersonthemoon.com!

See, I even got a certificate. All thanks to Chrys Fey for taking us along as stowaways!

This is the most exciting writing thing I’ve done in a while. I’ve been too busy working on my old house and my new house to get much writing done. But thankfully, I’ve been getting the itch to write again!

I think the quarantine and not seeing people squashed my creativeness. The desire was there, but the will was gone, lol. Now that things are starting to slowly open up, I’m getting out of the house. I went out to dinner at a restaurant and saw a movie recently. It was amazing the joy I felt doing these things.

I guess I need more joy like that! Hiding in my house made me realize I’m not as much of an introvert as I thought. I need people. Not just the couple people in my family I see every day. Other people. I can’t wait for the book signings to start.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be in Deadwood SD for a book signing. I can’t wait to see my people! I hope you can be one of them! It’s free to get in and there are lots of different genres so come on out. #wherearemypeople

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