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Surprise #Release~Amanda J Clay!

I thought Amanda J Clay’s newsletter fun! So I’m sharing it with you along with her New Release.

Happy Memorial Day from the…Music City??

Wait, I thought you lived in Denver? Well, what sounds more fun than moving across the country with a baby in the middle of a pandemic?!

We settled into beautiful Nashville, TN about a month ago and honestly we’re loving it! No more surprise snow storms and high-dry air. I mean, sure now I’m drowning in humidity and battling mutant bugs in my kitchen but at least I can better rock my heels instead of winter boots. Trade offs. 

I also really need to up my whiskey game.

Any other southerners out there?

But that’s not the only thing happening. Today I released my first book in nearly two years! You guys, this book—it’s actually a novella—is really important to me. It’s completely different than what I normally write. Literally nobody dies. I know, right? But it’s packed full of campy romance, champagne and Louboutins, and one very swoony A-hole Frenchman. 

It was so much fun to write and a much needed light distraction during the hardest year of my life (as I’m sure it was for so many of you). 

I’ll be honest with you guys—while my daughter is the greatest joy, having a baby was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s been such a challenge to get words down. And words are what give me life. That’s why I’m SOO proud of this little book!
It’s only two hundred ninety-nine pennies or free in Kindle Unlimited. So I hope you’ll find it in you to check it out and support my diaper fund. Because Good GOD do they poop a lot.


What are my early reviewers saying??

“Witty, campy and utterly charming!” – Hidden Gems Reviews

“Get your fix of Louboutins and Champagne here.” – Goodreads Review

“It’s romantic comedy written Amanda J. Clay style. Hilarious and inappropriate. You won’t want to miss it!”- Goodreads Review

“You’ll get drunk off champagne just reading it. Utterly delicious!” – Hidden Gems Review