Archive | July 23, 2022

From me to you

Not much happening! I’m back from Writers on the River and thought I’d show a few photos!

A wonderful friend even though she’s the age of my kids, lol
My sister from another mister, and another mother lol. I think we were separated at birth!
Reader who won my coffee cup giveaway

This is Eric, he is the photographer that took the photo in my upcoming book, Waking Tamara. (6:12 Photography).

Dinner on Friday before the book signing. We went from 16 people to around 35, taking up 3 rows at the Tin Lizard.

My next signing is in Cedar Falls Iowa at RRBB Romance Rendezvous Book Blast on August 20.

I added one more signing. I’ll be in New Glarus WI on Sept 8. There will be a book signing along with the craft fair and tons of fun at the local eateries.