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Interview with Annie Seaton ~ Giveaway ~ Italian Affair

Annie_Seaton (2)Beverly and Tamara: Welcome to SSLY Annie. Thanks so much for joining us today. So first why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi and thanks for having me. I’m Annie Seaton and this is my third year of writing. I live with my husband, and ‘Bob’ the dog and two white cats in a house next to the beach on the east coast of Australia. I sit in the writing chair, gazing at the ocean and writing stories. Our two children are grown and married and I love spending time gardening, walking on the beach and spoiling my two grandchildren when I’m not writing. I’ve always been fascinated by all things romantic and have found my niche in life writing romance novels, ranging from contemporary to paranormal with a foray into steampunk!

Tamara: What do you HAVE to have when you are writing?

I have to check all my email and social networking notifications first and then make coffee!

Tamara: Ah, a fellow coffee lover!

Beverly: When did you start to write?

After I retired from my full time career as an educator.

Tamara: What do you think are the qualities that make up a “hero”?

Tall, dark and a fabulous sense of humor, with a caring nature hidden under the alpha exterior.

Beverly: Can you describe your favorite character? And which of your books is he in?

I love Wesley in Blind Lust. He is all of the above as well as being a warlock.

Tamara: What are the hardest scenes for you to write? Suspense? Sex? Dialogue? And why?

I am one of those lucky people for whom the words just flow. I get in the zone, totally immersed in the story and my fingers have trouble getting the words down quickly enough!

Beverly: What writer, if any, influenced how you write?

I love the historical novelists Sharon Penman and Anya Seton, and of course Nora Roberts. As far as contemporary romance, I cut my reading teeth on a New Zealand romance writer from many years ago, Essie Summers.

Tamara: Who would you choose as your “book boyfriend/girlfriend”? From what book? Author?

Roarke from the In Death series from J.D. Robb. Tall, dark, a sense of humor, caring and rich!

Beverly: All essential ingredients! What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? Or would like to? What? We are all about the love!

Not kinky…romantic. Took my husband to a luxurious rainforest retreat for two nights.

Tamara: What are your favorite types of heroines? Do you like the damsel in distress who needs saving or the kick-ass variety? Why?

Until I began to write , I couldn’t have answered that question. Now my kick ass heroines guide the action.

Beverly: What was your worst date ever?

Um… breaking down in a car and neither of us had any money to make a call…back in the days before cell phones! Needless to say I missed the midnight curfew.

Tamara: If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want to have with you? (you have food, water, shelter, all the necessities, so nothing mundane)

LOL.. .my iPad, my laptop and my family.

Beverly: What is your “guilty pleasure”?

Champage and a book in a bubble bath.

Tamara: What dream or goals have you yet to realize?

Creating a HUGE backlist.

Beverly: What was your most embarrassing moment? It can’t be worse than mine….

My mother sending me to school when I was a small child with rollers in my hair!

Tamara: If you were a color what would you be and why?

Blue… the color of opalescent water. Water is my element.

Beverly: Who has influenced how you perceive love? Why?

First, my husband as he is the love of my life. Second, my grandchildren… it is a pure and unconditional love. Third, David Bowie and Peter Frampton and other musicians of their time who sing about love. I’m a seventies gal.

Tamara and Beverly: Okay. We are SSLY so I have to ask. Who loves you?

My husband, my family and my two grandchildren adore me. Because at Nanny’s house they can do just about anything! Oh… and my two white cats… Boycat and Girlcat.

Now for some quick fun questions:

Boxers or briefs? Briefs
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Tall, dark and handsome or Blond and buff? See above! And check out the cover of Italian Affair.
Hairy chest or smooth? Smooth- see cover of Italian Affair again! I can’t stop looking at him.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
Fast or slow? In the middle!
Public or private? On the fence!
Top or bottom? Both!

Italian Affiar-500Italian Affair


Free-spirited sex therapist Brianna Ballantine has four days to find a fiancé so she can inherit her birth mother’s Italian villa. Commitment is not on the agenda. Writing her sex therapy book and signing legal papers are. And once all is said and done, she’ll return home to Scotland.

For finance guru Tomas Richards, relationships have been a bad investment—give him stocks and shares any day. When Tomas offers a marriage of convenience to help Brianna secure her inheritance, the sizzle between the sheets promises an affair to remember, despite family complications at every turn.

But Tom must convince Brianna to stay, and make this Italian affair a lifelong commitment.


Tom’s stomach lurched and his mouth went dry. His heart pounded a slow, heavy beat, and the blood pumped through his limbs. He stood there looking at her until Brianna pushed herself to her feet and walked over to him and placed her hands on his shoulders. She reached up and ran a butterfly kiss across his lips, and he closed his eyes as the smell of jasmine from her loose hair assailed his senses.

“I know what we discussed, but our agreement was only sealed with a kiss, remember?” she said softly. “Keep the legal mumbo jumbo filed away for when we finish the marriage.”

She looked earnestly up into his face, and the tip of her small pink tongue touched her top lip.

Leaning over close to him, her voice was hesitant, but then her tongue touched his lips in invitation. “Will you come to bed with me, Tom?”

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Annie lives with her husband, and ‘Bob’ the dog and two white cats in a house next to the beach on the east coast of Australia. She sits in her writing chair, gazing at the ocean and writing stories. Their two children are grown and married and she loves spending time gardening, walking on the beach and spoiling her two grandchildren. She has always been fascinated by all things romantic and has found her niche in life writing romance novels, ranging from contemporary to paranormal with a foray into steampunk!

Her debut full length novel, Holiday Affair, a contemporary romance set in the South Pacific was released as part of Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence line in March 2012 and has been a best seller on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The sequel Italian Affair will be released in June 2013, followed shortly after by Outback Affair. Annie has more books being released in 2013 with Entangled Publishing in the Bliss, Entangled Suspense and Covet imprints. Annie has also ventured into independent publishing with her de Vargas family steampunk series: Winter of the Passion Flower and Summer of the Moon Flower. Blind Lust is a paranormal novella is a sweet romance and one of Annie’s favourites. In appreciation of the supportive author community, Annie has written a book on promotion to share the secrets of her success: Promotional Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Authors in the Digital Landscape.

Annie loves to hear from readers at:

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