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Review – Mated to a Wolf – Melissa Chenery

Finn York had a bad experience with werewolves. Marked emotionally and physically from the experience, his aversion causes him to fight the attraction he feels for the female werewolf he meets at Wulf’s Den. Yet her scent draws him with the irresistible power of a werewolf’s mating instinct.

Jocelyn works as a waitress at Wulf’s Den. She’d noticed Finn months before but the sudden changes in him confuse her. When she serves him drinks one night he growls and sniffs the air as if he can smell her arousal and Jocelyn’s confusion escalates. But her interest in Finn heightens and she plots a way to force him to overlook his disgust to claim her as his mate.

Cara’s Review

I am really loving this Wulf Den series. I hate to know that I am almost done with it. They just keep on getting more and more exciting. The sex scenes are hot and makes me wish for my own wolf. (Paragraph) Finn has hated wolves since he was kidnapped three months ago. It really bugs him that his sister is now one of them. He goes to Wulf Den every night which I think is crazy since he doesn’t like wolves. Only problem is, is that he now has some wolf in him since his kidnapping. Things start getting really hot when he finds his mate Jocelyn. (Paragraph) Jocelyn knows that Finn is a mortal but her in the last several months she scents some wolf in him. When she realizes she is his mate she will do what she has to, to get him to admit it. Good thing she has Billie, Finn’s sister on her side. (Paragraph) There is just something about a good shifter story that just drags you in and you just want to keep going. You hate when you reach the last page or you know that the series is over. Makes you have withdrawals. I love books that I just get so into that I feel like I am there in the book experiencing everything. That is what I do when I read books by this author. I can’t wait to read her books.hearts 4Heart half1Flames 4


Review – Seducing the Wolf – Marissa Chenery

Billie first met Royce at Wulf’s Den while there to drag her drunken brother home to his wife. Even though she knows he is attracted to her, Royce refuses to see her again. With four older brothers, and being a personal trainer at her family’s gym, Billie is not the type of woman to let a man she wants slip through her fingers.

Royce knows Billie is his mate, but with her being a mortal, he fights the attraction he feels for her. He already lost a mate who wasn’t a werewolf and doesn’t want to take the chance of getting hurt again.

As Royce’s feelings grow for Billie another male werewolf stalks Royce. Thinking Royce’s blood is the key to a magic spell, he will do anything to obtain it, even if he has to use Billie to get it.

Cara’s Review
I couldn’t wait to read this book when I found out it was about Royce. It is about time that he gets another mate after everything that he has been through. I can understand why he fights Bille and the mating at every turn. Only thing is he knows that there is nothing he can do. Once you find your mate you don’t have a moments peace until you mate with them.
Billie feels the connection the first time she see’s Royce and she takes fate into her own hands and doesn’t let Royce get away. She can’t understand why he runs hot and cold. Once she finds out what Royce is she takes it pretty good. (Paragraph) I am really loving the Wulf Den series and each one has a special place in my heart. Makes me wish that I had my own wolf so I could experience this for myself. Now that is what every woman dreams of. I can’t wait to read the next book to see what happens next.
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Review- Taryn’s Wolf – Marissa Chenery

Having inherited her uncle’s winery, Taryn Davies goes to Wulf’s Den hoping to sell her wines to Beowulf, the owner. While there, she meets Wade, Beowulf’s brother. Even though she is instantly attracted to him, her past makes it hard for her to accept his advances.

Catching a whiff of Taryn’s lingering scent inside Wulf’s Den, Wade is determined to make her his. But when their first meeting doesn’t go as he would have liked, Wade follows Taryn to her winery, The Pines.

As Wade tries to win Taryn over, he has to find a way to explain that he is a werewolf. Little does he know another werewolf has Taryn in his sights, one who means her no good.

Cara’s Review
I loved the first book in this series so I had to read the next one. I wasn’t at all disappointed and it made me fall in love with the characters even more.
Taryn has a past that she can’t remember that much but she knows that she loved her uncle and wants to make the vineyard that he left her flourish. So she goes to the Wulf Den to see Beowulf about selling some of her wine. That was all she was after. She didn’t know that she was the mate fo Beowulf’s brother Wade.
Seems that Wade didn’t take the advice that he gave his brother about his mate. It ends up getting him a bloody nose and a hurting crotch. There is just something about these wolves that you love and can’t get enough of. Iph) I like the mystery of this book and the love that Wade and Taryn have with each other. It got my so excited when I found out about Taryn’s past. Just knowing that it brought more wolves together. Glad to see that we found out even more things that Roxie can do. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series

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Review – Love’s Last Chance- Jean Joachim


Dorrie Rodgers left three men behind in New York when she moved to L.A. to dance the lead in a movie. Engagement to a powerful producer made her life complete. But an accident ended both her career and her impending marriage.
After three years of struggling along teaching yoga, Dorrie is hired to choreograph a movie. Wanting to share her joy at this fabulous chance to resurrect her career, she is determined to end her single status.
Questioning her decision to leave each of three men in New York, Dorrie returns to the Big Apple for one more day with each. Was she hasty in her decisions to leave them behind? Will one of these men make her change her mind? Will her return to the past bring the love she is seeking or will loneliness propel her back into the arms of the one man who broke her heart?

Allyson’s Review
This was another great read by Jean Joachim. This was Dorrie’ s Story. Dorrie loved dancing, her compassion and dedication showed that, I admired how she remained true to herself and didn’t want to settle for less than she deserved. But as far as her love life was concerned, I wanted to shake her several times because she had a hard time seeing what was right in front of her. But truthfully I think that was insecurities talking.
Gunther was back as Dorrie’ s producer, also her ex. I didn’t really like Gunther in this book either. But we did get to see a little bit of a nicer Gunther occasionally, not just the money hungry, powerful ass he portrays to be most of the time.
I absolutely loved Johnny, he was protective, loyal, stubborn, fun, charming, caring, passionate, strong. The chemistry between Johnny and Dorrie was through the roof, but they had a past.
Archie was older but very charming, respectful and obviously adored Dorrie. Archie and Dorrie also had a past but nothing more than friends.
Rick was a smooth-talker and very charming. The chemistry and sex between Rick and Dorrie had always been excellent but their past ended on a unfriendly note.
I was completely lost in Dorrie’ s love Story! I just couldn’t put the book down. I had to know how it was going to end! I highly recommend this book!

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SSLY recommended read

From Me to You ~ Beverly’s Sunny California Adventure!


We left Monday morning around 4:30 am. Flying out of Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee, trying to avoid O’Hare. But I should have known better! Air traffic was heavy so the air traffic controllers in O’Hare sent us out over Lake Michigan, adding 10 minutes to our flight. Not bad, right?

Weather was bad in Houston-our layover-so it added another 10 minutes. Our layover in Houston was only 45 minutes before our next flight to Los Angeles left. Now we had 20 minutes of the 45 gone-uh oh! The plane was small so all carry on luggage had to be checked at the entrance to the plane, so when we departed we had to wait for it. Another 5-10 minutes. My husband’s, daughter’s and her fiancée’s luggage came off first. Then we waited…last bag, oh yeah-mine!

Did I mention the weather was bad in Houston? (My bag and clothes were soaked through-I found that out when I opened my bag at our hotel in California.)

We ran to the gate for our next plane-the gate had been changed. I asked an airline rep and she gave me the new gate. We had to go to another terminal and every terminal required a tram ride. The plane wasn’t there. It wasn’t even a valid gate number! We found another rep that sent us to another gate. No plane. We found a service counter for United that checked for us. Our plane was already gone!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe reps at Delta were WONDERFUL! No problems, they booked us out on the next plane that had four seats. To kill the time we took our pictures with the George W Bush statue! LOL! We flew out within 2 hours. We arrived 2 hours late, as that plane was early! Woo hoo! All in all the plane flights worked. I had to rearrange the car rental pick up time, but did that from the Houston Airport. Everyone at the George W Bush Airport in Houston were wonderful no matter how crabby I was!

We finally got to LA and the weather was beautiful. The rental car place (Thrifty) was fast and efficient. They told us to go out and pic whatever car we wanted in the ‘C’ section, keys in the ignition. Cool! We picked a white Kia. Roomy enough for 5 of us the trunk was HUGE! It fit all our bags and carry ons and still had room.

Tuesday we went to Santa Monica Pier. It was great. Lots of sun and sea and sand. We bought souvenirs we could use. Beach towels! Me and my daughter got ones that had the state of California and flowers around the edges. Her fiancée got a green one and my DH got one that said Route 66. (We are a bit fanatical-we’ve made many stops on the original route 66)

While we were at the pier we saw pelicans, seagulls, terns. I was hugely excited! There were dolphins and seals! Seals were extremely good at hiding in the water, only lifting out after your camera took a picture of the water! Darn it! But the dolphins appeared to like the camera. We managed a couple of shots.




Then we got to play at the beach. I love the water. My daughter went in up to her hips and got out. Her fiancée went in to his knees and got out. My DH went in to just past his ankles and to take pictures of me frolicking in the water. It was damn cold! But if you stayed in it, it warmed up. I got wet up to my neck. Mainly because I got adventurous and a wave knocked me on my butt! So I stayed in and played. I love the ocean and the one thing I miss about not living in California is the ocean. I loved being on a ship when I was in the Navy and being able to go to the beach whenever I wanted.

Wednesday we went to a game show taping! My daughter is a huge fan and signed up for tickets even before we booked the plane tickets-or at least it seemed that way! We had to sign some sort of agreement not to mention the show until after the taping shows which will be sometime next year. It was hugely fun. We had to be there by 10:00am to get ready to go in the gate at 11:00am. We got there, filled out the above named paperwork, and stood in line. When we went in we had to tell where we lived, our age and professions. But we can post our pictures. Go figure. Enjoy mine. My family wanted it just so they could look at it and laugh!

Yes I was a dinosaur!

Tomorrow we head down to Camp Pendleton to pick up our son for the weekend. I’m excited and I understand he has some news for us. If it’s what I think it is, it is unwelcome news and will add more grey to my hair!

On Friday we plan on going to muscle beach at Venice! Woo hoo! I’ll see if I can sneak the camera from my husband for some real yummy pics. 😀 If not, SORRY! I’ll enjoy for you all!

Have a very merry and safe labor day! I’m going to be out having even more fun! If you’re looking for reading material…
(didn’t think I’d let you get away without a plug did you?)

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