Review- Vampire Betrayed by Rachel Carrington


Vampires Destined Series

Three vampires. Separate destinies. All desiring a woman to love them for who they are not what they are.


Vampire Betrayed
Book III

Damned to be a creature of the night. Disillusioned by the promise of love which can never be his. Betrayed by his own and the woman he loves.

Joaquin never intended to fall in love, especially not with a mortal. A human could never understand his kind, the torture of his daily existence, but his heart doesn’t follow his head. And he finds love in the arms of a woman who knows nothing about his true existence.

After just three short months, Arian believes she’s has found the man she would risk everything for. Then she learns the truth. A dark, twisted truth that becomes the catalyst for a life-changing decision when she believes a sorceress’s lies.

Once together, Joaquin and Ariana now find themselves on the opposite ends of the battlefield. Vampire versus hunter. Each destined to kill the other. Neither able to forget the magical nights, the feel of skin on skin, or the sounds of whispers in the dark.

In a world of betrayal and lies, love is crushed, but Joaquin isn’t ready to give up. And when he discovers the true nature of Ariana’s change, he has to save her before she realizes what she has become.

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Crystal’s Review
This is the third book in the series and it is also short. After I read the first two I had an idea about this book and how I thought it would go. I didn’t like it as much and I thought Ariana was a big baby about everything.

Joaquin has been in a relationship with Ariana who is a human for three months. Joaquin was always told to never date a human because they never end well. He didn’t listen and the more time they spent with each other made them fall more in love with each other.

When Ariana started receiving emails about Joaquin she started to question everything. She isn’t a reporter for nothing. I thought she would take it calmly about what Joaquin tells her, but I was wrong. She told him to leave. She didn’t give a chance to explain himself.

When I read the blurb I thought that only one got betrayed, but that just wasn’t the case. All Ariana did was use her fury to help her make decisions and trust someone she never should have. She thinks she is a hunter, but it’s worse than that.

You could tell the love these two had but Joaquin took things better than Ariana did. I don’t know if it was because he thought he would be living his life by himself and he was much older.
Heart half1Hearts 3Flames 4

One thought on “Review- Vampire Betrayed by Rachel Carrington

  1. Hmmmm, this heroine sounds like she might just get on my last nerve. Thank you for the honest review. I hate when a worthy hero gets saddled with a less than worthy counterpart.

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