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Stuff Your Kindle Blog Hop

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So your stockings were stuffed, your tummies are stuffed,

hopefully your hearts are also stuffed with joy!

What should your Kindle (or Nook) be stuffed with?

I could be a greedy Grinch and list all my books and just ell you to please, please buy my books! (insert pitiful face here)

But, truly that’s not my style. Instead I’m going to share with you

my top 20 books of 2014- in no particular order.

1- Code Name:Luminous- Natasza Waters – Amazon Code Name:Luminous is an edge of your seat thriller that starts at page one and doesn’t stop the ride until the last page is turned. Danger and intrigue abound, but beyond that, CNL is a highly emotional journey in the lives of the SEAL’s we have grown to love in the the Warrior’s Challenge series. The books can be read as stand alone books, but the emotional impact is stronger if you have grown to love the characters throughout the series.

2-Raleigh Point Rescue- Sue Kellett- Amazon This is VIctoria Sue’s debut novel and she knocked it out of the park!
I love a damaged hero or heroine and Lisa couldn’t be more damaged.The suspense was great and I was shocked at the twists and turns this author wove into the plot. I usually always know who the bad-guy is, and I didn’t have a clue!
Great job, Victoria Sue! I look forward to the next Raleigh Point book!

3- O Captain, My Captain- V.L. Locey- Amazon This is the first book I’ve read by V.L. Locey but it definitely won’t be the last! I absolutely loved this book. I got to the end and kept hitting the side of the kindle to turn the page… no! It can’t be over!

4-Outfoxed by Love -Eve Langlais – Amazon Another hit! I loved Jan and Boris in the first book, but they really came alive in Outfoxed and Jan’s parents were an absolute hoot! Living in the south I know a few people just like them! lol
Great story, lots of suspense, laughter and of course, if you know Eve, hot, hot , hot!

5- Her Forever Cowboy -Donna Michaels – Amazon I loved seeing these two guarded souls open their hearts to each other.
A wonderful combination of hot and sweet, this romance tugged my heart strings in all the right places!

6- Exquisite Trouble – Ann Mayburn- Amazon Wow, wow, wow! What a hot start to a new series for Ann Mayburn. I love Ann and Exquisite Trouble rocked my world. A look deeply into the MC lifestyle, rife with danger, excitement and mystery. Hot motorcycle riding heroes and their odd group of “old ladies.”

7- The Beta Gets his Man – Amanda Clark – Amazon

8- The Astral Mage – Hurri Cosmo- Amazon Action, suspense, mystery, exotic locations and hot M/M loving.
A really enjoyable read.

9- Freakin’ Cougar- Eve Langlais – Amazon In my opinion Lydia Michaels is virtuoso of prose, addressing sensitive subjects with intelligence, emotion and empathy. Kudos Lydia, on another shining gem in your tiara!

10- Forsaking Truth – Lydia Michaels – Amazon In my opinion Lydia Michaels is virtuoso of prose, addressing sensitive subjects with intelligence, emotion and empathy. Kudos Lydia, on another shining gem in your tiara!

11- Lest Old Marine’s Be Forgot – Heather Long – Amazon Lest Old Marine’s Be Forgot will not only tug at your heartstrings it will pull them until they unravel!

12- Bite Me- Shelly Laurenston – Amazon Bite Me has a great combination of action, adventure, humor, and hot hot hybrid loving!

13- Faking It – Lydia Michaels – Amazon If you like stories with heart, hope, love, family and hot hot loving the McCollough Mountain series is a don’t miss read.

14- Big Furry Deal – Celia Kyle – Amazon Two damaged people who find healing in each other. I loved how sweet and protective Wyatt was, but how he knew when he needed to be strong for his Bethy.

15- Feral Heat- Jennifer Ashley – Amazon

16- Bear Naked – Dana Marie Belle – Amazon Wonderful as usual, whens the next one?

17- Alpha’s Strength – Rebbeca Royce – Amazon Alpha’s Strength had more twists and turns than a bad piece of country road. Action, suspense, mystery, and lots of hot, hot loving!

18 – Hard as You Can- Laura Kaye – Amazon Hard as You Can is an emotional roller coaster and brought me to tears more then once. I won’t give spoilers, but stock up on the tissues.

19 – Bait – Tiffanie Helmer – Amazon Bait was a great read. Emotional, heartwarming and very fast paced

20 – A Saint’s Salvation – Beverly Ovalle – Amazon  Nick and Angel’s journey was amazing to watch. Their courage and faith is inspiring, the sassy banter is entertaining, and the love scenes are HOT!

Now, you have some ideas of WHAT to stuff in your Kindle, Here’s a tip on HOW to stuff your Kindle!

kindle fire  For every ten comments I get on this blog post I will give away one of the books on this list! The more comments the more books I’ll give away! Give me YOUR recommendations from 2014. What book did you read and love? Don’t forget to leave your e-mail so I can contact you!

Now, you don’t think I could let you get away without any promotion at all do you?

I have a new book coming out in January, The start of a new series and I am so excited! I hope you will all buy it when it releases! (see here is the shameless begging!) Check it out!

Hers to Bear
Jenna Raynes has been overlooked by men all her life. A big, beautiful, woman, she was always the friend, never the lover. At twenty-five she has never even been kissed. All that changes in a heartbeat with one word from an alpha bear… “Mine.”
Sippe Leiter, Bern Helms got more than he bargained for when he stepped into Andy’s market for a jar of honey. He found his mate! Now if he can only keep her.
HUNTS, Humans United Negation Team for Shifters is targeting children from all the shifter groups. When Bern’s mate gets caught in the backlash and kidnapped along with his niece, all bets are off. Nothing will keep a bear from his mate. The hunters are about to become the hunted…
An erotic paranormal romance, with laughter, suspense and a seven foot grizzly bear who will steal your heart (and your honey, better watch out!)
Mating the Honey Corner’s alpha should mean hot sex and cleaning the den. Instead, Rogue wolves, kidnapping scientists, and raging sows with PMS are Hers to Bear!

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