Archive | May 16, 2015

Have you played Jeopardy?

I’ve watched it, so I suppose I should ask, have you? Not many have played it I’m sure.  I have to come up with a book related theme and have 10 questions from easy to hard.

I’m looking for suggestions!

I plan on it being paranormal as that is the majority of the books I write. Plus, there is only one other author submitting that writes paranormal.

I thought about tossing in BDSM as no one submitting for the game writes that. But neither do I! Well, except for a little light bondage in Touched by the Sandman. 🙂

So, should it be shifters? Pack names? Mating habits, mating rituals. It will have to appeal to a broad band of contestants.

I have to come up with 10 definitions/answers from easy to hard.

What do you think? Leave me comments you think would help!