Archive | May 22, 2015

From Me to You Friday ~ Beverly

I’m late! I fell asleep before I wrote my post last night. I spent the day driving for around a total of 5 hours and helped my daughter clean her apartment. At over seven months pregnant she no long picks up anything she drops!

So between driving, I cleaned. Now my hands are chapped and dry.

But soon I’ll have a new little princess to spoil! I’ve warned my daughter she’s about to be surplanted. LOL.

I’m part of an anthology coming out in July from Secret Cravings Publishing. My story is Love Me Forever. It is a military romance.

My book Stealing Hope A Dragon’s Fated Heart WON’T be coming out in August. It’s been pushed back to later in the year. It should be out by October for the Midwest United Book Lovers convention. If I’m lucky I’ll have at least one more coming out this year. I’m so close to finishing A Dragon’s Treasure I can taste it! LOL. I’ll have to see if it’s accepted then it needs editing then we’ll see when it will be out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be this year.

Have a good weekend. Feel free to follow me through my newsletter. 

I’ll be celebrating Memorial Day by honoring those who have fallen. We start will with a remembrance to honor those lost at sea, then we march down to the Memorial Cemetery where we honor those we have lost in the past year and those fallen.

Always Remember.

Never Forget.