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His Christmas Baby

His Christmas Baby

by Katie Douglas



She froze with her fingers down her panties, drenched in nectar, as the living room door opened. Looking up, she saw her daddy enter the room in blue jeans and a Metallica shirt, looking like her daddy and her dom all at the same time.

“And what might my young lady be doing with her hand down her panties all alone in the living room?” he asked, sounding stern.

“Uh… I was itchy?” Chloe answered. The look on his face told her that he knew this was a lie. Under his scrutiny, she quickly caved. “Okay! Okay! I was touching my special place!”

“Are you allowed to do that?” he asked.

She shook her head.

“Words, Chloe.”

“No, sir, I’m not allowed to touch my special place.”

“Go to the kitchen and bring me the wooden spoon.” His voice brooked no argument, so she got to her feet quickly and hurried to obey him. Her core tingled at the idea of a punishment for masturbating, but her tummy turned to jelly for the same reason. She didn’t want to be in trouble. Seizing the spoon, she walked up to him and held it out.

“Bend over the armchair,” he instructed. She did as she was told, wishing she’d asked permission before putting a hand near her clit. “For touching yourself without permission, you will get six swats of the spoon,” he told her.

Then, she waited for the spanking to start. Her clit was needier than ever but she didn’t try to touch it in case she got into more trouble. Liquid was steadily trickling into her panties. She squeezed the arm of the chair and waited.

Finally, the spoon landed with a splat against her left butt cheek. It was hard and unyielding, and she hated the fact that it seemed to reach deep inside her with one swat as the pain burst vividly against her cheek and demanded her attention. She didn’t think she could take much of this mean spoon.


To overcome her past, Chloe needs to experience the magic of Christmas without fear, sorrow or trauma.

Chloe hates Christmas with a passion. Year after year, it re-ignites feelings of abandonment, emptiness and jealousy; ghosts of her emotionally abusive childhood. She avoids anything Christmas-related. When she needs to go to the supermarket, she finds herself drowning in a confusing swirl of tinsel, Christmas lights, and Hallmark moments that break her heart. Feeling lost, she flees for the safety of her car.

This year, her dom Bradley has a plan to help her. He’s going to turn her into his little girl. In the twelve days before Christmas, Chloe will ageplay twelve ages, from baby’s first Christmas, through to being a precocious preteen. Bradley will ensure Chloe is completely dependent on him. He will care for her, feed her, give her gifts, pick her clothes, play with her, and discipline her when she’s naughty.

But as the days go on, Chloe’s deepest traumas come to light and Bradley starts to wonder, can he ever truly help his babygirl to heal?

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FYI: This 35,000-word standalone book is the third entry in the bestselling Coast Side Daddies series. Chloe and Bradley are in a D/s relationship. Story features consensual baby play, diapering, adult little girl stuff, punishment and other activities. If the basic premise or any of these activities offend you, sit this one out!


Katie Douglas is a number one and USA Today bestselling British author of romance and erotica. Katie is an incorrigible romantic and her books reflect that. Especially the incorrigible part. In her spare time she likes to run headfirst into impossible projects, especially if those projects involve travel and good food. Her other love is shoe shopping. If you want to find her, look for the nearest natural disaster. She’s probably in the Starbucks closest to it.

She also writes dark romance as Aria Adams.

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