Christmas Quickie



Title: Christmas Quickie
Author: Lark Avery
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Erotic Romance
Release Date: November 23, 2018
year’s only New Year’s resolution: Lose my virginity
Yet, here it is two weeks before Christmas and I’m as pure as snow.Things look Tiny Tim grim until I find out my billionaire boss—the same
billionaire boss I’ve been crushing on all year—signed up for a dating app with
the username Scrooge. Perfect! I’m in desperate need of a thorough

Unfortunately, he has a strict rule: no dating employees. Ever.

But there’s no way I’d ever have a chance with New York’s most successful
hotelier without bending a few rules. So I come up with a plan. And it’s not
like I’m really lying. I’m exactly the girl he asked for in his profile.

Besides, I’ve been a very good girl all year. I deserve the chance to be a
little naughty. Time to throw away the rulebook and make a few Christmas wishes
come true!

Author’s Warning: There’s no way you’ll make it through this scorching hot tale
of secret identities and workplace insta-love without getting tickled by the
holiday spirit…and maybe feeling a few tingles in some other places, too!


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Author Bio
Lark Avery prides herself on her abilities to procrastinate, find excuses
to drink wine before noon, and go days without wearing real pants. She
entertains herself by writing outrageous, filthy romances full of cocky heroes,
wild women and over-the-top escapades. When she’s not writing, she enjoys binge
watching angsty teen dramas and finding new places to hide the good snack cakes
from her family.
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