Archive | May 11, 2019

From Me to you ~ Wisconsin to South Carolina

I’m on vacation! We (Hubby and I) drove from Wisconsin to South Carolina.

He got off work at 600 am Thursday and I drove to Tennessee. We stopped in to see Mike Hoffa, my late BF’s hubby. I needed to make sure he was doing okay. He is. Not as good as if Tammie was still here, but he’s learning. We all are.

Then we left Mike and Alex (his son) and headed to Lynchburg  TN. You know what’s there, right?

You got it! The Jack Daniels Distillery!

They really do make their whiskey in barrels!


Me and my llama’s were ready to have fun!

After the awesome tour! We took one of the tasting tours and it was well worth the money! (only $20) We hit the bottle store. That was a bit more expensive, lol. Then went into town for some food and ate at a BBQ joint. Soooo good! We picked up lots of souvenirs! I collect aprons because I love to cook so I got me a JD apron.

Then we headed to SC with a stop we found along the way!

I told you I like to cook! We picked up some awesome deals on Lodge cast iron cookware! I finally got me a dutch oven! No, I don’t mean what a stinky husband or boyfriend calls one! A 6 qt. cast iron pan that goes on the stove or over a camp fire. Happy days!

Then we finally ended up in SC.

We went to the beach, took a carriage ride tour and walked around downtown. Enjoyed the Chocolate Tree (chocolates to die for!) Visited the Arsenal which is now a museum. Went to visit a plantation antebellum home and hopefully we’ll head back to the beach!

Here are a couple of pictures but you can see more if you friend me on facebook! Since most of the photos are on my phone and I share them on instagram! Come to think of it, just follow me there!

Okay, I’m obsessed with sea snails, I had way too many pics of them!

Maybe not the best pic, but if you squint, you can see the waves rolling in. I loved the sand, firm underfoot and warm.

See, here I am, enjoying the warm water of the Atlantic Ocean. My hubby had never seen it before.