Archive | May 15, 2019

I’ve been catching up!

We pulled into home late on Monday night. So I didn’t do a post because we were driving.

Tuesday my granddaughter begged to stay home with me rather than go to daycare. She missed us, and we her, so how could we say no? So I played with the three year old all day long.

Wednesday, wait, that’s today! I’m here. Late, but here. I’m still trying to get in the rhythm of being home. I’ve been catching up. A few things came in the mail while we were gone that I have to take care of. You know. Things like health care! I filled out all the paperwork before I retired but guess what? The money isn’t being paid to my health care, even though I changed nothing!

That shouldn’t really surprise me since my retirement hasn’t been calculated correctly.

Government. I should have known better!

Now I have less than two weeks to straighten out my healthcare. I’ll probably be on the phone all day tomorrow.

Lucky for you, I’ve a review going up!

Even better, I should have my delayed new release going up by Tuesday! There were a lot of factors in Finding Faith being late, but I won’t go into it. Suffice to say it will be here soon!