Archive | August 8, 2019

In Las Vegas!

I’m a huge fan of Hell’s Kitchen. Now that there is a Hell’s Kitchen restaurant I had to come to Vegas.

The food was so good. We had the 3 course meal. Scallops, beef Wellington and sticky toffee pudding. I was so full I thought I’d burst!

Even my four year old granddaughter ate it. Loved the scallops, mashed potatoes and pudding. She’s not a beef eater but she did try it.

Even more exciting, the next two seasons of Hell’s Kitchen will be filmed here.  Awesome, right?

We’re actually on the road, on our way out so had to stop here, lol.

We do things a little backward, lol. But that keeps life interesting.

Here’s a few shots on our way out.

I’ll see where we’re at tomorrow for my post.

Have a fabulous day and remember, Smile Somebody Loves You!