From Me to You

I’ve been relaxing this week. After a week of sanding, staining and polyurethaning the upstairs, I needed a break. So I babysat, lol. Running around after a five year old. Real relaxing! The floor is looking good, but after a week I’ve decided to do another light sanding and another two coats of polyurethane to make sure the floors are solid enough to withstand another twenty to thirty years!

Maybe that’s too much, lol, but I don’t intend to have to do them ever again. Of course, I’m planning on moving closer to my daughter and granddaughter-eventually.

I’m also working on making my own desk. I have an old sewing machine base, one of those cast iron treadle ones and I am taking off the top, falling apart section. I have my eye on a top and want to incorporate the old drawers in it also. One of the upstairs bedrooms is being turned into my own personal office! I’m so excited. So much so, I haven’t been writing, lol. I’m excited to start in my office.

Tomorrow will be the final sanding, followed by another couple of coats of poly. If not tomorrow, then Thursday since I’m babysitting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then she starts school!

In the mean time, I’ve been clearing out stuff. I’m starting with my clothes. I love my clothes, but I have too many. I take them over to the local thrift store once I’ve determined what I’m not keeping. I’ve done it a couple of years ago, but need to do so again.

I guess it’s time to get rid of the stuff we’ve piled up over the years. Neither of our kids want to have to sort through piles of what they consider garbage. LOL. I feel the same way about my parent’s house.

I know I’m not the only one working on their house. Going to the hardware stores, so much is out of stock. Starting my garden, it was ridiculous how much had been wiped out before I went. My bad, lol. Luckily stores seem to be getting supplies back. Life goes on.

And I’m here, with a summer cold. Gah. That is why the floor may not happen until later in the week. And not much else, either, except watching the kiddo. No, it’s not covid! But my parents will probably avoid me like the plague. I guess if I was in my late seventies, creeping closer to my eighties, I’d avoid me too! lol.

I have been puttering around with my cook book. It doesn’t feel like writing when I’m doing those. I suppose that’s good!

Obviously I have a very boring life, lol. The most exciting thing this week was introducing chicken to my daughter’s kittens. BAD MOVE! They practically climbed my leg to try to get to my plate. I have the puncture marks and scratches to prove it. I pity any birds if those critters ever make it outside.

Well, have a good week. Don’t forget to check back. Tomorrow will be books on sale and the rest of the week will bring new releases and spotlights. I’ll be back again next Saturday with more about me!

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