From me to you ~ #apeekatmylife

I hurt to move! I’ve done a final sand on my upstairs and spread polyurethane over them. They look great. I need to finish drywall, trim and repaint the one room. Then it will be done. Here’s a look at my floors. They are all stained the same, but the light is hitting them different. In person, the first picture is the color. I think they look great. But you can see how much the trim and walls need painting!

This room is what will be my office. Room for a writing desk, my Crickut, and all four of my sewing machines. I’ll have a cart for my beading and plenty of space for my books. I’m excited. It’s why I haven’t been writing. I want my lair finished, lol. I do have a new release coming out in six days! You’ll see all about it on Friday! It’s hush hush until then. My nephew’s birthday, too.

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