From Me to You #apeekatmylife

This is the living and dining room at my new house. It is fairly open concept. I am so not used to having no walls! How do people do it?

Dining room
Living room, half done, lol
Dining room looking into living room (where are my walls, sob)
Living room looking into bedroom

You’re probably wondering why I sanded the floors. They look pretty good in the first picture. What you couldn’t see was the varnish cracked where rugs used to be, worn spots down to bare wood. I fixed that. It’s all bare wood now! Lol.

In these pics, I still have to do the edges, stain and varnish. The color I used is called Espresso.

I’ve plans people! The downstairs bathrooms is huge. I’m going to add a powder room and change the bath to make it accessible from the bedroom, giving privacy to anyone staying there.

I also want to add a fireplace in the dining room. There is no outside wall in the living room other than where the windows are. Without them the room would be too dark. It might make my mole man husband happy but I’d be sitting there like a sad little mushroom without light. But there is a wall between the stairs and another side window that I think would be perfect. I just have to get the experts in to check.

The kitchen will wait a bit. The cabinets are cute, even if they don’t always close. Spring will be soon enough. When we have our old house rented, my pension will be freed up to do more work. Until then, I’ll snuggle in for the winter.

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