by S.A. Clayton

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Holiday Hookup by S.A. Clayton releases November 17!!!

I was content with my life… Then I met Dane Thompson. Lead singer of Blanked Edge and my new neighbor.

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I never thought I’d be divorced and a single mother before I turned thirty. But life had other plans.
I was content with my life. Being a mom to Jaxon, working as a legal assistant, and hanging out with my best friend.
Then I met Dane Thompson.
Lead singer of Blanked Edge and my new neighbor.
The man looks way too delicious in those tight shirts and baggy jeans, with eyes that seem to sear into my very soul.
And when my apartment floods and he asks us to move in for a few days, I find myself saying yes.
Is it a good idea?
Probably not.
Do I do it anyway regardless of the way he makes me squirm with just a look?
Of course.
Nothing at all can go wrong….right?

by Zoe Hill

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“What a ride! Heart wrenching. Thrilling. An emotional rollercoaster! Loved it!” – Amazon reviewer

“from the opening paragraph to the last word, you’ll lose yourself in this book” – Amazon reviewer

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The only person who can touch him… is her.

For Spenser Ingram love is an abstract concept. Friendless and fearless, he unhappily walks his own solo path. Encouraged by his parents to wield his cold-blooded ruthlessness like a weapon, the boy who never cried grew into a man who regularly makes others weep.

Sent to deliver a message to a local motorcycle club that’s standing in the way of his family’s never-ending pursuit of power, he encounters Poppy Tennyson and is immediately captivated.

For the first time in his life, Spenser wants something for himself.

Unfortunately, a decades-long conspiracy is playing out behind the scenes, and he’s quickly left questioning if his affection for Poppy is genuine or a carefully crafted illusion created by the one person he thought he could trust.

The Dangerous Son is a dark and erotic romantic suspense novel set in a world where deception is the norm and the truth can’t be trusted. It is the first book in the Coalition Collection, a series of interconnected standalones featuring the Ingram-Greaves, Averell, Zidane, and Du Croix crime families.

*Full-length 95,000-word novel, complete with a HEA, and can be read as a standalone*


#2 The Optional Aunt – releases November 24

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Falling For You

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Romantic Comedy
Studmuffin Santa

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Cover for 'Conquering His Queen (Zalaryn Conquerors Book 1)'

Conquering His Queen (Zalaryn Conquerors Book 1)
by Viki Storm
Alien warriors are invading my planet. The captain thinks he can claim everything for his own—including me. But I won’t surrender without a fight…
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Cover for 'Wife For Him'

Wife For Him
by B. B. Hamel
Blind date? Try blind wedding. I’m about to marry a stranger—and find my mafia princess. Lifting Cora Leone’s veil is the hardest thing I’ve ever done—and kissing her is the easiest. All we need to do is show the city that our marriage is real and the alliance between our families will hold. Unfortunately, she hates my guts, and her cousin forced her into my marriage bed.
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Cover for 'The Maze of a Marquess’ Passion'

The Maze of a Marquess’ Passion
by Beatrice Hill
A mysterious death brought their love to life. Now a raging passion threatens to consume them…
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Cover for 'Mister Stand-In (A Hero Club Novel)'

Mister Stand-In (A Hero Club Novel)
by C.M. Albert
A “Stand-In” for some of New York’s most elite a**holes. A girl from his past. When Carter Wright’s one-night stand accidentally uncovers secrets from his family’s past, will Presley Kincaid expose him? Or will he finally be able to claim a life and love that was always meant to be?
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Cover for 'Her Monster'

Her Monster
by Sam Crescent
Caleb Carson is not a good man. All of his life he’s trained to be part of the family business. The Carsons kill, they hurt, and do whatever is necessary to stay in charge. Still, when he’s handed an eighteen-year-old girl as payment for a debt, he’s pissed. He takes the girl and keeps her protected. In return, he kills her father, as he doesn’t like loose ends.
Read More…
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Cover for 'Strange Tango'

Strange Tango
by Michelle Dayton
Adam Patrick Henry is a professional jewel thief planning to steal the shipment of a ruthless diamond smuggler. Jessica Hughes is a disgraced corporate whistleblower who has her own reasons to get her hands on those diamonds. Temporarily teaming up to thwart the smuggler makes sense, but with such different end goals, there’s no way they can both get what they want …
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Cover for 'Meet Me Under The Mistletoe (A River Rock Christmas Romance)'

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe (A River Rock Christmas Romance)
by Stacey Kennedy
Penelope Carter has won the “wild child” award for years. Determined to bring joy instead of irritation over the holidays, she’s arrived at River Rock to stay at her cousins brewery during the holidays, ready to earn her way off the naughty list. But when a few too many Christmas cocktails and a devilishly sexy cop from her past derail her plans, the nice list looks unreachable.
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Cover for 'Around the World in 80 Men Boxed Set (Books 1-40)'

Around the World in 80 Men Boxed Set (Books 1-40)
by Rebecca Ratliff
This is the boxed set of the first 40 books, Around the World in 80 Men. Morgan Holland, unlucky in love and uncertain about her future, has a chance meeting with someone who offers to change her life. She can travel the world, meet exotic and beautiful men, but can it be done without falling in love?
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Cover for 'Maybe This Time'

Maybe This Time
by Lauren Blakely
From #1 NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely comes a sexy, forbidden MM romance novella about a rock star and a bodyguard! There’s one thing I need in my life right now and one thing only – a new job. So I’m stoked when I land a dream gig as a bodyguard for a rock star. But there’s definitely one thing I do not need at all – a complication.
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