From me to you #Apeekatmylife

We’re still crazy busy with moving. Since we aren’t selling our old house, we’re taking our time cleaning it out. I have to finish painting the upstairs. I’m finishing the trim next weekend upstairs and painting the hallway. Once that is done, I’m doing all the ceilings. My most dreaded job, lol.

I’m going to redo the bathroom upstairs next. Tearing out the drywall, especially were the water disintegrated it. Made a mess. I’m going to make sure we have cement board and then tile it. Just a plain, simple 6×6 white tile. Then any color can be used as an accessory. I should have done it years ago!

Downstairs is mainly paint. Lots of lots of paint! I’ve a few holes from pictures to patch then paint. We just replaced the furnace, so it is nice and toasty. I should be finished by spring and we are looking to rent it out in April. Hopefully, lol.

In the meantime, I was doing nanowrimo kind of sporadically. I’m am writing though. Something a bit different for me. A historical age play! Daddy Duke. Hopefully I finish it by the end of December. So look for it in 2021!

I’ve a little pest beside me and have to go. I’m babysitting and our new freezer should be arriving soon.

Have a great day! Here’s a peek at my office. I have to finish my desk and I’m waiting on a bookshelf I ordered. I took the pics last night, so it is a bit dark. There is no overhead lighting in this room. Don’t know why, but that’s okay. And I have to organize my sewing stuff. Not to mention keep writing, lol.

Check out the giant bulletin board! I picked it up on Thursday. It didn’t quite fit in my car, but I managed! It is 4 foot by 6 foot. Thank goodness for duct tape!

Hopefully I’ll stay organized! It will go on the other wall behind my desk when it’s finished. The little brown cabinet to the right is my sewing cabinet. I’ve been working on organizing my sewing supplies. Half the boxes in the first picture are supplies to fill this.

Well, we have to take the back door off for the freezer, so I’ve got to go. I’ll keep you informed on my progress with Daddy Duke! Happy Saturday!

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