Cover for 'My Christmas Quarantine'

My Christmas Quarantine
by Mika LaneDear Santa: Please bring me the three hot guys next door for Christmas. I swear I’ll be good. Very, very good. Nina.
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Just One Kiss: A Second Chance Holiday Standalone by [J.  Saman]

Just One Kiss
by J. SamanThe heart wants what it wants and mine has never stopped wanting her. Eight years ago, I kissed the hell out of London, knowing I would never see her again. Yet here I am, rescuing her after her car crashed into a tree. Right before Christmas… A steamy, second chance, snowed in, holiday romance that make you swoon! It’s a complete standalone.
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Cover for 'Team 52 Box Set (Books 1-3)'

Team 52 Box Set (Books 1-3)
by Anna HackettGet the first three action-packed military romances in the Team 52 series: Mission: Her Protection, Mission: Her Rescue, and Mission: Her Security. They are a covert, black ops team known only as Team 52. Their mission: to secure and safeguard artifacts deemed highly dangerous and classified… and protect the women who capture their hearts.
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Cover for 'Wolf's Fake Marriage MateDate (Shifters MateDate Agency Book 6)'

Wolf’s Fake Marriage MateDate (Shifters MateDate Agency Book 6)
by Serena MeadowsAs an alpha wolf shifter, it would not have been hard for me to kidnap her. I was being blackmailed to bring her back. But Samantha has softened my heart. I need to protect her from our common enemy and make her mine. Even if I have to fight danger, find out lies, and make sure that our love passes the test.
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Cover for 'Charade (Pretense and Promises Book 1)'

Charade (Pretense and Promises Book 1)
by Jade C. JamisonErica and Brock reach an arrangement–she plays his fiancée just long enough for Brock to inherit his share of the family’s business. In exchange, she gets the promotion she deserves. There’s just one problem: they didn’t expect to actually fall for each other…
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Cover for 'Saving Her (Marine Corps Bears Book 2)'

Saving Her (Marine Corps Bears Book 2)
by Scarlett Ray
I am not the perfect man but she makes me want to be one and I will strive for it each and everyday. Let Kate & Theodore’s epic love story take you to another world! You do not want to miss this.
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Cover for 'Return To Sender (The Hart Brothers Book 2)'

Return To Sender (The Hart Brothers Book 2)
by J. S. Cooper
When Savannah Carter takes a job as a personal assistant in upstate New York, she never expects to be working for a man like Wade Hart. With his sparkling green eyes and devious smile, he is a man she both hates and adores. When their professional relationship becomes more intimate, Savannah is ecstatic… until she hears a phone call that changes everything.
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Cover for 'Wild Child (A Soul Sister Novel Book 1)'

Wild Child (A Soul Sister Novel Book 1)
by Audrey Carlan
Twice my life changed in a single day. The first was when I lost my parents. Hand in hand I walked with my big sister up the steps of Kerrighan House, a foster home for girls. We were lucky to be met with open arms and a house filled with children just like us.
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Cover for 'Blurred Red Lines (Carrera Cartel Book 1)'

Blurred Red Lines (Carrera Cartel Book 1)
by Cora Kenborn
A word whispered in fear and respect. A name to avoid at all costs. Until I see something I shouldn’t and come face-to-face with it. Abducted. Held against my will. A prisoner of a war I know nothing about. But my kidnapping is more than a case of mistaken identity, and my captor is more than a stranger. He’s the heir to the devil.
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Cover for 'The Necklace: The Dusky Club, June 1962'

The Necklace: The Dusky Club, June 1962
by Linda S. Rice
Steamy time-travel romance. Book #1 is free. Join Susan as she travels back in time to meet James, the man of her dreams, thinking he might fall in love with her. When she gives him her magical necklace, a bond is created between them that cannot be broken… or can it? Will Susan be able to change history and be with James forever?
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Cover for 'Waiting for Her (Sparks in Texas Book 2)'

Waiting for Her (Sparks in Texas Book 2)
by Mari Carr
Jeannette is determined to stay single, however firefighters Luc and Diego have had a hunger for her since they rolled into town. After an arsonist throws Jeannette in harm’s way, she finds safety in Luc and Diego’s arms. When the men learn she has a dark secret, it presents them with a challenge unlike any they’ve ever had to face.
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Cover for 'Maybe: The Complete Series (Maybe Boxset Series Book 1)'

Maybe: The Complete Series (Maybe Boxset Series Book 1)
by Ella Miles
Her future is already set, all she has to do is marry a complete stranger. That’s not a problem since she has been following her family’s orders all her life. Until a phone call from her grandfather changes everything. Will she marry the man her family chooses or will she decide her own future?
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Cover for 'Mr. Heartbreaker: Black Mountain Academy (Mister Alpha Book 1)'

Mr. Heartbreaker: Black Mountain Academy (Mister Alpha Book 1)
by Jordan Marie
On campus, Big Mike is notorious for the giant bat he swings—the one between his legs, not on the field. Mike owns it, embracing his reputation. Until Violet Raines. New girl in school, pure as driven snow, and she hates his guts from moment one. Mike wants Miss Purity under him, begging for mercy he’ll never give. He zeros in on the new girl.
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Cover for 'Kiss Me Slow (Top Shelf Romance Book 1)'

Kiss Me Slow (Top Shelf Romance Book 1)
by Tijan, Corinne Michaels, Willow Winters, and Louise Bay
Kiss Me Slow is a collection of four best-selling novels, including: ⁣Ryan’s Bed by Tijan, We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels , Irresistible Attraction (a complete trilogy) by Willow Winters, and King of Wall Street by Louise Bay. Top Shelf Romance represents the best of the best in romance. There are no cliffhangers.
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Cover for 'Owned by the Alien (Fated Mates of the Titan Empire Book 1)'

Owned by the Alien (Fated Mates of the Titan Empire Book 1)
by Tammy Walsh
I’m engulfed by a bright light and wake up five days later in a spaceship. With no other way home, I agree to a plan with the captain: help him with his mutinous crew and he’ll return me to Earth. There’s just one catch. He’s injured and needs to heal fast, and that requires the use of my body for one whole night.
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Cover for 'New In Town'

New In Town
by Callie Cole
Donovan Hart can melt the panties right off of you with one look. He’s sexy, cocky, and every woman in town, married or not, wants him in their bed, but it’s Harley Cameron he wants. Harley has plans of her own, and they don’t include falling in love. Destiny or Deception? Only the heart can tell.
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Cover for 'Nikolai (Russian Mob Chronicles Book 1)'

Nikolai (Russian Mob Chronicles Book 1)
by Shandi Boyes
Nikolai is a liar and a thief, but he’s the only man you want on your side while battling the king of the underworld. This story is gritty and raw, and it will set your heart racing. The good girls always want to tame the bad boys, but what happens when the good girl likes the bad boy just the way he is, but she’s too afraid to admit it…
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Cover for 'Deadly Dreams'

Deadly Dreams
by Alex Lux
Romantic suspense that will keep you turning pages well into the night.
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Cover for 'Torrent (Condemned Series Book 1)'

Torrent (Condemned Series Book 1)
by Gemma James
I’ve been obsessed with Rafe Mason since I was thirteen. The twisted part of this story is that I still want him even now that he’s holding me captive on an island. Rafe has his reasons for doing what he’s doing, and if I’m honest, I can’t blame him. I’m the girl who sent him to prison for a heinous crime he didn’t commit.
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Summer Heat: Imperfectly Yours Volume 1

The PERFECT 🔥#SummerRead🔥#SummerRomance🔥❤️🌞🏖️🌞❤️#99cents#NewRelease#Anthology#Romance#ShortStories♿️🤟🏻❤️#DisabilityRomanceAnthology#Diversity#WoundedWarrior#Amputee#MS#Deaf#Deafness#Blind#Blindness#Arthritis#Allergies#Anxiety#ASD#Concussion#Disabilities#DisabilityRomance#DisabilityAwareness#Inclusion#Royalties go to: Pets for Vets❤️

Summer Heat Anthology – Disability & Romance Authors

Footprints on My Heart – Julie Rowe
Gemma Foster had the perfect life until a horrific crash took her husband and her hearing. Every day is a struggle but she finds strength, love and support from her guide dog and maybe…possibly…hopefully from her dog’s trainer. Hank wants more than friendship but he’s afraid to make a move and Gemma needs to know why.

Emergency Love – Dianne Drake
Doctor Anna Quinn has been running for years, trying to keep her daughter safe as well as provide a good life for the two of them. Finally, she’s found the place where she feels safe, and settles in with Evie to begin their new life. But a familiar face in the hospital causes her to want to run, again.

The Deep End – Teri McGill
Harper and Brady briefly met as teens fifteen years ago. She was drowning, he gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and she never forgot that first kiss…even though she was unconscious for most of it. Now Harper’s a single mother of deaf twins and Brady hides behind scars, both visible and invisible, in addition to PTSD. Fate steps in when they are reunited at a camp for special-needs kids. Will their shared vision for the camp’s future include a happy forever after of their own?

Jeopardy – Lucy Marker
Trish is happy to bond with Charlie over comedies and cartoons but fears the vulnerability and intimacy of romance. He challenges her to recognize true beauty runs deeper than the appearance and limitations of her arthritic, mature body.

Rip Current – Susan Sheehey
The rip current of love is dangerous and unyielding, but it might be the only rescue for two adrift hearts. Even for an imperfect lifeguard who struggles with trust, and a psychologist, masking years of grief. Will embracing their flaws and accepting love save them from the tumultuous waters of life?

Snooze You Lose, Baby – Karen Chesley
Snooze You Lose, Baby, and you might miss the chance of a lifetime to find the one love destined to hit you like a rocket. Lucas was unprepared for such a moment, as was Sela. Together they fight their way to bliss and avoid the kiss of death…or do they?

Lakeside Kisses – CJ Matlyn
A shy businesswoman struggling with social anxiety connects with a hot guy who’s a communication guru and brings new meaning to the concept of opposites attracting. Both think mixing business with pleasure is a no-no. Or is it?

Second Chance Summer – Libby Kay
Maggie and Elliot were made for each other. Can they overcome their past and find a way back together? Elliot knows he can be the man Maggie deserves, but she’s been shaken by her MS diagnosis. Can she trust Elliot, and her own body, again? Follow the pair as they search for their happily ever after.

Guiding Light – Dal Cecil Runo
Hurley Morgan, a blind Folk-Metal musician, travels with the band to Iceland for a very special gig inside a lighthouse. There, a landscape photographer prepares a photo exhibit. An invisible force pulls these two strangers closer, reviving unexpected memories from their pasts.

No Protocols for Love – Jen FitzGerald
Tyson Collier swore he’d never go back in the closet. Hockey player Semyon “Semka” Novikoff can’t ever come out of it. They embark on a secret relationship with an expiration date. When they part ways, both miss the other, but they can never be. At least that’s what they tell themselves.

Between the Pages – Joelle Casteel
Joon and Adam enjoy their trip to the library. Afterwards, Joon recounts their first date with Adam adding cherished details. At home, Adam helps Joon feel better with massage and lovemaking. After they score a new power scooter for Joon, seeing how it works for impulsive, hot sex gives them moans and laughs.

All Royalties for this eBook will go to: @PetsForVets https://www.petsforvets.com/

AMAZON: http://bit.ly/SummerAnthology❤️

Other retailers: books2read.com/AnthologySummerHeat

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Horny Santa


{by Ethan Radcliff}

Amazon US https://rb.gy/o7kz7o

Amazon UK https://rb.gy/rf7xba

Amazon CA https://rb.gy/bvnzrh

Amazon AU https://rb.gy/ttxxy2

Every year Dave Johnson dresses up as Santa Claus to please his girlfriend. Dave’s a horny guy and enjoys being a horny Santa. This year Dave skips out on his girlfriend and takes up an invite to a party. However, it’s a requirement that he wear his Santa suit. What’s that old saying, be careful what you wish for. Sometimes what you see, isn’t what you get.

(*previous published as part of an anthology)


The town baker thinks she can help the town self-proclaimed grinch and tavern owner, but things change when she starts to fall in love him. Will their love take hold by Christmas?



A young woman saved by a selfless man must help him regain his memory, and the only way to do it is by pretending to be his fiance. Can he remember in time for Christmas?


Image may contain: 2 people


♥ New York Times Best Selling Author ♥A masquerade party Anna will never forget.💙SWEET TREASURES 💙http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0787TN7R8#Christianfiction#bynr#romance#fiction#faith

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says '99$ Sale RECKLESS Kiss USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR TIA LOUISE'

RECKLESS KISS by Tia Louise is on sale now for only #99cents! “Absolutely stunning! I could not put this book down!” -Closet Romance Reader Grab your copy today!

💋 AMAZON: https://geni.us/RKamz💋

AUDIO: https://geni.us/RKaud

*Free in Kindle Unlimited. *************************

I love you too much to hate you…

Angelica Treviño was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. I wanted to make her smile, but I had no idea when she did, she’d steal my heart. Sunset eyes, waves of golden-brown hair, cute little butt…I’m ready to meet the family and put a ring on it. Instead, I’m on the wrong end of a gun, her older brother threatening to kill me.

It all started with a kiss…

Deacon Dring is a cocky rich boy with ocean-blue eyes, sexy brown hair, and a chiseled body. Soft lips that melt my knees, that melt everything. As a child, my family said he was bad. They made me promise never to see him again. But one touch of his hand, one reckless kiss, and I broke that vow…Many times. Now we’re adults, and the price of lying is more than I’m willing to pay. They say we can’t be together. I say try and stop us.

(RECKLESS KISS is a stand-alone, forbidden, billionaire romance about two families who hate each other and the boy + girl who choose to love in spite of their violent past. No cheating. No cliffhanger.)

Image may contain: one or more people and text

⚰️🩸 Starlight City, Book 3🩸

Grab it for just 99¢ or borrow it with KU!https://smarturl.it/ScentOfFate

He’s on the verge of claiming the pack that needs him. She’s the only thing standing in his way.


My sister gave up her place in the pack so I could become the leader without bloodshed. All I have left to do is find a suitable mate to make it official. Except that the only mate I want is the most unsuitable woman possible, a curvy beauty that makes my wolf want to howl. How can I convince her that we belong together?


I come from a family of famous matchmakers. Every match we’ve made has been successful since the beginning of the mating trials. All I’ve ever wanted is to make my family proud. Now I’m dreaming about the gorgeous wolf shifter I’m supposed to match with someone else. How can I have what I truly want when it means risking everything my family has built?

My Best Friend Forever

99 cents! #KU#Romancereads

She’s my best friend.

But I want so much more…

When I get into my dream college, I should be ecstatic. But going to my dream college means leaving Janine, my best friend and the girl I’ve secretly been in love with for years.

So instead of going to my dream school, I decide to go after my dream girl…

A sweet and sexy high school romance short story featuring a hero who knows what he wants and a happy ending!

Excerpt: After I take a long, deep breath, I open the email.

Dear Rowan Zhao,

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted…

Holy s**t, I got in.

“Well?” Janine says impatiently.

I stare at her. Her long soft black hair that I’ve touched absentmindedly a million times. Her brown monolid eyes. I remember she wanted to change them because some jerk had made fun of her eyes. I told her she didn’t need to change a d**n thing. Then I hunted down the jerk and told him that if he ever made her feel like s**t again, I would thoroughly kick his a**. The coward actually p*ssed in his pants. I look at her plump reddish lips, the subject of many daydreams.

I realize there is something I want more than Harvard.


I can’t go to a college without Janine. Even if the college is my dream school.

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