From me to you! #apeekatmylife #finishedproject

I finished my project! I’ll be using it as a desk until I get the one from my parents and it will be the old mahogany desk I used as a teen. Yay! It’s only appropriate as I penned my first attempts at writing for the creative writing club in high school on it.

But until then, I love this one!

I primed the bottom and finished it with Rustoleum’s Tuscan Sun paint. A dark mustard yellow is what I call it. The wood top is done in American Walnut stain.

A perfect height and a perfect size. The pedal on the bottom makes a great fidget apparatus for me, lol. It does still turn and my feet are pedaling away while I’m thinking. It just makes the creative side of me curl around it in joy.

Here are some pictures of the bottom.

It didn’t go as fast as I planned since we ended up having rain for 3 days in a row then the temps dropped back down into the thirties. Then the sun hit and reached the fifties one day and the sixties the next. I whipped this baby out and finished it. I think the color looks awesome in my office.

I finished this then ended up babysitting for two days straight. My granddaughter loves sleepovers at grandma’s house. Managed a little bit of writing on Friday, enjoying my new temporary desk.

I’m determined to get back on track to get out two books by July. Keep your fingers crossed and if you see my puttering around on Facebook – YELL AT ME! lol. No, really. I’m terrible with temptation in my path.

Except for the weekend. Don’t yell at me then, lol. I’m trying to get into a Monday/Friday habit with writing. I’ll write on the weekend if my brain won’t let me stop. I’ve sat for eight hours or more when inspiration strikes. I’m sure it will happen again.

In the meantime, enjoy your Saturday and come back tomorrow for our Sunday Sales.

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