From me to you #apeekatmylife

Well, since I last popped on, we’ve gone to a Brewers/Dodger game. Brewers won. Yay! But as you can tell my husband is a Dodger fan. I’m a Cubs fan, but the Brewers are my second team of choice. I tend to wear both when they play against each other, lol.

I’ve been burning brush in our firepit to clean up the yard at our new house.

And most importantly, we’ve a dumpster at our old house to clean it out. We debated between renting it or selling it. To get the sales price from renting it, we’d have to rent it for 13 years. Not to mention, upkeep, taxes and insurance. So we decided to sell. We’re cleaning out then doing a massive paint job.

We’ve kept everything but the shed in back and the paint on the garage maintained. The shed we’re going to finish the job the kids, squirrels and wildlife have done to it and tear it down. The garage needs a scraping and paint job.

Two of the windows on the house need to be replaced because their seals have blown.

Then touching up the walls from holes where we hung pictures, and paint.

Not insurmountable.

The house is sided. The roof metal. We’ve updated floors, electric and plumbing since we moved in. We just replaced the heater this past winter.

So once it is clean and painted it should all be good.

We plan on putting it on the market in June. Then no more going back and forth constantly.

And no more stabbing myself with rusty nails.

Lucky I had that tetanus shot last year when I sliced my leg open.

Writing has been hard. Like pulling teeth. I can’t seem to find my mojo. I’ve tried to force it, but nothing. I’ve decided to just let it flow at it’s own pace. It will come back. It has happened before, but not for such a long time. I guess I miss seeing people. I hope once I start seeing my book people, my spirit will grow happier and my brain will need to spill onto paper, lol.

I can hope!

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